Aquamarine Crystal KA Activation for Plasma Rings

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Ascension Meditation - August 2020

Aquamarine Crystal KA Activation for Plasma Rings

In this meditation we will intend to clear out inorganic elements from the sacral centers with the aquamarine crystal, ignite the upgrades in the Lotus Points and merge with Mother’s Stream for building the plasma gel rings. Bring to mind in the center of your brain and on your Pineal Gland the image of an Aquamarine Crystal, focusing upon a starburst point of Aquamarine light inside your brain. Now when you look at the light more closely it appears as a solid aqua diamond or aqua crystal. Taking a deep inhaling breath on the exhaling breath now intend to drop the Aqua marine crystal into the sacral energy center or Ka center, and then intend to flow the aquamarine light to saturate into the cells of your sexual organs. Imagine your sexual organs fully covered in aquamarine light. Breathing in through the sacral center and seeing the inhaling breath flashing on and igniting the aqua flame in all of the lotus points simultaneously, and then when exhaling your breath intending to cleanse out and release the sacral center, at the same time when on exhaling breath see that the light dims ever so slightly but the aqua flame is still present and remains turned on in all of the 24 lotus points.

Thus, We ask newcomers to ask this question of their higher self.

Beloved God self, is this meditation in alignment to my highest and divine expression in this moment, yes or no?

If you received a no answer turn this meditation off.

If you received a yes, please continue. (49:13 Minutes)

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