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Aggression is overt, often harmful, social interaction with the intention of inflicting damage, intimidation or other unpleasantness upon another individual. People may intentionally use aggression to control or bully other people, or as a result of poor Self Awareness and impulse control, and may be completely unconscious of their energies being directed aggressively towards others. Aggression is a potent pre-cursor to violence, and as such, great thoughtfulness to discipline aggression and aggressive behavior is needed to develop higher Consciousness and to adhere to the practices of the Law of One. The Guardian Host advocates and supports negative emotional clearing of the Three Layers of Ego in order to reeducate and retrain the mind away from any forms of Aggression, which is required in order to achieve higher Consciousness states of harmlessness, empathy, and Compassion. Achieving these states are emphasized through the teachings and practices of the Law of One.

The Archontic Deception Strategy uses forms of Mind Control through Victimizer Archetypes and socially conditioning people to accept aggression and violence as normal and desirable behavioral traits, especially in males. This behavioral conditioning is used in order to shape thought forms of the Predator Mind easily into the unaware public and to keep the majority of people operating at the 1D Root Chakra, the lowest frequency spectrum. Aggression is a interrelated function of the Predator Mind, which allows people expressing Aggression to be easily harnessed for entity Attachments, and Possession by dark forces of Imposter Spirits. The main Controller Pillars of Society tend to reward destructive and negative behaviors, such as forms of Aggression, in order to influence people into acting out violent states of being, which incite inner and outer violence between the people of earth, as a divide and conquer agenda.

Aggression may occur either in retaliation or without provocation. In humans, frustration due to blocked goals can cause aggression. Submissiveness may be viewed as the opposite of aggressiveness, and in a Patriarchal Domination or machismo based society, submissiveness is labeled as a female trait or sign of weakness.

Aggression can take a variety of forms, which may be expressed physically, or communicated verbally or non-verbally: including anti-predator aggression, defensive aggression (fear-induced), predatory aggression, dominance aggression, inter-male aggression, resident-intruder aggression, maternal aggression, species-specific aggression, sex-related aggression, territorial aggression, isolation-induced aggression, irritable aggression, and brain-stimulation-induced aggression (hypothalamus). There are two subtypes of human aggression: (1) controlled-instrumental subtype (purposeful or goal-oriented); and (2) reactive-impulsive subtype (often elicits uncontrollable actions that are inappropriate or undesirable). Aggression differs from what is commonly called assertiveness, although the terms are often used interchangeably among laypeople (as in phrases such as an aggressive salesperson)[1]

Aggressor Program

Aggressor Program is a Victim-Victimizer software mind control archetype and VV strategy that is used to target and suppress spiritually developing people. This is one of the Controller Programs that is a sub program of the Victim-Victimizer software program and a collective miasm that has accumulated over many generations. Aggressor Program is listed in the HGS Manual under the Victim-Victimizer 2 clearing under Addictions/Phobias. [2]

Aggressor Program is to instigate forms of intimidation and bullying through a variety of techniques to manipulate or control other people, or exert power over a situation or group. Intimidation is intentional behavior that would cause a person fear of injury, harm or persecution. It is not necessary to prove that the behavior was so violent as to cause terror or that the victim was actually frightened.

Archetypes of the Aggressor Program include Oppressor, Dominatrix, Terrorist, Intimidator, Silent Enemy, Tyrant, FKOT. These are listed in the HGS Manual under the Victim-Victimizer 3 clearing under Addictions/Phobias. [3]


Intimidation may be directed consciously or unconsciously, and a percentage of people who employ it consciously may do so as the result of selfishly rationalized belief systems that aggression is appropriate behavior for utilitarian purposes or for self-empowerment. Intimidation related to prejudice and discrimination may include conduct which annoys, threatens, intimidates, alarms, or puts a person in fear of their safety, because of a belief or perception regarding such person's race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, religion, religious practice, age, disability or sexual orientation, regardless of whether the belief or perception is correct.

Intimidation may be manifested in such manner as physical contacts, glowering countenance, emotional manipulation, verbal abuse, shaming or blaming, making someone feel lower than you, purposeful embarrassment and/or actual physical assault. Behavior may include, but is not limited to, epithets, derogatory comments or slurs and lewd propositions, assault, impeding or blocking movement, offensive touching or any physical interference with normal work or movement, and visual insults, such as derogatory posters or cartoons.[4]

Victimizer Collective Archetypes

Victimizer Collective Archetypes are the main Mind Control archetypes used to influence Victim-Victimizer (VV) programming to control and manipulate the Unconscious Mind of the collective consciousness of human beings on planet earth. These are general fear based levels of transmitting on and off planet NAA technology through Artificial intelligence, Extremely low frequency (ELF), GWEN, and Radio Waves directed into the planetary body and earth surface in order to influence the unconscious mind (1st Chakra), neurological system, and brain of the collective race mind of humanity. This is designed to pulse transmissions of fear based survival consciousness and Aggression throughout the planet to keep humans polarized in their lower three energy centers known as the Three Layers of Ego. This one of the Controller Programs to disconnect and damage the direct spiritual relationship to the Father principle of God and replace that relationship to the False Alien Gods. These general ELF pulses that are directed into the planetary body are called Consciousness Sweeps.


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