Confrontation in Malta

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During the August Magnetic Peak cycle, a Confrontation in Malta ensued in which it was made crystal clear that the Triple Solar Goddess power gateway installed by Christos Mission spiritual family thousands of years ago, was located underneath the island and was feeding mass amounts of energy quanta into the Vatican 5D inner gate system. It was also made clear that the Vatican 5D gateway under the control of the NAA operated as the planetary reversal network that was also powering up the global Pindarian controller system of Black Dragon Queens, stationed as collective Dark Alien Mother shadow gestalts with an umbilicus nested deep in the United Kingdom landmass.

Further, during the current timeline wars we’ve discovered that Malta holds specific Emerald Dragon Templar architecture using Templar Cross geomantic structures that were built by the Emerald Order Elohim during the Celtic Massacre as an 11D jump gate that was connected into various portal systems. The most important portal system was linking from underneath Malta’s Triple Solar Goddess architecture leading into the Newgrange monument in Ireland, which serves as the entry point to an 11D Mother Arc gateway.

Showdown in United Kingdom

As the Cosmic Elohei parents further descend into the planetary grid network through the Albion Lightbody control center located in the United Kingdom, the major spiritual battle for controlling this specific 11D network through the extraction and eviction of assorted black hole generated AI hybrid chimeric creatures is currently underway. Extensive Pindarian Anti-Christ architecture embedded in many of the geomantic features of the Albion architecture and programmed with the most aggressive AI silent sound weaponry for Black Magic sorcery is being witnessed and extracted by Guardians. Shadow Creatures hidden in the black shrouds and clouded puffs of Collective Consciousness miasma for the purpose of enforcing the global mind control transmissions droning on to obey and serve the lunar consciousness of the Black Queen, are dissolving like dark rainclouds being chased away by the brightest rays of sunlight. This particular mind control weapon was designed as dark cloaking protection for the Anti-Christ hierarchies carrying out satanic rituals in the Cathedral grid network in the United Kingdom, for running the massive sprawling global empire of the galactic Human Trafficking networks that were hidden in the folds of the flowing royal robes of the Black Dragon Queen monarchy.[1]

Cosmic Mother Reclaims Malta

Cosmic Mother Reclaims Malta Temples (art by Elizabeth)

As Cosmic Mother Dragon made her alterations in the dark matter fields with her organic Supermagnetism during the magnetic peak, the solar plasma coded dark elemental forces seeded in the Rasha Body made sound template corrections to metatronic reversals in the 11D dragon lines. Then like a clear bell ringing its clarion call for those purely devoted to serve our Cosmic Holy Mother, it was the divine timing for the Emerald Order Christos Mission to be sent into Malta.

Beneath the southern tip of Italy in the western Mediterranean Sea, is the nine-mile-long island of Malta. As an ancient center of civilization, Malta was considered to be one of the most strategic points on the planet, as it was a major port and intersection point between the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa. Science has told us that Malta's ancient name is "Melita" which is derived from the Latin word for honey. Thus, Malta's ancient symbol was a bee along with the honeycomb’s hexagonal cells, which also brings to mind the light symbol code of unity, which is the meaning of the six-pointed merkaba star of Christos Sophia. Melita apparently has its origin in "Mel" or "Mer" that in Ancient Egyptian culture was referring to the function and purpose of the pyramids specifically placed on the powerful ley lines or dragon nodes. This reference is interesting to note with the recent liberation of the Elohei Mer lineages through the 11D-12D layers of the Pegasus constellation.

Additionally, our beloved guide Guardian Akhenaton, pointed out to compassionately witness the historical connections between the ancient solar goddess worship in the Maltese island culture that was also found in Egypt as the Mer-Lion Sekhmet Mother. The White Lion Temples were representing the vertical lines to communicate with the Emerald Order Anuhazi mother lineages during the Amarna period of Akhenaton. His mission and purpose which was to return the sacred Law of One teachings during the 18th Dynasty timeline, was carried over from his awakened memories of Atlantian culture as connected to the direct genetic lineage of the Celtic Essenes from Hyperborea, whom were also in Malta.

The island of Malta is the location of several important dragon lines that intersect into a powerful Mother Arc gateway built by the Hyperboreans during the Celtic Massacre period, which belong in the rightful control of the authentic Mother of Dragons, the Celtic Triple Goddess lineages of Mary Magdalene Sophia, Meritaten of Aton and Merida-Guinevere-Brigid. We were made aware that the authentic Celtic Essene groups from Hyperborea, the progenitors of the original Nazarene Christos Teachings, built many of the temples and underground octagon structures connected to the Emerald Dragon Templar architecture that formed into a jump gate located in the island of Malta.

As a result, Malta is an extremely powerful spiritual source of the Triple Solar Feminine Christ or Triple Solar Goddess energies that was purposely exploited, inverted and hijacked by several aspiring rulers and their burgeoning ancient empires. More importantly, it was being currently controlled by the Black Nobility of the Vatican Black Sun network and several of their orders of the Maltese Cross, linked into the United Kingdom monarchy for the purpose of waging timeline wars and global domination. In the sacred Krystal Tree of Life, the Trinity of Krystallah Sun-Stars emerged from Aquaelle matrix in the 4D-7D-10D spheres of solar symbiosis activations that united the Triple Solar Christ Mary collective consciousness with their correct star constellation origins. Thus, the risen Triple Solar Sister Sophia Stars, Sisters of Avalon, were reunited and crowned White Diamond Solar Dragon Queens; as Mary Magdalene Sophia, Meritaten and Merida-Guinevere-Brigid were resurrected into hierogamic union with their Christos Triple Solar Masculine counterparts, and further were merged into the Emerald Order’s Cosmic White Diamond Sun of the Cosmic Mother Dragon.

To reseat the Emerald Order Holy Father King Arthur with his beloved counterpart White Sun Dragon Queen Merida-Guinevere-Brigid in the Albion, the 11D dragon templar controls located in Thuban and underneath the island of Malta would need to be returned to the Emerald Founders. These temple structures were revealed to be sourced from the Hyperborean Celtic Essene Azurites from 7D Gaia that originally built them for alignment with Thuban’s Dragon Templar, the timekeeper architecture in the Draco constellation. Their Christos Avatar consciousness was embodying the organic krystal architecture of Emerald Dragon Timekeepers in the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons that was covertly hidden throughout the Albion lightbody network within many holographic features, such as Malta, to be discovered and reclaimed for the current final conflict timeline of the Christos Mission. Thus, the Guardian Confrontation in Malta began eight days of harrowing spiritual battles for the Templar controls with an assortment of Black Dragon AI hybrid creatures, black magicians and Black Scorpion Queen entities at the top of the satanic hierarchy of lunar female demons, along with many giant shadow chimeric creatures that existed in the underground catacombs and portals.

These shadow creatures were placed there in hyperdimensional pockets by Black Sun entities to wield control over the female principle and colonize lunar consciousness forms as the Dark Alien Mother into its related inverted Grual networks, which extended into the Moon’s lunar matrix. This amassed tremendous energy sources for building shadow creature armies and demonic hierarchies in order to protect the underground tunnels for those nonhumans at the top of the pyramid, running the Satanic Ritual Abuse throughout the unholy global alliance of the Vatican, United Kingdom, Washington D.C. power centers, along with assorted NAA globalist agendas.

Relocation of 5D Vatican Inner Stargate

Effectively, the Guardian Host mission was to evict archontic imposters and return the Malta underground structures, timekeeper functions, jump gate and the portal gateway technology back to the authentic Cosmic Mother Dragon and her Emerald Order Triple Solar Feminine Christ representatives. This seems to be newly comprised of the Council of Twelve original Mu’a from the Lemurian timeline that is connected into the Easter Island Gate and the Anuhazi White Lion Temple in the Lyran stargate. This Council of Royal Houses of Elohei formed multiple shields of Emerald Order Rose Rings that surround the Krystal Cathedral dwelling that houses the Cosmic Christos Sophia Rainbow Solar Dragon Elohei in this density. They appeared in a massive rainbow shield network over the Vatican location with a massive plasma dragon star dome on top of Saint Peter’s Basilica, as the Guardians of the Twelve Pillars emanated arcs of rainbow rounds in a sparkling display of solar rainbow fireworks. Currently, the reclamation of the extensive and sprawling architecture in the Vatican City is underway, and may yet reveal more surprising events over the next weeks. [2]

Thothian Betrayal of 11th Tribe Essenes

Once again, those Essene Tribes on the ground did not realize that both Thuban star and the 11th stargate had been invaded as the result of the 11th Tribe CDT plate being stolen along with Thoth’s betrayal of the Melchizedek’s, until the Celtic Massacres and hunting down the Melchizedeks became painfully evident. Their Christos Avatar consciousness was embodying the organic krystal architecture of Emerald Dragon Timekeepers in the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons that was covertly hidden throughout the 11D Albion Lightbody network within many holographic features, such as in Malta, to be discovered later and reclaimed for the current Final Conflict timeline of the Christos Mission.[3]


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