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We have many complex timelines and memories surfacing at this time, and some of us can feel those connections between multiple people in our group, and circulating in the community field in general. We have a lot of diversity in our group, and as we go through future timelines, it consistently brings Trigger Event timelines and multiple levels of histories into our awareness so we may confront them. When we confront archetypes and see that they are not our real identity, we can resolve them and neutralize their impact upon our thinking and behaviors. This is inherently a part of the Ascension process.

Many of these planetary histories have Archetypes of Drama, and when we can see these archetypes as Ego Filters that were used in a particular identity, then we can distance ourselves from that certain event in time by watching the dynamics from afar, and not feeding into them in any way. When we feed archetypes we are feeding ego, and giving that archetype a level of false identity that has power over our consciousness. It is better to not do that, as we then give ammunition and energy to the NAA who sets up holographic realities on other dimensions based on our previous histories in order to ensnare us into playing out the same Negative Ego games in the Victim-Victimizer format.

It is important to understand how the NAA uses previous histories, identities and Archetypes of Drama to manipulate those same archetypes to become active in people. They are especially crafty and clever in the spiritual communities because so many of us have exaggerated Persecution Complex, crucifixion memories and quasi-messiah complexes. Rightfully so, as we have endured a lot on this earth and as we remember what has happened to us on planet, it is very painful. This is why mastering our mental and emotional state is crucial to avoid being manipulated and feeding these archetypes which lead us right into the puppet strings controlled by the NAA.

An excerpt from 12 Practices of Self Awareness:

1. ARCHETYPES OF DRAMA Deepening the awareness and observation of our self as we identify the archetypes and characters that run around in our mental ideas and personality that we show the world. These characters are the key players in creating your emotional drama reactions and their sabotaging behavior patterns. We can locate and remove and repair (ILRR) obsolete and harmful archetypes of drama and trauma, from running our lives in our present, past and future. Get them out of the driver’s seat of the negative ego and hand the authority over to your Avatar Christ self. Resign from the Mind Control matrix by forfeiting the archetypes of drama as a governing authority over your identity.

Sample Scenario

A few people or group have shared consciousness memories about certain archetypes that have played out in other dimensional spaces that are relative to the planet histories. As we enter certain frequencies of spiritual initiation, we will access the corresponding history, memory, identity and intelligence of that particular dimension, all simultaneously. Let’s say an ascending wave of people are entering a similar memory in the timeline on the 7th dimensional plane where certain histories have taken place that involve a lot of people in the memory record. Many of us will resonate or identify with these pieces of history and may explore that archetype in order to understand more deeply personal connection and responsibility to that role in history. Some people will identify archetypes active in other people, and have a variety of reactions or responses.

People with lower emotional Impulse Control may be flung into emotional hysteria or feelings of chaos when accessing these memories, as they are learning how to better address intense emotions and painful events neutrally. (This is where healing the emotional self is 99% of the Ascension process) Others may have a total life dismantling as this history being addressed dismantles the current falsified records and pushes transformation into a newly matched vibrational scale. The potential results from interaction with these fields of memory is limitless, yet one constant remains.

When a Fallen Angelic, Imposter Spirit or NAA gets wind that this is occurring in a person, group or Collective Consciousness timeline, they will take action to counter that event in any way they can gain a foothold. The reason for this is that when a group of us, a collective consciousness explores and begins to access these time-fields, we start to regain memory, regain consciousness, therefore regain control over the timeline where this event has occurred. If we are more awake, we may recognize that body parts are stationed there, such as people that died and were trapped, we realize we have to get them out of there, and start to heal or reclaim this space in consciousness, performing Return to Rightful Owner, which reclaims body parts for the many people involved.

If we are not aware that this is the spiritual goal, to reclaim our consciousness and body parts, we may fall prey to the Archetypes of Drama, and play out the EXACT same event out all over again, which actually reinforces the ego, reinforces the fallen identity, keeps us locked out of time and stunts our growth, and we are not successful in reclaiming this space and illuminating the dark ignorance, pain and other issues that are located in that timeline. If we over-identify with the Archetypes playing out in that which we see in the people involved, we are at risk for being sucked into its hologram. This is a NAA Consciousness Trap.

Synthetic or Ai timelines

When we get attached to the identities and archetypes, the NAA and Fallen project a synthetic timeline that looks like a holographic movie that is playing out on a large screen. Generally, they taper that holographic movie to be tapered to the individuals weak spots and their particular main archetype, and they use that fear, pain and trauma to manipulate that person to do things based on the pain of what they experienced before. The person gets sucked into the archetypes of drama, and they are led into the holographic movie which is located generally in some kind of hyper-dimensional pocket in the synthetic alien timelines. The person will feel a sense of the main emotional theme they used to capture your consciousness body, it will be defined in the following ways:

1. Feeling excessive emotional theme as a loop playing out in the body or feeling the overall impact of dead energy – i.e. frustration, anxiety, anger, trapped, dull, disoriented, dense-like pressure from the top pushing the body down, like it is being energetically compressed.

2. Feeling shock, numbed out, brain fog, and /or parts of the body are anesthetized. See Mind Slides.

3. Superior or inferior thoughts are exaggerated, generally these thoughts are directed towards people of archetypes which are generally valued as superior or inferior as a class system on the earth, as this hierarchy program is Reptilian and downloaded by the NAA. See Negative Ego.

4. In more emotionally immature or unstable people, these thought forms can be used to stimulate a variety of VV programs to get that person to instigate some kind of chaos and re-enactment of group pain body. This is more accelerated stage of a thought-form possession, and then moves to actual levels of possession. If the person can take the bait and become possessed by AD thought-forms, the next stage is partial possession to full infiltration of the aura. This is a stage of Divide and Conquer as per the Archontic Deception Strategy.

5. When the AD Strategy is not effective in the negative emotions, the person will be accessed in what the New Age believes is a form of higher emotions. The person can be blissed out, yet irresponsible, reckless and clueless to the possession that is using them. These people tend to be duplicitous, and two faced liars. Some do not know they are liars, which can make it even harder to interact with them.

The people that smile at you cheerfully, mimicking something they heard about “Happy Happy - Joy Joy” and actually they have knives behind their back and ready to take you down at the first provocation. They are the most used for Dark Portals. Deception is the seed of Satanism, whether its SRA or a person smiling and looking happy on the external. Usually, the attack mode is activated when they do not get what they want or expect from you, then this entitlement is used to self-righteously rip people to shreds in order to prove a point or to get what they want/desire.

So to help understand Archetypes and how they play out, lets study a popular scene that we just had replay partially in our community.

Case Study for Movie Archetypes

Let’s look at the movie, Top Gun from 1986. Study these archetypes and look at them closely.

Movie Plot:

United States Naval Aviator Lieutenant Pete "Maverick" Mitchell (Tom Cruise) flies an F-14A Tomcat off USS Enterprise, with Nick "Goose" Bradshaw (Anthony Edwards) as his Radar Intercept Officer (RIO). Maverick and his wingman "Cougar" (John Stockwell) intercept (fictional) MiG-28s over the Indian Ocean. During the standoff, one of the MiGs manages to get a missile lock on Cougar. Maverick realizes that the MiG is only trying to intimidate Cougar and drives it off, but Cougar is too shaken afterward to land. Maverick defies orders and shepherds Cougar back to the carrier as both planes run critically low on fuel. After they land, Cougar takes himself off flight status. Although disapproving of Maverick's reckless flying and repeated violations of rules, the Enterprise's CAG Tom "Stinger" Jordan (James Tolkan) sends Maverick and Goose, now his top crew to attend the Navy's Fighter Weapons School, known as "Top Gun", at NAS Miramar.

Maverick's recklessness is partly due to his father, Duke Mitchell, who served with the VF-51 squadron aboard the USS Oriskany (CV-34) during the Vietnam War, and was killed in action when his Phantom was shot down. The official story, which Maverick refuses to believe, is that Duke made a mistake. Goose is much more cautious and devoted to his wife, Carole (Meg Ryan), and child. The two officers are nonetheless close friends and effective partners, with Maverick considering Goose his only family. At a bar the day before the Top Gun program starts, Maverick, assisted by Goose, unsuccessfully approaches a woman named Charlotte "Charlie" Blackwood (Kelly McGillis), who he later learns is a civilian contractor with a Ph.D. in astrophysics serving as a Top Gun instructor. Maverick's reckless flying both annoys and impresses Lieutenant Commander Rick "Jester" Heatherly (Michael Ironside) and other instructors. He defeats Jester in exercises, but violates two rules of engagement in the process and is strongly reprimanded by the chief instructor, Commander Mike "Viper" Metcalf (Tom Skerritt). Maverick continues to pursue Charlie and becomes a rival to top student Lieutenant Tom "Iceman" Kazanski (Val Kilmer), who considers Maverick's methods dangerous and unsafe. Although outwardly critical of Maverick's tactics, Charlie eventually admits that she admires his flying but was critical because she was afraid for her credibility. They begin a romantic relationship. During one flight, Maverick goes one-on-one with Viper. Although Maverick matches the older pilot move for move, Viper lasts long enough for Jester to maneuver around and shoot Maverick down, demonstrating the value of teamwork over individual ability. Near the end of the program, Maverick and Iceman both chase Jester. Under intense pressure from Maverick, Iceman breaks off. Maverick's F-14 flies through the jet wash of Iceman's aircraft and suffers a flameout of both engines, entering a flat spin from which he cannot recover, forcing both Maverick and Goose to eject. Goose ejects directly into the jettisoned aircraft canopy, which breaks his neck, killing him. Although the board of inquiry clears Maverick of responsibility, he feels guilty for Goose's death, losing his aggressiveness when flying. Charlie and others attempt to console him, but Maverick considers leaving the Navy. Unsure of his future, he seeks Viper's advice. Viper reveals that he served with Maverick's father and discloses classified details over his last mission, explaining how Duke stayed in the fight after his Phantom was hit and saved three planes before he died. Information about the dogfight was classified to avoid revealing that the American planes were not where they should have been. During the graduation party, Iceman, Hollywood, and Maverick are ordered to immediately report to the Enterprise to deal with a crisis situation, providing air support for the rescue of a stricken communications ship that has drifted into hostile waters. Maverick and Merlin are assigned to an F-14 as backup for those flown by Iceman and Hollywood, despite Iceman's reservations over Maverick's state of mind. Iceman and Hollywood encounter six MiG-28s and Hollywood is shot down, though he and Wolfman survive. Maverick is sortied alone due to catapult failure and nearly retreats after encountering circumstances similar to those that caused Goose's death. Upon rejoining Iceman, they shoot down four MiGs and force the other two to flee, and return to the Enterprise, where the two men, with newfound respect for each other, finally become friends. Offered any assignment he chooses, Maverick decides to return to Top Gun as an instructor. Later, he tosses Goose's dogtags into the ocean, finally freeing himself of guilt over Goose's death. Sitting alone in a restaurant in downtown San Diego, Maverick hears "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" playing on the jukebox and recalls meeting Charlie. She reveals that she is in the bar and the two reunite.''

This storyline is dramatized, but I hope it gives improved clarity on archetypes, how they are used to evoke emotional reactions in the public, and how these operate as holographic movies that many people relate to and remember from other timelines. These plot lines are very similar to galactic histories we have had involving the history of the planet, and other planets, many times over. The goal for all of us is to see the archetypes as a movie playing out, and to be careful to not over-identify mentally or emotionally with any of them. When we can be neutral and observe, we can learn from the archetypes so that we can make improved choices and decisions about our life so we do not get stuck playing out the same story line again.

Mental Triggers to Judgmental Views

If we are triggered into making judgments, going into a superior or inferior dialogue - then we are making a mistake in that we are getting enmeshed in the movie. This is exactly what the NAA wants us to do, because if we get attached to this event, and play out archetypes like a puppet on strings, we will be set up into the synthetic timelines that they control our Consciousness. They press a button in us, and we dance like a trained monkey for their amusement.

The NAA has set up complex ideas of hierarchy to get the Victim-Victimizer programming to be used as a form of manipulation to which a human self-enforces his own enslavement and enforces the same level of enslavement for others. As we gain clarity and consciousness, we want to stop this cycle dead in its tracks. It is not positive to create an ideology of “Us vs. Them”, yet at the same time we must break through enemy patterning and take care of our own. Whatever stage we are at in the Ascension Cycle and personal awakening, we must learn how to better support each other, and try harder to be compassionate and loving. At any stage of Awakening, we need unified support that strengthens our community field to call out the bull-crap, but also be supportive, caring and compassionate to the complexity that many of us endure in the awakening. We all know what it feels like to be in pain, persecuted, ostracized, thought as strange for something perfectly normal to us, or whatever else the current 3D structure labels those of us that are expanding consciousness.

Please refrain from judging any person, and jumping on the bandwagon of consensus, especially if it involves another person’s character. People endure tremendous suffering and pain, and as a group with a goal to expand and support consciousness, we do not want to feed pain, karmic consequence, or any further negativity. All of us require more love, more Compassion, more acceptance, and more kindness.

As with the recent events, I urge all of us to remove ourselves from the Archetypes of Drama, not allowing ourselves to feel insulted or upset by any person, and to focus on ourselves directing more Love, Compassion and acceptance to the people in this community.

We cannot control any person nor their choices and actions, all we can control is ourselves. There will always be people that appear to us as the "Antagonist" in the world of archetypes playing out the movies in life, they may appear to be more prickly pears, have less warm-fuzzy communication skill and maybe they can get us caught up in anger and frustration. The goal is neutrality first, then work up to apply the compassionate witness. In the reality of observing the global schema, there are a lot bigger perspectives of which to support, and when we can overcome frustration and anger with one another, we can strengthen ourselves to go beyond petty annoyances that arise from differences in personal opinion. Every person has right to have their own feelings and opinions, and has a way of expression. Although as a Group Consciousness, we work here to foster nonjudgmental assistance to learn better personal energetic discernment while increasing acceptance and tolerance for others.

In light of finding acceptance for others, we must have acceptance for ourselves:

Self Acceptance

Before people start to consider how Self Acceptance plays a key role in the development of one’s personal character, many have forgotten that building character through having a better comprehension of one’s own Self Esteem is indeed one of the most important aspects of personality development and spiritual development. Through gaining self acceptance, we build healthy self-esteem and this supports us to make realistic goals with higher spiritual purpose, to cultivate virtues, which are strengths of character and the power of our spiritual person. In order to progress through the Ascension process, strengthening ourselves to grow into well balanced and healthy functioning people, we will need to address areas of our self-acceptance and ability to access states of forgiveness. Finding genuine self-acceptance and the ability to feel and generate actions of Forgiveness towards the self and others are important to progress beyond emotional stagnation. Both are deeply entwined with each other in developing a stronger base of self-esteem and inner core. To go beyond personal issues of low self-worth, we are required to build our inner foundation which will progress us further to develop stronger character Virtues. [1]

Collective Consciousness Archetypal Influence

Collective conscious, Collective unconscious or collective conscience is the set of shared beliefs, ideas, archetypes and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within societal structures, that lends to share and influence the paradigm and its values set forth in social systems.

Mental forms of individual and collective consciousness archetypal patterns are magnetically imprinted upon the Soul before it is born into the material world. These Collective Consciousness Archetypes will influence the individual for positive or negative depending on their level of Self Awareness and Consciousness.

  • Destroyer Archetype
  • Fool Archetype
  • Innocent Archetype
  • Magician Archetype
  • Martyr Archetype
  • Patriarch and Matriarch Archetype
  • Ruler Archetype
  • Seducer Archetype
  • Seeker Archetype
  • Warrior Archetype
  • Wise One Archetype [2]


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