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The Earth Core Chakra is Aquamarine and connects to the Universal Mother Arc into the base of the 12D Shield 12" below the feet and into the earth core. The 12D Shield will need to be built and ignited with 12D Ray first, before the Mother Arc can ignite herself into the earth and the personal Lightbody shield. This is the real Blue Ray activation of Mother Arc. This Chakra activation is what ignites Mother's Blue Ray and when continually developed is what begins access to Mother Arc Portals in the earth (the Arc Gates) and then moves into the Transharmonic Gates or 13th Pillar, which spin Aqua Portals in the higher dimensions which allow passage through this Universal Core and into Andromeda or other Universal Gates for safe passage.

Upon the integration of the third stage of the the Hieros Gamos sacred marriage integration, the Aqua Ray ignited in the 13th Chakra will ascend up the unified chakra column and merge with the 3rd Chakra, 4th Chakra area and reside in the still point of the chest. This is the Holy Mother of God principle. Upon embodiment of the Holy Mother Arc whom ignites the Inner Holy Spirit in our Diamond Heart, one is capable to run Aqua Ray fields and direct them in the earth plane.

Fifth Harmonic Universe

Fifth Harmonic Universe

For human beings, these consciousness bodies exist throughout the densities and are aspects of the higher self and Lightbody.These aspects are called the Stations of Identity.

These collective consciousness bodies exist on the planet earth throughout the densities and are aspects of the future timelines and the Lightbody of the planet earth. The earth consciousness body is directly interconnected in all Harmonic Universes to interface with the human consciousness, which is its life form expression in all densities.

  • In the Fifth Harmonic Universe there is no dimensionalization into matter forms, therefore there is no planetary body or human forms. In the fifth density, as the consciousness does not manifest into matter, this area is called pre-matter. The three primal light and sound fields hold the ray expressions of Mother Arc, Father Arc and Golden Ray Sun of Christos, the trinity of the Godhead, from which all biological forms are created in all of the Harmonic Universes.

Morphogenetic Chakras

In higher spiritual development (begins at Monadic Integration), the particle and antiparticle (Morphogenetic Chakras 8-15) merge together into one Unified Column. This is another example of gender unification between the male and female principle chakras in order to create unity or a unified consciousness column.

Founder Aqua Blue Ray

Threefold Founder Flame

To connect with the Founder Aqua Blue Ray, and reclaim our Mother of God principle for the planet and humanity, we connect to the Aqua Blue Ray of Mother Arc. The Blue Ray was previously under the control of the Melchizedek hosting of our planet. Since the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion the Mother Arc Aqua Blue Ray was not in the earth core, hence, the earth had lost her Mother of God and female Christ Sophianic Body principle. The Ascension Cycle is about reclaiming the Christ and the Mother principle for the planet. Since the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion, the Aqua Blue Ray was a fragmented Blue Ray used by the Melchizedek and Family of Michael forces. In 2009, Mother Arc was reignited in the earth core and in many Mother Arc Hubs Gates on the surface of the Earth. We now have access to our Mother of God, the Holder of the Founder Aqua Blue Ray and beyond into the cosmic Aether that opens the 13th Gate into the Neutron Window which connects us to the Aurora and Krystal Star.

Andromeda Core

The Aquaferion races were lines that were a part of the original Krystal Star human race lines that became extinct in this Universal Time Matrix after the Electric Wars. When the Mother Arc was ignited in the earth core, the inner gates which connect to Andromeda were opened through the Crystal Core of the earth. The protectors of the crystal core are of these krystic races called Aquaferions or Aquari lines. The Aquaferion councils from Andromeda started to be able to be in contact with the Indigo race lines approximately early 2008. My first contact with them was in Spring Equinox 2008, and they were a part of the councils helping to hold Mother Arc principle in the core and help to activate the Crystal Hearts or Sophianic Body for the planet. Many of us are genetically related to the Aquaferion races which have a direct genetic relationship to Christ lineages. Some of us will undergo genetic rehabilitation through our Aquaferion DNA links which connect us to the future planet in Andromeda Galaxy. For some of us this is our future ascended Christos body in the next incarnation.


When the Mother Arc 13th Gateway was ignited in the earth core, the inner gates which connect to Andromeda were opened through the Crystal Core of the earth. The protectors of the crystal core are of these krystic races called Aquaferions or Aquari lines.

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