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Additionally, to understand more about the history of our planet, it is helpful to know about the human controller and non-terrestrial interest in gaining control over the genetic library that is found on the planet earth and within the DNA of all of her inhabitants. Transplantation of tissues, cloning body parts and experiments on mixing genetic material, are the specific agenda of the Black Sun groups who are behind the anti-soul philosophies of eugenics, genocide and controlled evolution theories. There are many non-terrestrial groups involved in genetic modification and testing experiments upon earth inhabitants that carry out this agenda to gain access to a massive catalogue of genetic material. The primary reason behind abduction has been for gaining control over the genetics of this earth, and to use those genetics to open Stargates and to amass the genetic catalogue that could be taken into other planetary systems.

The genetic material incarnated and found on earth will only survive long term and procreate while on the earth timelines, as all living creatures born here are genetically key coded to the collective soul of this planetary body. This mystifies alien groups who try to break the code to gain access to immortality and who desire to take earth based genetic codes to hybridize and be cloned anywhere in the universe. They cannot figure out how to keep this DNA alive for the longer term elsewhere, except with principles of transplantation, hybridization, and cloning, which dilute and digress the human DNA. What happens on the earth surface through organ harvesting and transplantation is only a small sliver of activity that mirrors what is occurring in underground bases and off planet. The mad scientific experiments from the times of Atlantis that mix and match interspecies DNA, many times with monstrous results, and without considering the painful impact perpetrated upon the consciousness bodies.

When we better understand the NAA bio-spiritual harvesting agenda that spiritually abuses human beings in order to increase the torment of the people on this earth, it is obvious that these practices are not only violating laws of nature, but violating the spiritual constitution of all human beings. Now let’s look at the spiritual factors and the unseen consequences that are generated from these harmful practices that demonstrate the violation of natural laws.[1]

Catalogue of Genetic Material

Transcript: What I'm really feeling with cataloging the masses genetic material on the earth is that it is a major reason for abduction. Over the course of the generations of Alien Abduction on our planet, I can see this is one of the main reasons why they do it. This falls under the genetic modification experiments that are carried out by multiple non-terrestrial species, although some of these groups may appear to have similar looking bodies on the outside, their insides, the Lightbody is different. They have manipulated the Consent of certain family bloodlines that of course, do not remember that they have been held hostage under Blood Covenants, working for them in MILABS situations, these human cooperatives made with these alien agendas or the NAA alien agenda itself, that is operating independently in order to create a mass genetic catalogue. They have compiled a catalogue of genetics in the exacting frequency of those genetics and I see this broken down into lists of body parts. Meaning that the function of the autonomic system is broken down into very specific frequencies of control which are exerted upon the biology of the human being to generate effects upon those same body parts and autonomic bodily functioning.[2]


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