Alchemical Power of Polarity Synthesis

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Themes:in several lives witnessed knowledge stolen and abused, removing an entity attached to patriarchal beliefs, seeing reptilians infiltrate this system, saw their invasion of the astral damage human connection to God-source, shut down in a crisis of faith, lack of understanding of role led to more subservience and accepting false identity, recognizing purpose, Alchemical Power of Polarity Synthesis at end of cycle.

Opening: As we open our session here today we open and set the sacred intention of our space, bringing our entire attention into the still point the wellspring of spirit within. And again as we open our sacred container from the still point of wholeness in manifest decision we decree in sovereign knowing here expressed at our command lovingly stated with absolute intention the divine will and intention of the one source one God. Thank you.

Again as we open our space beloveds in the highest capacity or exchange of God's infinite light, love and power. Again we lock down the field in that which is the crystal intelligence. And we ask in the highest capacity of the fulfillment of the soul and expression and that, which assists in the alignment of the bodies to receive and transmit the higher frequencies and communication of spirit. We set that intention now fully to access all layers and levels in divine right timing, divine right order and harmony. Thank you.

Okay first of all a general clearing and allowing the expansion of the field to receive. And also feeling again masculine and feminine archetypes, and bringing better balance because I'm feeling a masculine energy being threatened by this communication or session here today. So again in assisting that support first check for any implants or entities, things that are resisting the spiritual expansion or growth to be brought to the surface and released. Again we command this space through the sovereign freedom, I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free. All that belongs rightfully to this being as the divine inheritance of spiritual knowledge retained and within to be revealed deeply in completion and again in total harmony with all layers and levels of self.

Okay there is someone here that is a masculine identity that I'm trying to determine here. So again, in agreement with this being all that resists, we ask that to be revealed to the source causation now. Going back into holographic memories of issues this is coming from another timeline. And I'm looking at this from another time and space. What I'm seeing is that, and again honey please taking only what resonates for you, because what I'm looking at is past life bleed through or cellular memory that is being held within your body. That is connecting to holding esoteric knowledge and wisdom for the benefit of others and having it somehow abused or stolen. And there's a male entity holding on to this, so please reveal your relationship to this and why we must utilize this is a companion issue? There is an entity connected to you around this. This has to do with spiritual knowledge and awareness that you have had in another time and space, another lifetime or another identity.

Whatever this body of knowledge awareness information is had been somehow abused or taken, because it feels that it was a shock. It wasn't something that you were not aware was happening on purpose, it was something that happened that you became aware of. And it was traumatizing to you when you saw what was being done with it. Okay I'm seeing actually that this is connected to more than one lifetime but actually several. Okay as we connect into each of the layers and levels of the holographic identity structures that are attached to this vibrational memory. We ask again that we are ready to move beyond the fear, we are ready to move beyond into the clearing and the truth of the oneness in order to assume and to ignite the power of the light, the spiritual knowledge in the divine truth and vibration we know as the one.

Okay so what I'm seeing actually is a karmic burden with this, because it's been represented to me through the planet Saturn. It's a strange thing but it's almost like seeing a part of your consciousness having gone to Saturn, like it was a planet to literally exchange the energies around this. It's almost like there is an influence from Saturn upon you, which tells me that there is a burden attached to it. Again looking at and being able to release any burdens held in the cellular memory is the intention of our session here today. Okay to resolve to clear to unite all imbalances belief structures and cellular memory from all time and space, to be healed and brought into the light of truth. Thank you.

Okay I am trying to unravel an agreement, because there is something heavy-duty here between you and this entity or person who is representing itself as a male energy. Again asking all correspondences to patriarchal atonement and the patriarchal energy, the domination of the patriarchal and masculine energy in this timeline cycle, all of the symbolism and metaphor around this to be revealed now fully. As it is conducted into the family lineage as well we ask that to be brought into clarity, clearing and wholeness. All energy around this is very it's like a very masculine oppression. I'm still trying to unravel what the agreement is because it's like looking at legal paperwork the size of a book. I'm trying to figure out what? Okay so in looking at the core seed of the intention of why this burden has been placed within the lineages, I would like to request the source causation through the Books of Record that are recorded through an attached through this being, through genetic lineage or configuration. Again there is no karma there is no need for payback. It is time to be released into the oneness and truth beyond the veils.

Okay these are belief systems that have been placed deeply into the masculine line, the father line. What I'm seeing is a manipulation of belief systems and structures that would create oppressions, that would suppress the power of knowledge to the Peoples. Somehow this is a lineage issue that is held within you connected through all this masculine energy. But it starts actually in the genetic configuration of your father. And so again in the father energy, which is symbolic it's not necessarily about your father. But in understanding that we have been in a timeline and in an evolutionary cycle where patriarchal domination and masculine energy has been severely out of balance and has been abusive to female energy. And that is actually the larger symbolism of what's occurring.

It is time for the power the true power of source which is inherently in its feminine principle and which holds the seed of all creation. It is the power source of creation and is actually resuming the balance within this lineage and structure that's represented through your body. This is something that has been very much an enslavement and a burden that has been placed. And this is not a personal structure this is something that's representing literally the process of evolution of the human being on this planet. Understanding that this planet is literally in a huge conflict of power. The power structure is really what it's all about in this game on the earth.

I'm looking at the energetic architecture, of control programming this is mind control programming it's social programming. And it creates the impulse and the idea of what the human feels it is to be human. It's like an interference with free will basically.

Understanding that through this mechanism of wiring and programming and I'm looking at it as literally a computer program. This is something that has been represented in that masculine energy that is connected to you, both in family lineage meaning inherited through the genetics of your family of origin. And as well something that has been connected to you in other experiences of time. People call this past life but it's all kind of moving in simultaneous time, so that's not entirely accurate. But I am seeing that this is something that has played out many times in the last cycle and it looks like the last 30,000 year cycle. Okay in observing this and in witnessing this and acknowledging this, we would like to see the source causation of this event to be healed and cleared in the hologram. We are willing to look and observe and see the source causation, we ask to be taken there to assist in the full and complete reconciliation and healing as brought into the light and Law of One.

Okay what I'm seeing is that again it's like seeing through your eyes that the vibrational pattern and the "memory" is the same. It is about spiritual knowledge that was kept in your responsibility. At some level you as a being were connected into a vast library of spiritual knowledge and awareness. And at some point there was a thievery or something that was compromised and stolen unbeknownst to you at the time. And the information, whatever this is was given before people could handle it or it was misused in some way. And it created a strong it's actually I'm just going to go and say this it has to do with the hybridization of man. It has to do with reptilian energy and how the reptilian energy was able to infiltrate this particular structure, this reality the system.

Now what happened in a sense, a way to understand this as a metaphor is that the human being was created as an intelligence field that is referred to by the guardians as the Christ intelligence field. Now the Christ intelligence field as an intelligence is a natural organic light structure that is of unity consciousness. The unity consciousness as existing in that intelligence doesn't know anything outside of non-unity, it just doesn't now because that is its intelligence. Now the Christ consciousness was a field that was a part of the creation and purpose of the human being, the human beings body. What we are existing in this form is a Christ body is the intelligence of unity. Now over some cycle here where there is memory that has involvement with you, was an infiltration of consciousness that was not of unity. And yet from the Christ consciousness perspective as beings, as a society as a thriving society as an advanced civilization of human development at this time, beings that were outside of that intelligence field attempted and were successful at infiltrating and invading a reality system, a planetary system and a structure, a social structure system of creation. These beings were not of unity, the Christ consciousness was of unity so it didn't understand anything outside of itself that would be separate. Hence the huge metaphor of the Luciferion rebellion against the Christ consciousness, and is the metaphor of those polarized forces that are still in resistance with each other today.

This level of I want to say event, is something that is being held in the cellular memory structure of your bodies and has created I would say a split and a repelling or a fear of accepting the reality of this. Because of the pain of viewing it at the vantage point that you did. Through this event that transpired there was I think some self blame or recrimination that created a desire to shut off this awareness of knowledge, or holding knowledge and a lack of faith in it. And the understanding is that now you've chosen several lifetimes where you are accessing spiritual knowledge in a certain way and yet there is a doubt about that knowledge and how it's being received. Almost as if you know again the language and mechanism of how that information is relayed to you is confused because it doesn't relay in linear or in language as we know it. It's basically coming through the higher sensory perceptions and knowledge of the heart as an intelligence.

And what happened is that the reptilian consciousness that invaded the Christ consciousness basically came in and the first order that they realized was that the connection we had to source was coming through the astral plane, the fourth dimension. Now if we look at our bodies and we understand that the heart chakra opens into the fourth dimensional plane of energy, which is the astral plane. The heart chakra, the heart itself is the synthesizing place of energy that literally our divinity our source our being is nourished in our connection with God through the heart, through the astral plane bodies. They were able to create damage in those bodies and you became it's like I see you observing this, like you saw this happen. And it broke, it literally created a schism between the emotional body of the human being that was able to connect to source. So in a sense this is like a level or your version of separation. This was like watching, this memory in your body is watching the primordial imprint of separation from God. But seeing it actually happen in the body where it was splitting the emotional body.

So the human being was able to connect to love as a force and the source of its sustenance, it's God source through the heart. When the heart was damaged when the astral plane was taking over by these particular entities or forces, the emotional body ceased to work in the same way that it did. And it literally, almost by necessity, sublimated the emotions of love. And it became that the human was now expressing emotion through its second chakra.

Now the second chakra was the instinctual body and that second chakra area became really convoluted and damaged as well, because the light body was not designed to process emotional energies through the second chakra. It was actually designed for another purpose. So this created damage in human beings in their light body and you have embodied this. You have embodied this damage in some way of understanding what has happened and accepting or believing you have had some role with this and it is creating distortion around this. Again understanding that this is something that the human race is experiencing, so it's not individual or personally. But it is the understanding that there was a part of your consciousness in connection to the greater whole of these agreements of what it is to be human. And it was with a resignation and a sorrow that you accepted this condition, because it was understanding that this condition had been superimposed on those that had no choice in the matter. And that you actually had been a part of seeing that those choices or those actions play out in such a way that there was a blame or a way that you took this on that wasn't actually yours to take on.

In understanding that all of us as an agreement of consciousness are here to evolve and assist in the unity and the merging of not only human and reptilian consciousness. But actually even more than that, the reptilian type of consciousness is representative of the understanding of a consciousness an entity, a belief system that is disconnected from source. And has chosen that disconnection to perpetuate and continue through its own lack of understanding or its own spiritual blindness or ignorance. And this is representative of a consciousness and is something that has infected more than the human being. It has infected other life forms and entities that exist within the universe. However it was the human being's commission, sacred mission to perform the alchemy with in the container of the human body, to choose the force of love, to choose the force of truth, that is the source beyond any other illusion, distortion or disruption.

And the guidance is reminding me that this is your role. That because of the spiritual body development of who you are at this time, there was a connection or an availability to a repository of spiritual knowledge that was not given to just random levels of entities. This was something that was gifted to you because you earned it or that was your desire to serve and to hold this level of knowledge. And therefore in this lifetime what has created the pain and despair and the suffering for you, is that your challenge is more amplified then the average being on this planet because of this memory that you hold. And that is that you have a great responsibility to maintain the balanced positive light consciousness that you remember. Without this the challenge is that the lack of understanding why the consciousness has been subjected to the great enslavement of the reptilian. What the reptilian or Luciferion energy represents, has created a lot of confusion in your own consciousness. In accepting the understanding of why things are the way that they are. Because the purpose hasn't been retained in the self-awareness of the spiritual knowledge. And the mission and purpose of the greater reason why humans are doing this evolutionary experience and experiment.

So again it's almost like you are in a sense embodying a great polarity when you are not able to hold acceptance in the moment and choose the positive loving vibration. A piece of you remembers that it is real, but the mind still tricks the feeling into believing it's not, or it's foolish or I'm doubting what I know to be true within myself. This has been the "big burrito" and theme of your life here in this particular incarnation. Because even though there was a level of simplicity to this it is extremely challenging to apply in the status of where the third dimensional world is here and now. So again please only accept what feels resonant with you personally because what I'm feeling is that although this is inherent in the role of all humans, that because of the retained memory and when I say karmic memory with that means is cause-and-effect. It doesn't mean judgment, it means just energy neither created nor destroyed, but needing to be a chemically transmuted. You have accepted and been given more responsibility and alchemical transmutation, because of your role or memory with what we are accessing here.

And without the understanding that this is why this perceive negativity has been given or placed upon you, in the way that it has created a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about why it has been doled out to you in the way that it has. So again the great responsibility is in pristine thoughts. Because what had happened is that now from over the generations of time, as this experience that you had created an original trauma within your consciousness. The lack of understanding what your role or your task or your mission was, created more and more subservience and sinking into the extensive energetic programming and mind control architecture, that the reptilian's have put into place during this last cycle.

And so through those impulses that are constantly being barraged without the understanding of the source of those impulses, they became a part of the self-identity that is false. And this was as well inherited through other times and space, which became the reason why you chose the current family and parental situation. And yet what happened in this particular lifetime is the burden of the accumulated karma that came through this family was so extensive that it became extremely challenging to see underneath the burden of what was being held there. (question...) Yes the family of origin, the whole dynamic of the family now. And so it's time, what I'm getting is it's time to witness and acknowledge what went on. What I'm seeing what I'm getting is that in order for this burden to be released it has to be understood by you first. If you can see it from the eyes of the observer as to the purpose of why these energies have remained enmeshed and entangled, and the purpose of your being.

The responsibility that you had accepted was not from something you did wrong. Because sometimes what happens with the negativity is you feel, the inner being feels I must've done something really bad for this to be this way. And in actuality what it was is that in your literal compassion of his seeing what had happened you endeavored to take on a greater role of responsibility because you understood the consequences of not. And so what has happened within this lifetime is that the lifetime is about understanding the power of alchemy that you hold. Now the alchemy comes from holding onto the truth and never letting go. The alchemy comes by serving and connecting into your source, no matter what you see no matter what is there. Because the alchemy will only perform with the dark light when the source is held. So even if you cannot feel it per se in the physical body, because what I'm seeing is the physical layers of the body having been genetically manipulated into the artificial intelligence structures that exist here. And is what you view in the majority of human beings under the control and hypnosis of.

Those beings have different agreements with the earth and didn't accept the level of responsibility that you did, in participating in the alchemical transmutation. So in observing that it would appear different. There is an agreement of your soul being, God being, that has accepted the role of polarity synthesis. And that necessitates that your happiness in being human and being in this lifetime will necessitate your acceptance of this role, your comprehension of this role at whatever framework will help integrate your mind, your body and your spirit. Because at one point the framework is unnecessary and unimportant, but right now because the crisis of faith has been a life theme, the framework is necessary to assist the mind on the rung of the ladder it needs, in order to comprehend the task, in order to comprehend the way to create a strategy with yourself in regaining the personal control over your body, over your mind, over your source.

So understanding the plight of human beings at this time is servitude to a consciousness that is attempting to eradicate the original essence of the human consciousness which is the Christ intelligence, the intelligence of unity. That has been perpetuated and is the massive final conflict that we are viewing at this time that sets that world stage drama to be exactly what we're speaking of on a larger global scale. That this is something that all human beings consciousness is subject to during the end times of the cycle. However your connection to happiness and fulfillment and understanding comes from the agreements that you have of alchemy. In understanding that the alchemy is the only position that transmutes the dark. And the magic wand could not be waived kind of like God is going to come down and save the day. It's literally like the alchemy is transpiring inside your body. And you have been given a power and energy and a memory that other humans do not have. And that alchemy has again created more of an energetic responsibility, and sometimes you feel that burden and that's with the burden is.

The burden is that you have more responsibility to maintain and discipline your mind from negative thoughts or imbalanced thoughts that are perpetuated in your life. And that again takes I guess we would say a commitment and a discipline to the faith in the understanding of why this occurred to begin with. And understanding that the mission here is far greater, it is about human consciousness being freed from its own enslavement of mind control that has been coming from various sources. But additionally it is about performing the alchemy that will supersede not only the programming, but the entities that instituted the programming. Because this is all coming from a lack of consciousness, and a lack of connection, and a spiritual blindness that has been perpetuated. So in a sense those beings we call reptilian are representative of the metaphor of the ego consciousness, fully disconnected from its source.

And that actually encompasses more than just human beings. There are entities and life forms that have been glamorized into their own power of their creations to believe that they then are the absolute. When they have become completely enmeshed within their own power structures and unable to understand the true oneness or unity, from which this universe has been created. So the playing ground is the earth which is the density of course and the gravitational pull can create great weight upon the soul. However, in understanding the larger purpose of your being and accepting some of these levels of contract with alchemy, and being able to use your body as the technology of spirit. (question...)

Yes sure, alchemy means light and dark forces merging into neutral, it means that you're not identified with either. It's the ability to say that the dark has taken over the earth. I mean literally what we see on this earth by and large in terms of the structures that are here is an anti-life force. Our structures, the way that we care for human beings or don't care for human beings, this is not coming from unity consciousness at all. We're not understanding our role on the planet and this has been mostly spread by the lack of consciousness that is symbolic of the reptilian energy or the Luciferion energy. It's an energy that is not in unity that has no ability to have compassion for another. And doesn't understand that if you don't have compassion for another you will descend even further into the darkness. So it's almost like the dark energy the control and enslavement energy keeps getting perpetuated by the self-serving actions of those beings that are disconnected. And that's what we see on the earth. We see humans disconnected and we see the power elite disconnected etc.

So that energy exists inside you as it does all of us. Because we are born into the third dimensional body, the body itself physically has been subject to that anti-life technology. However we look at that polarity structure the body has been infected with that program that impacts the mind, impacts our consciousness, impacts who we are. So in understanding the world the structure that we have chosen to participate in, in the third dimension is one of polarity. Which means there is light and there is dark energy. And looking at that polarity the alchemy of those two forces is the alchemy of creation. So that means that everything that comes into form has to run up against the opposite of itself. That's what happened down here in the physical matter, is the two levels of these light and dark structures merged. And the density of what we experience here the physical matter we experience here, is a creation of both of those forces.

Now because the imbalance had gotten so extreme, imbalances that create lifetimes of the soul experiencing suffering, disconnection, brutality, and starvation. Anything we could think of that has been going on in the human consciousness experience, we're coming to an end of a cycle that allows us to transcend this. And how we do it is by using alchemy. So in a sense the inner alchemy is understanding that when you are in the presence of something that is dark that you maintain the neutrality and you do not let it control you. The problem we have down here is that we give immediate value to something, because we don't understand the atrocities or the suffering or what it is we see that seems so terrible. Not realizing that this has been an accumulation of ignorance and a lack of understanding the natural Laws of God, and the harmony of who we are at the core essence, which are beings of unity.

Because we are beings of unity and we are acting outside of unity, we are creating more and more dark energy. We are creating more and more disease and suffering and imbalance. Now to not become a part of that cause that is perpetuating and creating more of the darkness, we have to understand that is the inherent imbalance that we have agreed as souls to participate in because we're here in a body. So that means we agreed to be a part of the polarity and viewing this. And the whole game down here is what will you choose? Will you choose your light above the dark? No matter how convincing it may seem, or what it looks like in terms of not understanding why this thing is happening. There is a level of intelligence that we can build by holding and choosing that source or love field vibration, no matter what's going on. And that inherently even though it sounds simple is extremely difficult. Because we know how difficult it is to be down here and to attempt to do that all the time.

So what I'm saying is that what's coming through is that because of the spiritual knowledge you carry and have carried as being in other lifetimes, that there was more responsibility given to you. Because a way to understand this is, it's kind of like if there is somebody who is not as influential in the sphere. When a spiritual body is vibrating at a certain rate or the spiritual body is activated the energy and the power that being has, is more amplified than in a being that does not have that activated light-body. And so what happens is that karmically the exchange of energy is amplified. So let's say someone who is not spiritually activated and again with no value difference, because each one of us is on the path of our own connection. However it's understanding that some of us are here to be more evolutionarily a part of the paradigm shift, and therefore there's been more responsibility in our life-stream. Because we influence others without knowing we influence others.

So in a sense when a being as an example like myself, becomes a person that is holding information for others. No matter what my intention is to not be a person that is influencing others, it doesn't matter I still am. And I have a responsibility to understand that. I don't want to be a guru I don't want to be a teacher, however I want to share information. That puts me now in a role where I am responsible for the intentions of what energies I hold for others at all times and it's not negotiable. Now what they are saying to us is that you have a similar responsibility because of who you are, but you have forgotten your impact in the world. And therefore that doubt has created an inversion of your truth, it's almost like it's gone inside and it has become almost like the crisis of faith. It's become an abyss for you because you had forgotten your impact. The issue is as they're telling me you've held spiritual knowledge for a long time and that knowledge has vibration. And that means that when you are holding space and you are conscious of it, in terms of understanding your vessel is a vessel of spirit. And that which you dedicate and choose is what you are serving, because there is the whole authority problem. Will I allow the illusion, the ego, the negativity that exists on this plane that is representative of the Luciferian consciousness or the reptilian consciousness? Will I allow that to infect me?

And yes we know we all have our moments for God sakes, it's very difficult. However, those of us that have been developed through the Indigo or spiritual development of who we are. For whatever reason we have chosen this and there is a responsibility by the sheer vibrational quality of our bodies. So again when we were speaking about this before there's an understanding that there has been consciousness that has been trapped in this cycle of the hologram, in this reality system a long long time. What's happening is consciousness, the souls, have come here they have forgotten who they are, then they pass the body they reincarnate and they are returning to the same suffering over and over and over. Every time they do this they accumulate more karma, more breakdown, more disease more issues. Now it's the point where we are coming to the end of that cycle where this doesn't have to be the choice that is made. Yet there is a fight by the reptilian consciousness or that dark energy that still wants to remain in control of the souls that have been tricked into not understanding who they really are is God consciousness. They have forgotten their unity consciousness they don't know this. You are a being that is here actually to be a part of that movement in evolution. And because of that again there is more of that energetic burden that you have felt.

I hope, does that make any sense at all? Because I know it's something that is going to need to be processed. (question...) Mostly all of it is actually about not being sucked into the negativity that appears to be in the illusion. It's about literally, when you wake up in the morning that you are choosing. And it doesn't mean making yourself wrong when you slip up or anything like that, it's about the conscious choice of I am serving the larger source light or whatever that is for you. At every moment I'm intending and I'm committing to myself that I'm going to choose the love vibration, and choose to expand that vibration as much as I possibly can. If I cannot hold the love vibration I am going to extract myself from the situation and I'm going to align and center and take some deep breaths or meditate. And try to attempt to get back into the center of what is true for me and then come back.

The issue with this too is that we get really tired. You know we go out into the world and there is so much barrage of stuff that were tired. And when we're exhausted and we are tired it's very hard, it's harder to do that. We can see that comfort and pain avoidance and fear wins out. If you look at what's happening to the human being most humans just want to be, like please leave me alone. Now this is part of what is being perpetrated, I mean that is happening on purpose. If we are so beaten down from the energy it's very challenging to maintain the strength to hold that space. So the issue for us becomes, we have to become more aware that this is indeed an agenda this is what's happening. Because I think sometimes we are like, is it? Is that really what's happening? We get into the doubting.

Right now we are coming to the end of an evolutionary cycle and this is the most intense. And we're like in the most intense of the most intense. We're at the point where as the saying goes the fat lady is going to sing. There's going to have to come a time when there is no more movement in any direction, and something's going to have to explode. Whatever direction it's going. And we can see that what's happening on the planet is that we have beings that are completely asleep to any of this, are really not aware that any of this is going on. And that's the issue with beings like us, because we do have a smattering of understanding of what's going on and that again creates that responsibility in us, because we can't be asleep like the rest of the masses are. And that's the challenge because that takes discipline. It sometimes is easier to go to sleep. So it's like how do we stay awake to the truth and yet understand ourselves well enough. This doesn't mean you run out there and you walk into the mouth of the lion. It's the wisdom of understanding when you need rest you need rest and you give yourself that. When you are in the world at the moments that you're exchanging in the world and in the reality, that your goal your intention is to hold that vibrational space. Because it's literally like the more that vibration or intention to hold that is there, it amplifies it, it grows it. This means that you will benefit from it because as that gets larger in your field the exchange from the universe and the exchange of abundance, the goodness can be experienced in a completely different way.

Because what is happening is we go into the illusion and we see literally the psychosis of the human state. Pretty much the structure the working environments all of this has been designed around the anti-life force, which is that reptilian brain consciousness. If you look at what our situation is and how we live our life it's really not pro-human. It's not a supportive environment we are not given tools of wellness and abundance, very clearly were not. And so in understanding that's the game we've accepted to play.

It's almost like saying yes this is a harsh reality but in the understanding of how it arrived here, my commitment to myself and to my spiritual truth is to attempt to not feed that structure as if it were real. Because what happens when you think it's real is when it's allowing it to impact you in a negative way, like a severely negative way. Where you're in judgment of it or it is affecting you deeply emotionally. And this is where the neutrality comes. It's like understanding yes this is the framework, yes I understand this and it has nothing to do with me. I am accepting that I have incarnated into a reality and this reality is extremely harsh. And this is the reason why because we can see the people are asleep. We could take it further and say we can see this is actually a war over consciousness. We can see that this planet has a power elite and a slave class, and that this is what they want to perpetuate. Why, because that impedes the freedom and the liberation and the sovereignty of the being and the soul. If the being doesn't know that it is a God consciousness and it has power it will just lay down and succumb to the program that they want to perpetuate in the next cycle.

So here we are, we're coming to the end and we have choice. We have to first decide and make that choice within us and understand that as we choose that every day, we then amplify and build the strength. Not only for our own spiritual body which supports us in feeling a level of connection and joy while we're here. Because the issue is quite frankly this isn't in this realm, we have to create the time and the place to create joy for us. Because when you go out there there is an extreme level of anti-life force energy.

It probably would be easier if we were off in the middle of nowhere, but the challenges are we are sharing space with millions of human beings. We go out into the world and we're barraged by those thought forms. So we become more effective actually when we are holding this space in contemporary society. But that's why this role with us as consciousness and those that have endeavored to hold the energetic mastery, why it is so difficult. Even more so than Buddha, because you know Buddha at least got to sit under the bodhi tree and contemplate and hold the nirvanic state. We are in the middle of the war zone energetically, so that makes it much more challenging in terms of a focus and discipline, in order to do that. But in a sense we have to realize the nature of the reality, that we're not responsible for that. It is like an acceptance of saying okay this is what it is, it just is. And now in terms of what I choose for myself every day I'm choosing the life force, the eternal energy I know as my source. And that is what I choose no matter what it looks like. And attempt to keep that as your credo so to speak.

When you feel yourself slipping because you're tired, then you need to rest you need to withdraw. Don't put yourself in situations where you're going to sabotage yourself. Where you're so exhausted but you feel obligated because it's a family member, it's a friend or somebody want something from you. This is again the level of the self-mastery and beginning to understand that until you love yourself you can't love anybody else effectively either. It's like you've got to create the space to give yourself the time or whatever it is that will help nourish you. Because this plane is not nourishing, it's just not. And there's nothing wrong with you because you don't feel it, this plane is mess. It is absolutely not promoting joy or love or anything that is pro-human. So we are constantly seeing this we're seeing systems that are all about profit or greed over the human condition. And how can that not be draining?

So in a sense in understanding that's what it's about and not falling into the judgment of it, attempting to maintain a sense of neutrality. When you find yourself feeling judgmental or angry or negative about something, attempt to bring yourself back into the center of your body. Feel your physical self feel your feet on the ground. And whether you use something like cancel-clear-delete, again apply neutrality, apply neutrality. I mean I do this for myself all the time, apply neutral association. Just bring yourself back to your center so that you refocus yourself, if you're in the process of a pattern that takes you into negative thought forms. A lot of the times what happens is you see something, it triggers a negative response and then a judgment comes in. And then it just kind of unravels. We really want to attempt to avoid that. Know what your triggers are be aware of them and attempt to bring them into neutral every time you feel yourself with a charge around it.

The charge is an emotional feeling of negativity generally. So becoming aware of when that gets triggered in you is something that is empowering. Because it helps to shift out of it and become more self-aware of what's triggering you, and what it's about. You then are reprogramming yourself so that you don't succumb to the old patterns and behaviors that are really about draining your life force. Because we can see the structure is not promoting life force, is not promoting the human condition and wellness. So how do we create that condition for ourselves? We've got to find ways to allow our self to hold positive vibration for ourselves, by any means possible.

But generally what you'll find is that now what's really more potent is being able to hold the neutral point, so that you can just observe it. Because there's no doubt it is getting more chaotic. In the world we can see the changes beginning to occur in the third dimensional level. A lot of what we've been feeling for a long time is starting to be more tangibly manifest on the outside, even though beings aren't equating the downfall and breakdown of structures, of the banking systems as something that is a spiritual initiation. That's exactly what's going on here there is a revolution in consciousness happening and it starts with a total dismantling and breakdown of structure.

So we're now seeing this at a large level which actually is pretty wonderful in terms of seeing the larger structure breakdown, because that's what we need in order to shift and change. It's going to have to break down in order for the shift to actually occur into a new reality, a new system. So we're in a very uncomfortable birthing process but at least if we understand or have a framework of why were here, and what our purpose is at an energetic level and attempt to work that every day. And why it's work actually is because of disciplining the old programming really. That old program is in there and that programming creates a repetition of memory. So being aware that its repetition and it's an old memory program that you want to change. It does take some focus and it takes a little discipline to become aware of it as it's happening. (question...)

Yes I hope that was helpful. I really was able to see it in a larger way that made a lot of sense for me. What I've understood is that we have a big burrito, when we have something really huge that is a part of the God soul consciousness. That in order to fully transform it it's like we have to fully bear witness to it and I feel that that's what we did, we were able to bear witness to this and receive it. And it felt to me that that entity that was holding on with a death grip to this was let go. It was like this entity was holding this veil in place until we got to the truth of the matter or the seed of it. It was like we had to get to the seed of what it was about for this entity to let go. And it was like a death grip man, he was just holding on to this thing. I'm like okay just bring it out, we'll face it let's deal with it, bring it out. So it's almost like there is a validation and a verification of witnessing this event that was needed. (question...)

Yes this is when they were talking about the whole astral plane thing, and it was connecting into the heart and that the body became sublimated into the second chakra. And it was almost like you witnessed this and you saw it and then you embodied it just like the others. It was almost like you did this from the experience of understanding what it would mean to be like this. Because what I'm connecting to in another lifetime, is you were not cut off at all. You had this extreme connection to spiritual knowledge and information. And again the acceptance of that responsibility in this lifetime, you became that which was created so that you could heal it. And how is it healed? By redirecting what you know to be true in the source, which now has created a crisis of faith through the lifelines.

What I'm hoping is that because I felt this wedge, this agreement like holding this in place. What I'm hoping is, it felt like it is a released now. Because the thing is obviously we understand the burden but in order to make progress, this has got to unravel. I can feel the heaviness of its oppression.

Closing: Again I want to thank the beings for their assistance and guidance in that visualization, and again all that is intended to be healed and unified, in the light of one. We ask that all energetic burdens and connections through that family lineage and genetic lineage be released cleared and brought into the oneness and truth vibration. Again all that is needed and necessary to be revealed to this being at this time, we ask for that information to be given easily and effortlessly, allowing a shift to occur. Please seal our field. And in deep love and gratitude beloveds thank you. Our infinite stream of love is with you and always. And so it is, we seal our session.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions 10-15-2008]

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