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Triple Solar Mary's (art by Tomás)

During the Magnetic Peak cycle in 2021, Guardian Gridworker teams became aware of several fiery interdimensional battles happening in the Kuiper Belt, the 10D Pluto Matrix, and 10D gate that plunged into the watery depths of the Seven Seas to recover the strewn dragon body parts of the Triple Solar Mary’s. Explosive spiritual warfare ensued in order to find, retrieve and reclaim the Triple Solar Mary’s diamond sun sophianic consciousness template and Universal Ankh Body. This level of warfare and recovery was by far the most vile and vicious of the retaliations made towards the Emerald Guardian projects fulfilling the reclamation of Christos Mission.

Solar Christ Mary is a title of the spiritually embodied triple solar daughters of the Cosmic Mother Dragon, or Holy Mother Sophia. Retrieving their spiritual parts and their identities meant facing our planet’s devastatingly painful history of invasion, and would take us through the dark maze of discovery that she was once completely embodied as the intelligent creator of this planetary matrix. It was her head or global brain they removed from the Planetary Logos or Magnetosphere during the Gaian Wars. During evolutionary rounds, she embodied and took the Solar Dragon Maji Grail Queen position in an angelic human Diamond Sun form, and one such identity was during the Atlantian timelines when Dragon Queen Merida embodied as the 11D CDT plate holder and was a prolific ancient builder architect and city planner for the colonies.[1]

Thus, any and all attempts to reassemble the histories of her existence are fraught with incredible interference and absurd amounts of chaos, confusion and gaslighting. Solar Dragon Queen Merida is known for her genius level intelligence, symmetrical perfection of physical beauty, and her innate spiritual powers as the sacred breath of the holy spirit that animates living things. The NAA entities are unspeakably violent with their patriarchal domination flavor of misogynistic targeting to torture solar females, as they despise Merida, and the Holy Mother Sophia in all of her forms. Thus, the most severe levels of Anti-Christ attacking surfaces when addressing any of the Solar Feminine Melchizedek Christ history, which can incite aggression coming from both humans and anti-humans. This is a theme that is very difficult to openly share with the nonexperiencer or uninitiated public, due to the extreme levels of NAA targeting and religious dogma that is utilized to shut down any open conversation in the search for the truth about the Solar Feminine Melchizedek Christ.

The war for retrieving the Triple Solar Reisha gestalts of Solar Mary’s body parts extended into several stargate conflicts beyond the 10th Stargate Network, which had many further links throughout the Albion network and the United Kingdom landmass. Many grid wars and off planet conflicts ensued as the result of reclaiming her massive spiritual body parts in the 10th stargate network and during Tiamat’s Edenic historical timelines, along with securing her hierogamic sacred union position with her Triple Solar Masculine Christ Michael husband, seated together in theCosmic Clock of the Aeons. Reclaiming Solar Christ Mary’s Tiamat architecture as the Mother of Dragons connected to the Iron Age Christos-Sophia, Jesus Christ Mission, the Jesus Christ Mission, was necessary for further discovering many of the other lost Triple Solar Goddess Reisha identities.

Her 8D Staff Mother of Dragons embodiment was instrumental in the building of many of the Gothic Cathedrals upon the dragon nodes and rose lines across modern day France, Belgium and Europe, which are still instrumental in planetary grid activations happening currently. Many are still holding astrotheological connections to the sun star networks, which hold the corrected triple solar principle of the Solar Dragon Queens within their celestial constellation patterns. Some sophianic codes are imbued within Black Madonna’s that originally were representing the Mother’s lunar enslavement in dark matter or how she was trapped in the corrupted earth element, and is part of how that enslavement was being enforced by the Vatican and Black Suns.

The Solar Synthesis cycle of Tantriahura brought the white diamond sun plasma transmissions from dual emerald krystal spiral currents outside of time, that were preparing our time matrix for many of Cosmic Mother’s spirit body principles to become manifested, within the Elaysian architecture that can hold the organic embodiments of the Triple Solar Feminine Christos Sophia. The 1st God World creations of Emerald Order are hosting the Elaysa Sun architecture for Elaysian Fields linking into the Cosmic Hall of Records, which are being built throughout the planetary matrix in a series of organic light-sound-spirit holographic Crystal Cathedral Activations. These multidimensional grid activations in Gothic Cathedrals are reconnecting the Albion Lightbody to the many Sun Star networks, and include ongoing evictions of Black Dragon Queens and their hierarchies of lunar force demons used by the NAA to hijack and enslave the Triple Solar Feminine Christos Sophia.

During the pinnacle of the Pluto matrix recovery of Mother of Dragon Tiamat morphogenetic fields from the satanic inversions of the Kabbalah’s 10D Qlippoth Dead Energy currents, the Universal macrocosmic hierogamic union template for Aeonic Pairing in the Cosmic Clock began to assemble itself into a Cosmic Starhuman God-World travelling merkaba or an Emerald Order Universal Ankh Body.

The Universal Ankh Body supported the planet to prepare for the planetary Eukatharista activation that began systematically unlocking access into many parallel dimensions, which has now secured the planetary matrix up to 36D with Amethyst Order Rha God World hosting. This has significantly increased the forces of chaos and spiritual warfare in the environment but simultaneously, is rapidly pushing the Earth timelines forward towards the organic ascension time wave. This major event, along with many of the upgrades are correcting the dark matter template or Rasha Body for Cosmic Mother’s reappearance in the planet and to reclaim her triple solar daughters embodying the Mother of Dragon coding as Solar Dragon Queens. The Universal Ankh Body held God World infrastructure which was the foundation for securing transmigratory vessels of Solar Dragon Ouroboros Rings, required for Founder Rishi-Reisha to travel into our timelines and to catalyze the Cosmic Dragon Awakening throughout the planet.

This particular phase of Dragon Awakening began another stage of discovery connected to the restoration of the Cosmic Holy Mother principle and her triple solar daughter embodiments, many of whom were the High Priestess Melchizedek Staff Holders, spiritual leaders and ascension educators in Mother Goddess temples before the invasion, which were located on the coastlines of the Seven Seas.

To reseat the Emerald Order Holy Father King Arthur with his beloved counterpart White Sun Dragon Queen Merida-Guinevere-Brigid in the Albion, the 11D dragon templar controls located in Thuban and underneath the island of Malta would need to be returned to the Emerald Founders. The Malta temple structures were revealed to be sourced from the Hyperborean Celtic Essene Azurites from 7D Gaia. These same groups incarnated in later timelines on Earth in the 11D Essene Tribe of the Arthurian Grail Lineages that were originally being protected by Merida during the Atlantian cycle. In Malta, they had originally built these incredible ancient builder structures for alignment with Thuban’s Dragon Templar, the Mother Dragon’s 11D timekeeper architecture located in the Draco constellation.

Once again, those Essene Tribes on the ground did not realize that both Thuban star and the 11th stargate had been invaded as the result of the 11th Tribe CDT plate being stolen along with Thoth’s betrayal of the Melchizedek’s, until the Celtic Massacres and hunting down the Melchizedeks became painfully evident. Their Christos Avatar consciousness was embodying the organic krystal architecture of Emerald Dragon Timekeepers in the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons that was covertly hidden throughout the 11D Albion Lightbody network within many holographic features, such as in Malta, to be discovered later and reclaimed for the current Final Conflict timeline of the Christos Mission.

Merida Rebirths through Ankhulasa

The opening of dimensional locks in the parallels, revealed the 7D layers merged into 17D layers and then merged into 20D layers which opened access into a section of the Reisha World called Ankhulasa. This appears to be another dimension of Cosmic Spirit Sun Mother Reisha Matrices, that are made accessible during the ascension embodiment sequence reaching the sophianic plasma flowering of the Solar Female Melchizedek or Solar Reisha levels.

Triple Solar Celt Goddess, Arthurian Grail

Triquetra Code

The Celtic Goddess lineages are from the authentic grail lines of the Mother of Dragons, and with the much anticipated return of Celtic Triple Solar Goddess MeriTAten holding the 8D Staff with Metatron, has opened a floodgate of Celtic Grail Kings tribal fire letter DNA activations. Thus, many ascending females connected directly to this particular lineage in their ancestry are beginning to be systematically downloaded with these Solar Dragon Queen Celtic Triquetra Codes. The identity of MeriTAten was hidden and obscured from view as her Mother of Dragon power source is located in Scotland, and was not only coveted but any trace of her embodiment is viciously despised by the hostile invading groups, thus there are several counterfeits in red cube projections throughout timelines that are using the same name signature. Any contact made with this identity from genetic blood lines was being tracked and marked for death by those invaders having taken possession of the planetary Cathedral architecture, thus the ongoing attempt to kill the female Christos lineages, such as the Cathars and Essene lines from Gaul, which can give birth and bring forth the true Christos teachings and eternal life coding of the Law of One. The war over timelines includes a war over authentic Christos-Sophia hierogamic identities, as all invading groups have generated their versions of the imposters for gaining strategic dominance in the antichrist wars. See Scotia and Solar Dragon Queen Merida. [2]


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