4 Living Creatures Meditation

From Ascension Glossary

October 2011 Meditation

4 Living Creatures Meditation

This meditation will recalibrate divine heart to true sun/krystal star of eternal self, and unify polarity. Then call to the Great White Lion Family of the Aquamarine vertical staff, to override the bi-polar wave of mind control and align ourselves and the planet to the sacred trinity of divine union. Also, reconnect to the 4 living creatures/4 faces of man for transmutation of 7D violet flame crucifixion implants and merge of the sacred union of rod/staff, male/female, white lion/golden eagle.

TAGS: elohim, seraphim, sacred union, Christ Child, bi veca, tri veca, 4 faces of man, 7D violet flame, crucifixion implants, rod/staff, great white lion, golden eagle, phoenix grid, transmutation, krystal star

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