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Black Madonna in Poland

The Dark Mother gestalt forms itself into a complex field on the planet called the Black Madonna Network which is held together by the Vatican’s control over Lunar Female Demonic Forces in the 5D gate. The epicenter of the Black Madonna Network is the Austro-Hungarian Empire which includes; Austria, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland and Romania.

The Black Madonna Network is designed to spread Misogyny and anti-female belief systems for mind controlling the Collective Consciousness. It is further used to feed the Satanic spiritual gateways, Moloch gestalt and black magic grids on this earth. The Black Madonna Network contains the core spiritual pillars that spread anti-female Dark Mother lunar consciousness mind-control in humanity. Its purpose is to spread the dogma associated with the One World Church religion that is symbolized by the Vatican. This is the promotion of Orion Groups flavor of Patriarchal Domination and anti-God belief systems, which are being hidden and controlled at the top by the NAA in the guise of worshipping Christ. The Priest archetype at the Vatican is directly connected to the demonic entity gestalt of Moloch, which controls the spiritual gateways for the inorganic timeline direction in the artificial horizontal clock-shield, used for accessing the Satanic architecture that control the Eastern pillars.

Many of the patriarchal systems put in place by the Satanics, such as in the Vatican, have the hidden feature of females being placed into spiritual positions of power to represent the Dark Mother pillars in the covert operations of managing that organizational structure. This helps to explain the horror of why so many females in the Catholic religion worldwide, such as nuns, have acted in unimaginably cruel and brutal ways towards unwed mothers and children placed in their care. Many Catholic convents across the globe were used as fronts for child trafficking and Pedophilia rings. This is why, in order to gain full access to siphon the planetary consciousness energies, as well as human souls, they have set up global misogyny and Sexual Misery programs, including pedophilia, to get rid of the divine Mother principle entirely. We all want and need our real Mother, our true God parent. These entropic systems were put in place within the Controller Pillars of Society to form the Death Culture, the Mainstreaming of Satanism, to hijack all aspects of the female consciousness and access spiritual gateways inside her consciousness body. The Church of Rome and Vatican City are the primary example of this aberration.[1]

Anti-Female Religious Violence

The Black Madonna Network holds levels of collective energetic architecture that are used to promote cultural belief systems of misogyny and related harmful feminine archetypes, directly and non-directly, such as the undercurrent of religious dogma that direct spiritually abusive and harmful beliefs of female subservience, discrimination and suffering. This is specifically the thought forms of hatred, control and suppression directed towards all female archetypes, thus perpetrate Misogyny towards the women and feminine principle on the planet earth. Thus, this is the architecture used for Mind Control to influence domination over the female principle and control and promote abuse of women for a variety of purposes. This rhetoric is designed to enslave and propagate violence towards women through the Patriarchal Domination belief systems as it is controlled through the False King of Tyranny in Archontic Deception Behaviors and their strategies. This is a direct targeting of the Victim-Victimizer software to influence gender distortion and confusion, Sexual Misery and a variety of Mind Control systems that are broadcast into our planet from the NAA to suppress human consciousness.

The Black Madonna Network and the Baphomet symbology represent the enslavement and torture of the true Christos-Sophia and Mother of God principle on this earth. Until the Mother of God and Sophia's Holy Spirit are freed to be embodied in matter, women all over the earth remain enslaved through the Baphomet and Black Madonna Networks. How the Negative Form is "passively" manifested physically in human beings to feed the Sophianic negative form is to think of Muslim women covered in black sheets with their face/identity shrouded from head to toe. If they show a body part they may be killed, if they are raped by a man, if they desire to be educated or have basic human rights, in certain circumstances, they may be killed. This is the physical symbol of Baphomet Lunar Matrix distortions or the Black Madonna archetype, the enslaved Black Madonna female in the earth impregnated without her choice to give birth to deformed or deviant creatures. To physically express that is to unconsciously feed hatred into the Black Madonna and Fatima network of which continually ensures Christos Sophia's enslavement and hatred, violence to be directed towards the females on the earth, and to control female breeding cycles.

Desecration of Sophianic Body

Through the religious oppression and misinformation that was proselytized by the False Father Gods through their Archontic Deception Behavior, (many times under the threat of torture) they intentionally formed misogyny into the shaping of beliefs enforced through Religious Violence. The Satanic forces in the church have used the Achamoth body to create negative form identities to hide the true identity of Christos-Sophia and promote hatred and discrimination towards all women and the female principle. The Achamoth body is the same to describe as the pieces of collective fragmentation of the Fallen Goddess consciousness, which includes the Christos-Sophia and many other female aspects. Humans feed into the Satanic forces through observing rituals promoted in an alien false religion with blood, child and human sacrifice practices, hidden in plain sight. (See Moloch) This set up the current spreading into mainstream of Satanic Ritual Abuse SRA and Satanic forces on the earth.

The Roman Catholic Church attempted to replicate the divine female image to be relegated to the worship of Black/Reversal Madonna networks to spread Misogyny or anti-female belief systems into the planet.

This was intended as a leash to maintain the enslavement to suppress the heart language of Sophia. Black Madonna, Fatima worship and all Catholic idols of Mary are gridded energetically to feed Satanic forces to impregnate the Sophianic Body to manifest miscreants through her Negative Form, Baphomet. This way the False King of Tyranny can control the power sources on the planet, as they access the satanic version of mother enslaved in the bowels of the earth, when needed. Baphomet is the satanic force replicant sigil which was created from the body of the Achamoth. This is Christos-Sophia's negative form controlled and projected out into the world by the satanic forces. Through its worship and feeding, she is held hostage by its collective power in the world. The Baphomet symbol and the Black Madonna network represents the enslavement and torture of the true Christos Sophia and Mother Arc of God on this earth. Until the Mother of God and Sophia's Holy Spirit are freed to be embodied in matter, women all over the earth remain enslaved through the Baphomet spread through the Black Madonna networks. [2]

Fallen Goddess

The Achamoth parts were used in reversal formats to manifest creations for the NAA and was the destruction of freedom for the Mother and feminine principle on the earth. Thus, this event impacts all women, which led to the harnessing of her body parts in the Underworld which created the Baphomet realms and the Leviathan Races which are used by the Satanics. Many names have been given to describe aspects of the Fallen Goddess which are essentially body parts that have fragmented. These lower realms manifested their Satanic forces in a variety of ways upon the material world, and that appears as Sexual Misery and misogyny in all of its forms. One known alien architecture that exploited this underworld damage as a Phantom Matrix was used by the NAA Religious models, (see Religious Violence) such as the Black Madonna Network which feed into Baphomet.

Dark Mother

Also called Dark Mother, Alien Mother or False Parent which forms itself into a complex field called the Black Madonna Network, which is a misogynistic field of mind controlled collective consciousness used as a Artificial intelligence grid network on this planet to feed the Thothian Grid or Black Magic fields on this earth. The Black Magic fields are used to power up Baphomet energies which is the frequency field and consciousness of Satanics, which use black force substance to conjure and call upon the demonic hierarchies and Negative Disincarnates in Satanic Ritual Abuse and Blood Sacrifice. The Black Madonna Network contains the core pillars of spreading anti-Mother consciousness in humanity and helps to promote the Patriarchal Domination and anti-God belief systems that are propagated by the many Violent Religions that are controlled by the NAA.

Lunar Female Demonic Forces

Effectively, the War Over Consciousness in our Universal Time Matrix is between the Lunar Consciousness, (finite parasitic forms) and Solar Consciousness (eternal light forms) that are engaged in conflicts to gain control over the human Soul’s future timelines on the Earth during the Ascension Cycle. The Lunar is fighting for access to the genetic material in human bodies that they can use for colonization, life extension, Alien Hybridization and slave labor.

Thus, Lunar Forces also called Moon Chain entities have generated artificial false mother energy currents which have been utilized to run Sexual Misery mind control programming to promote the Archontic Deception Strategies that are used for enforcing human consciousness enslavement. These are collective consciousness archetypal forces that have been inserted into our planetary grid network and thus embedded in human consciousness to generate sexual distortions and gender reversals.See Lunar Female Demonic Forces.


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