1M +/- (Ages or Epochs)

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These are Ages or Epochs described in the Level One clearing matrix in the HGS manual under Programs/Belief System Triggers.

Many of us have buried fears, traumas and phobias that are embedded in our cellular memory from an original traumatizing event record in our Consciousness or Lightbody. When clearing belief systems or mental programs related to these fears, we may address the core causation event trigger in the Timelines. This is the causation record of the original trauma event or trigger timeline that manifested a current mental program or belief system that may be unhealthy or destructive to the individual in present time. These beliefs are generally operating in the Unconscious Mind or Instinctual Mind from previous hidden memories of trauma and pain that have been unresolved.

The clearing matrix items listed in Ages or Epochs is to identify through HSP the age or epoch of the timelines to which the consciousness experienced the original trauma event. Some items are listed with a plus or minus to help identify the ranges of time of which the event that has been identified through the HGS session, transpired into record. (+/-)

1M +/- (Ages or Epochs) is equal to One (1) million years in past timelines (-) or future timelines (+) from the present moment in time.


Term first found: Page 55, HGS Manual

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