Atlantian Polarity Program

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Themes: Atlantian Polarity Program, memory record of Samjase line of Pleiadians in conflict with Nibiru. doing polarity synthesis of these two factions. living near 11th gate England purposed for Nibiru resonance. coming into consciousness of being an activator and taking energetic responsibility for that. working with fifth chakra divine will. was sleeper as protection from psychic attack until mature enough. Law of Harmonics. physical body needing support to hold higher frequency.

Opening: It's so nice to meet you, we are memorializing your session here today and there is a lot to discuss with you. First of all I want to say please take in only what resonates for you personally and really feels connected and discard the rest. I've gotten a lot of different levels of information that I want to share with you today in your reading. So first of all in starting with your Starseed lineage and the agreements and memories that I'm feeling in your body. So a way to understand this is that I can feel and read the energetic architecture, which has cellular memory records coming from the levels of soul in other time and space. And what I'm feeling specifically in this particular lifetime and incarnation is a very emphasized memory around the Atlantian polarity program, and your desire in this incarnation to be a Polarity Integrator as well as an activator of higher consciousness.

So one of the issues in terms of what you are here to be, which may create with your particular configuration a lot of power struggles and power conflicts around the energy of your being. And this has to do with several different ingredients that I can feel are contributing to this. At this beginning juncture of your development spiritually you're still developing the information knowledge and experience that will bring you into the expansion of your awareness as an activator of others. However at this time because you are still gathering information and learning about yourself and becoming clearer about your own framework, of being in your personal truth as well as how to apply your own personal power within that truth. This is the process of your spiritual and soul development so that you can harness this power of activation that you have been given by default, that is a part of your energy body itself.

Polarity Integrator, Power Struggles, Harmonizing Conflict

So basically what you are here in effect is an energetic leader or energetic steward by default. And that will put you in scenarios, which will create power struggles between yourself and others whether you say something or don't say something. It's important to understand that this is not a construct of the mind. It is not a belief system this piece is actually an energy that is connected with your spiritual bodies, because you are designed specifically to be an agent of change and an agent of transformation. And that means that you will activate others or provoke change or thought in others. And when that happens they are not always pleased with coming into the realization of that. They may project at times blame or hostility towards you, because at some level the unconscious is realizing that the energy catalyst is coming from you. It is important that you do not take this personally and that you actually understand your role here on this planet.

Because once you do what you'll find is that those power struggles with others that were happening on the external were being amplified because you were not fully aware of how to hold the power within yourself. As you become more self-aware in understanding your role and transcending the ego limitation and fear that this may have caused you throughout your life, this will actually dissipate and you'll find your relationships with others will be smoothed out considerably. In a way what happens is that when we do not recognize our self in terms of our core purpose, the universe with a hologram doesn't recognize us. So as an activator when you are actually aware of the impact of your energy upon others, things make more sense. I am going to explain something called the Law of Harmonics so you understand from an energetic perspective that when you came into the incarnation in this time you were activated in your light body outside of the third dimensional layers of the chakra system. So a way to understand this in a simplified manner, is there are two levels of beings on the planet here today, there are beings that are third dimensional in their consciousness and there are those that are multidimensional in their consciousness.

You were born and incarnated into a third dimensional system with a multidimensional consciousness and this created some challenges for you at times. This has also manifested in some physical imbalances that I do want to address and help you to get a handle on, so that you understand how to work with your body. Because as we are evolving through the ascension our goal is really integration, that you have a connection and merge between your physical emotional, mental and spiritual energetic forms. That all bodies are integrated and brought into a holistic communion instead of not being integrated, which is generally what happens when we evolve really fast and when we don't understand these components of our multidimensional anatomy.

Personality Layers

So most human beings on this planet are third dimensional beings, which means they are transducing and working with the frequencies of the first three chakra layers. Now the chakra layers are actually a part of the light body of the human being and each chakra cone opens into a light body section, which holds a particular level of intelligence or mind matrix. So in understanding that the ego consciousness is a third dimensional intelligence. Ego consciousness comprises the first three levels of the chakra system, and is in total, a part of the personality program or what makes the consciousness believe or think it is <insert name of person>.

The first chakra is connected to the autonomic nervous system and our survival consciousness or physical consciousness, so it holds a lot of the memories and records of our unconscious or involuntary functions of working our human body. The second chakra is then about our interaction with others our relationships, how we actually exchange energies with others. It is also is how we feel and believe and hold ideas around our gender as female or male, so all of our gender issues or sexuality issues are connected into the second chakra, as the second chakra is the intelligence of the instinctual body or the desire body. And as we have probably noted is where the controllers seek to oppress and suppress consciousness, because the desire and instinctual body when it's imbalanced turns into addiction. And addiction becomes very challenging for beings not having direct control over that particular craving or addiction. The second chakra tends to be imbalanced in most human beings and is the source of the instinctual body. The third chakra the solar plexus is the house of the conscious mind matrix, that which is speaking as Lisa.

So those three layers are where most human beings at their consciousness level are processing energy. Now when you were born you came in with a fifth dimensional center open and that's your throat chakra. So immediately as a child you may have had some challenges around speaking your truth and that which you were afraid to speak, because you found that when you said some things that you got really strong responses from others. This may still be something that happens to you today, in terms of your awareness when you speak or you don't speak. Or how you may manage what you're feeling you need to express, which may be in conflict because of a fear of creating disharmony or discordance or hostile energies in others, when you actually speak or express what you're trying to express. So again I'm feeling a deep-seated relationship to your fifth chakra your throat chakra in the conflict, which you are trying to resolve as a consciousness now. Which is the ability to transcend human order and the ego consciousness into the divine will.

So there is the whole conflict between the ego will or the personal will and that of the divine will. The throat chakra represents divine will it represents your creative expression as a soul being. And this center although open from the time you were a child has been a source of conflict for you at times, in not understanding that that center was open in you and active in you, and it was not active in many of the people around you including your family of origin. So as you grew up those that were in your environment were not able to connect or understand you at this level. And this of course creates confusion within yourself not knowing what your particular path or your purpose is, while you're here.

Samjase from Pleiades

So in a sense what I'm feeling is a star lineage that is kind of interesting because I feel, and I don't know a lot about the Samjase, which seems to be connected to the Pleiades of the seven sisters. There seems to be a connection which you have in your other I would say, nonhuman memories. You have had lifetimes of experiences with the Pleiadian Samjase galaxy and the word Samjase is coming up. And this whole memory has to do with you're having a connection to the Pleiadian form. And as you were in your Pleiadian form you had had interactions and contact with those from the planet of Nibiru, so there is an Annunaki relationship to Nibiru. The Annunaki and the Pleiadians were working on some project and I'm feeling that there is a lineage in terms of memories that you are holding in this timeline, that is about bringing the star memory and star lineage and actually synthesizing the polarities of that memory into neutral. What I'm feeling is that there were great conflicts obviously in this Nibiruan history with the Annunaki and it's interesting I haven't quite seen it in this configuration before. Because this is transcendent of the human condition with the Annunaki but it seems to be a lifetime in which your Pleiadian higher self had contact or some memory around conflicts with the planet Nibiru.

Nibiru or Planet X

Now Nibiru of course is the planet known as planet X, which returns into the orbit every 3600 years and is a part of the Annunaki beings connection with the humans and the planet Earth. In terms of our imbalanced history with those races having to do with parasitizing this planet and parasitizing the human race because of their own inability to connect into a sustaining source energy. So a way to understand this, and again please defer to your feelings if this resonates for you. But what I'm feeling is that your prior experience, and actually what I really mean to say is your future experience, because remembering that all time is simultaneous there is no past and there is no future, it's all happening in the singularity of this now moment.

So what I'm connecting to is literally a future time aspect of yourself, that from the Pleiadian point of view has some connection with the Anunaki and the planet of Nibiru. And also very similar to the human being was involved in assisting in healing the polarity schisms and differences that also manifested between the Annunaki and the Pleiadian life forms and planetary systems and ways of being. What I'm feeling is it's useful as a contribution to this planet to bring that particular memory into the form of physical density that you are in. Because the ability to transcend and transmute energies in a physical human body apparently is much more effective and I want to say vast for some reason, within the laws of physics of how the energies work multi-dimensionally.

Because we are in the planet Earth scheme here in the third dimensional earth, in the densest part of the cosmology of the universal system, we are in the densest part of the cosmology. So because we are in the densest part, also what that means is that we are in a sense in the past impacting the future. What happens here on this planet through the Ascension process and evolution process has an extreme and great impact on the future levels and realms of not only humanities future event horizon and probable reality but that which also impacts the Pleiadians the Sirians. And of course all of the beings that are comprising life in this universe.

Pleiadian 5D Conflcit with Nibiru

So what I'm seeing is that your piece through your body is that you are synthesizing a future memory of the Pleiadian conflict and schism, that happened between and I want to say a planet or a lineage. So I'm just going to say the Samjase line of the Pleiadians, and the Pleiadian experience and memory of a conflict with Nibiru, and the Annunaki from that planet. Now what I'm getting is that there was something about the orbit of Nibiru there is an orbit just like around the solar system, they have their own sun. But their orbit interchanges with ours and again they come into our orbit every 3600 years or so, and something happened in a timeline with the Pleidians where Nibiru as a planet entered the orbit of their system. Obviously we're not aware of it entering our system in this time and space, so it's like I'm connecting to the Pleiadian memory of when the orbit of the planet Nibiru was in the orbit of the Pleiadian or Samjase galaxy.

And this has a lot to do with the memories that are being held in your soul and at the Akashic level of your body. As a human being with the divine template here the human body has the ability to synthesize polarities in the inner alchemy from the connection with the infinite source. The human body has a very specific and unique design. One of the things the Guardians have spoken to me about is that the human body is an extremely unique template and architecture, which allows multidimensional God consciousness to be present. Connecting to the zero point in the God matrix energy, while having an experience in some kind of form. According to the Guardians this is really rare and that we are the only life form the only prototype and template that has been able to actually do that. And even though in this time and space we've not activated our potential, our goal through the ascension is to do so. And as we do so we are able to transcend and alchemically shift the synthesis of these polarities that are not only impacting human beings and the planet Earth, but again other star systems.

This is one of the first times I've seen another star system be so directly impacted through that memory, which you hold in your body. And so this is what I'm feeling very much now, is that as you do your ascension and you heal the inner fears and polarity schisms that were genetically altered creating the damage in the human being and in other Star lineages. What I'm seeing here is that when the Annunaki came into our system, this was in another round of evolution. So what I'm seeing here is like understanding the Mayan calendar, which speaks about evolutionary rounds and cycles. The cycles in our timeline just to have a framework, exist over 26,000 year cycles. What I'm seeing is that in the last 26,000 years the human being has been in an extremely dark evolutionary cycle. Prior to the 26,000 years was an evolutionary round of the human being that was actually quite advanced technologically and spiritually.

This more advanced cycle has come to be known as the Atlantean information or the Atlantean myth. Now according to the Guardian races that Atlantis connection is a part of the history of the human beings evolution. And thus what happened in Atlantis has direct relevance to what's happening in our hologram here today, because the events and cataclysms the abuse of power and schisms that were created during that timeline of evolution directly impacted the results of what we see now, of what human beings are experiencing now. Complete separation from source, darkness and spiritual blindness from the true purpose the evolutionary purpose of the human being. And our interconnectedness on this planet, through all the thoughts actions and emotions that we project impact the sphere of influence upon others. And we have forgotten the accountability of being responsible for our own energies.

So what I'm feeling is that because of this history that you are here to heal within your body it is like literally, your body is the healing alchemical container of this memory. When you ascend and transcend the fear and the polarity within your being you will heal this lineage within your heart and within your body. That will impact the Pleiadians and actually impact this memory and timeline if you will, of the Pleiadian conflict schism. And I want to say warring with the Nibiruans. So it's important to understand that the Annunaki have genetically altered the human being and apparently what I'm seeing is that it had impacted the Pleiadian's at some point in time.

What we know on this planet is that the human being has been genetically manipulated to literally be a part of a finite matrix structure, which the Annunaki beings and those with similar interests of controlling humanity through their own selfish purposes and motivations have done, in order to create robotic behavior or automaton behavior of the human being. Now the human being from the Guardian perspective is a field of intelligence, which they refer to as the Christ. So the physical body no matter what kind of lineage or soul is incarnated into it, is actually a body of Christ, now that means a body of intelligence that they are referring to as the Christ. Now Christ is further defined as a unity consciousness, a oneness consciousness and that which is in the love that allows that unity to transpire.

So this body is a Christ body is a body of unity and in the body of unity are massive amounts of genetic material from all of the universal structures. So the human being is like a massive integrator and reconciler of genetic differences and this is important for you to understand. Because you have that particular agreement with the earth and it will create certain types of scenarios in your life. You have already mentioned the power struggles that seem confusing to you, because you know intentionally in your heart you're not holding a space of creating conflict and you're wondering why these conflicts keep arising.

So the issue is now that you are learning more about holding the integrity of the energy that you are, and the truth vibration that you are. And with the framework of this understanding to begin to allow this power within you to embody without needing to defend it or explain it or feel badly for it. Because it is important that you accept and understand your role of leadership here, your role of energetic transmission and activation of others, which necessitates that you understand that your body and your energy influences and activates others. From that understanding is an energetic responsibility that you learn to handle that power within yourself. As you do you will find that the situations in your life will become much easier, power conflicts will become much easier or dissipate very quickly. You will feel much more connected and in your truth and supported in your truth, when you actually come to this level of awareness about who you really are and what you're doing on this planet.

Stargate Wormwood in Stonehenge

So again in this relationship with the Pleiades I'm also feeling a direct relationship with the Stargate that is in England that has to do with the planet Nibiru. So this is what's really fascinating and I have got to tell you this is kind of new information for me. So thank you for a allowing me to bear witness to this and see it from this perspective because it's definitely a new perspective that I'm getting through our interaction. And that is that the Stargate or internal Templar, what's known as Stargate portal of the 11th dimension is in England and landmass of England. This Stargate is extremely important to the reptilian races and to the Nibiruans, the Annunkai races. It's interesting that it was purposed that you chose to be incarnated near that Stargate, because your genetic material in a sense has memory of that particular conflict with Nibiru.

So a way to understand this is that in the architecture of our bodies, in what we call our light-body is something that is referred to as a core manifestation template. And this core manifestation template looks like, if you have seen a Kabbalah grid, it's called the tree of life. And this tree of life is the symbolism for the sacred geometry that makes up the 12 spheres and stations of identity, that we are in this realm. And it is those spheres that actually construct our light body and our chakra system, and those 12 spheres are an exact replica of the planetary body's Stargate system. So as the human being has a core manifestation template in its light body made of 12 spheres of 12 different dimensional experiences, so does the planet Earth. The planet Earth's 11th sphere of its manifestation template, that which creates the hologram of the earth is in England.

Now this Stargate when it is opened in layers, a way to understand this is that there are multiple layers of dimension that connect within a Stargate. So a way to understand the Stargate is literally like a wormhole through multiple times in space. It also may be helpful to understand that dimension and time are the same thing, when you are moving through dimensions, moving to a higher dimension what you are doing is skipping into future time. So in a sense the Stargate's are also openings into multiple layers and levels of dimension and multiple layers of time and space, as recorded in the matrix. Now it's important to understand that time and space are an illusion, which is created on something that we would refer to as a morphogenetic field. Now a morphogenetic field is an instruction set with various codes and geometries that set off signals and configurations and patterns to the genetic level of the bodies that are here, the human body.

So we're talking about the planetary level now to understand that the human body is directly related to the planetary body and that your purpose in incarnating in England has a very specific purpose. And what you are here to heal clear integrate and synthesize, into your own ascension process and that which contributes to the larger hole, is what you are here to do while you are incarnated. So in working with that understanding is having a direct clarity that the Nibiru and Annunaki history includes that the reptilian brain and the ego thinking mechanisms the finite thought mechanisms of the mind, were created from the Annunaki consciousness. In a sense what has happened to the human being in its hybridization with Annunaki during different courses of evolutionary rounds in the humans evolution with this planet, had created genetic digression and genetic breakdown.

So what we see here today with human beings only accessing three levels of dimension of their intelligence, when they have some many more. This is really a construct of the broken or the unplugged DNA and genetic patterns that were caused from not only the planetary body being damaged, but of the human being genetically manipulated by the Annunaki consciousness, in order to not access these higher levels and dimensions of intelligence and ways of being.

Now you are here to understand the hologram and to master the hologram by understanding the levels and layers of the hologram multi-dimensionally. Once you understand levels and components of the hologram you'll understand you are a hologram, and you'll understand those components of self. This will help to integrate the whole and will assist you in synthesizing these polarity patterns. So again as a galactic emissary, and as a polarity integrator myself this is very dear to my heart. I am here to support this family of consciousness that is here to do similar work. So I want you to know that you are not alone with this but as a polarity integrator, what that means is that at times you will experience these power struggles. Not only because you are activating people, but because you are synthesizing internal polarities in your bodies. When I say your body, it's your physical body and it's also your light body, so understanding that is your role and that's what you're doing here.

It is extremely important that we look into the contents of your thought patterns and your mental behaviors. Because the first thing that needs to be addressed is we need to clear fear, we need to clear self-doubt, we need to clear negative experiences of confusion. And we need to clear any nested parasites that have been in your unconscious from pain or feeling separate or feeling misunderstood by others. And from not feeling connected we also feel very misunderstood and it creates all kinds of self-doubt and confusions about who we really are. Now again sweetheart I can only assist you in bringing guidelines of what I'm feeling, however the process moving beyond concepts and intellect so that this becomes your experience, is uniquely your own. I am here to support you in finding your truth your truth vibration is the core essence and intelligence of your God source within you, and that which is seeking to express itself through you now.

This has much complex memory, which I have described to you, but this memory is helpful because the bodies can now assist in the awareness of it, in allowing the synthesis to occur as an internal alchemy process. When we have confusion and self-doubt it creates resistance and obstacles for that synthesizing ability and alchemy process to actually occur.

Now I'm going to give you some suggested spiritual homework and exercises to help you through this process in building the integrity of your light body, strengthening your light body. Specifically it is very important for you because of your Nibiruan history, as you tend to get psychically attacked by Annunaki consciousness. Now what this means and what is important for you to understand, is not everyone has this contract with the earth. As a starseed being and from the galactic level of consciousness memory you hold, your relationship with the earth and your relationship to human beings is unique in scope. And most humans will not recognize you, acknowledge you nor understand anything that we are communicating about here today. And that is because we are a minority on this planet of consciousness.

Role as Spiritual Catalyst, Galactic Integrator

There are more of us that are expanding into the awareness, however the galactic polarity integrator is still a smaller niche of consciousness and it is not everybody's role with this earth. So what will happen is that even in the light working crowd, people will not understand your experience. Because what I'm speaking about is so little known. Even though I am kept incredibly busy with my work with the Guardian races, I am not aware of this information really being out there and available. So this is really what my sort of niche and support system is for, is for this family that has not had any information about this. And this group really needs to come into the understanding of the acceptance of personal truth within of this particular revelation of the necessity, of how the bodies are the actual vehicles that transmute and transcend density.

So as I was saying earlier from the Pleiadian memory of that form, the Pleiadian memory is not a carbon-based biology like the human is right now. Because it is more etheric in its configuration pattern as a form, that Pleiadian form and body does not have the same let's say efficiency and direct power of transmutation as the human body does. It's very strange to try to wrap your head around this and not having studied physics and only really receiving information from the Guardians. But how they've described this is that because we are in such dense forms of carbon-based biology, this carbon-based biology in its process of ascension into less dense states of matter has the power and ability to resurrect and transmute massive amounts of energy massive amounts of memory and conflict. And that is the job and why the starseed in many cases has incarnated to bring that special gift to the planet at this time of the Ascension.

So again the 11th dimensional Stargate is connected to Lyra and the system and constellation of Lyra is again where the original, we want to say Annunaki or anti-Christ consciousness began its evolution. So in a sense these schisms of the conflicts between humanities right to evolve in various time and space is something that goes way beyond the third dimensional Earth. Literally as above so below, it's important to understand that we are actually clearing galactic history during this time of Ascension. And my feeling is that as you are coming into this understanding of who you are, you have been like a sleeper. A being that has been aware that your are different, but not fully aware of this level of your identity because you were not at the point in time where it would be a positive experience. And the ability for you to integrate that information wouldn't have been productive. What they're telling me now, is that it is now time for you to have a greater scope of understanding of who you are in terms of your galactic nature and what you're doing here. And that during certain times of your process of evolution it wasn't productive for you to have this awareness, because what happens is and right now it's changing on the earth, is that those that have been in control of the hologram and during certain times have been extremely aggressive with psychic attacking.

The way they are able to see us in this realm because they do not exist in form in the third dimension, they are mostly in the fourth to the fifth to the six dimensional energy octave systems. And when they're able to look into this reality they see us as a holographic tank of color. Now what happens is that when a being has a revelation and starts to be aware of who it is and connects into other star memories and lineages. Those configurations are colors and pattern, and those colors and pattern can be read by beings outside of the third dimensional system. So as a process of protection for you, you have been insulated into a limited view of understanding who you are until it was time for you to encompass a larger view of who you are. Where you now have the ability capacity and maturity to understand this and learn how to actually stand in the power of that understanding within you.

There is a fine line between enlightenment and psychotic break. And it is extremely important to understand this. You are here to be an integrator you are here to not fragment. And this means you become aware of the components of your layers physically mentally emotionally and spiritually. When you become aware of those layers you then learn how to integrate those components into the holistic part of your source that you hold within you. Again I'm going to be providing you with an email of some suggested spiritual homework for this very process, that I feel will be very supportive for you. Now in understanding that you are an agent of transformation and an activator of others, it is absolutely important for your well-being and your health energetically to learn how to protect your energy body.

Psychically Sponged and Psychically Drained

Because you came in with an open fifth chakra what that means is that the beings around you that are vibrating at a third dimensional level or lower than the fifth dimensional vibration that you came in with, will tend to feel expanded in your presence, unless the energy is too vibrationally high for them. So in a sense what happens is that when somebody comes into your presence they are in your field they are in your energy field. And if you haven't protected your energy and shielded yourself, protected your own field and know where the boundaries of your energy are, you have a tendency to be psychically sponged and psychically drained and siphoned by others. Now it is important to understand through a process of non-judgment this is the Law of Harmonics we are speaking of. It is not necessarily an emotional or energetic vampirism that is occurring on purpose from a malicious intent.

What happens as a part of the starseeded contract because the vibration, which you hold is higher refined in octave than the third dimensional system, what happens is it's like shining a light on somebody's dark room. And the get very uncomfortable in your presence because that vibration is starting to bring to the surface of the awareness of the person who is in your presence, of some irritation or some energies or some problems are some issues that lie very deeply embedded in the physical body, which they have not addressed. So in a sense what you are providing is a beautiful service because you are bringing people's unconscious and hidden fears and conflicts and traumas to the surface of their awareness.

So it's like shining a light on a dark room, all the sudden your shining the light on the dark room and they start to see some monsters in there and they don't know what to do with those monsters. The issue is for you is to understand this interaction is occurring and that you do not take it personally, you hold the power of your space and you do not allow yourself to be emotionally hooked into any drama that may be coming your way through these interactions. So what I'm getting is that now that you have reached a certain point of maturity in your life it is now that you are getting this information. Because you are being asked to take it to a new level and that is to be pristine in your thoughts, pristine in what you allow in your consciousness, and disciplined in your awareness of what triggers of negativity are being accessed at certain levels in your interactions with others, and interactions in your job etc.

Energetic Responsibility as Activator

So now comes the time that with this information and with this knowledge, is the next level of understanding that you will have an energetic responsibility to maintain accountability of your actions your thoughts and emotions and what you put out into the world. Because what you put out into the world is amplified to the sphere of influence of your higher light bodies. So again to reframe and go back to the Law of Harmonics, in this understanding and again this is of no value difference. It is extremely important that you learn to maintain a nonjudgmental observing and witness consciousness. Because none of this has anything to do with superiority or elitism it is understanding purely from the physics of how this hologram works and how your energy body works. That you understand your vibrational level and that your vibrational level is influencing and impacting others. And because you are in a minority that is holding this level of vibration, that you recognize your responsibility in holding this power. It is a power. When it is not used or understood correctly it creates power struggles, conflicts and problems in the external relationships that you are in. Once you start to understand this level of energetic concept and the physics of how energy works within your body, you will find it much easier to glide through the circumstances of your life. Power conflicts may be there but they will not be the source of confusion and self-doubt, pain and irritation as they are now.

Law of Harmonics in Interactions

So in Law of Harmonics let's say if someone is vibrating in their solar plexus and the solar plexus is the level of the chakra system that is about imposing your will upon others. The third chakra is all about manifesting your will. So let's say you're in the presence of a being who is primarily using his third chakra in order to manifest what he wants in his life. Because at this level of consciousness this being has not figured out that has not in control, he's still in the process of manifesting his will and hasn't figured out that there is a divine will. Now the fifth chakra again is the center of divine will.

So when you've got someone who's trying to manifest from his will and they come in the presence of you, which is all about divine will. there's going to be an immediate conflict there. That being is going to get agitated. Now many beings may be attracted to you unconsciously because the spirit the soul always knows where the evolutionary potential is and is always attempting to expand the evolution of the soul itself. So as you become aware of the power you hold, you will at future times notice that people will be coming to you as if they are being sent to you. And that is again why you are learning the lessons of responsibility now, because in a future time space when you are activating people on the spot, it is absolutely imperative that you understand that this power cannot be abused.

As you are sublimating your ego and personality will to that which is serving the divinity of the God consciousness that is attempting to work itself and express itself through your vehicle as you. This is why you are beginning this journey now with this level of understanding. There will be some discipline and accountability needed and necessary for you to achieve this level, and be able to handle and manage your personal energetic power and spiritual light body. So when beings are in your presence and they are activated, they will either appreciate that or not appreciate that. And if they do not it is important that you do not engage in drama, do not take it personally and that you understand your role accept your role and bless the situation. You did not do anything wrong you didn't incite anybody intentionally.

Check in with yourself and make sure that you didn't, this is not an abdication of your personal responsibility in how you create your reality. However it is understanding that as you do take responsibility for that, that you also realize the impact and influence of your energy field and how it impacts others. So that you do not feel badly take it personally or go into self-doubt when it happens. You know the truth, you hold the truth and you allow that truth to expand within you. Not letting anything external take you out of your center, not letting anything external create self-doubt. Keep learning how to come back into center and again that will be a part of the spiritual exercises that I will be sharing with you.

Now for another example of the Law of Harmonics and why you're feeling drained. Let's say you go to work and you are in a room with 20 people. It is important to know that every human being has a vibrational level, and that what happens when a human being is with another human being, an alchemy happens and now there is another vibrational level. So let's say if you are working with fifth dimensional energy and your covered with this blue light this blue color, which by the way this chakra five at the throat is a beautiful bluish color, blue light in the auric field of the light body. So when most human beings are working out of their solar plexus or out of their third dimensional consciousness, their color if you will, their color spectrum is going to be a muddy gray orange color. So now we're looking at the vibrational scale when you think of the music of the spheres it's very much the lower to the higher octave system. And understanding the colors of the chakras this is the density that goes into higher more refined vibrating pattern. So in the chakra system we see the red energy is the first chakra, which is the base it's very dense and heavy. And we move up the music and colors of the spheres, all the way to the top of the crown chakra, which is an ultraviolet color. So we can see the transmutation of the density as we move up the chakra column and this is exactly what you do when you're in a group.

So say you walk into a room of 20 people and some are in the their third chakra, some are in their fourth chakra, we've got some people in their heart energy. You walk in there and in the group energy there is an average. So let's say the 20 people now are averaging somewhere around 4.25, meaning there in the fourth chakra and or just a little bit above. Now you walk in there with your fifth chakra vibration and what's going to happen is that everyone in the room is going to equalize their energetic vibration in order to accommodate your vibration. And what happens in the Law of Harmonics is that which is in the lower spectrum will attempt to attune itself to the higher spectrum. Now how does that happen?

It happens by connecting to your energy and vibrating at that level, which again may make you feel drained because you've walked in to harmonize a group space of energy of people. And now your vibration has been taken lower, while their vibration has been taken higher in order to equalize with your vibration. Now it's important to be clear that in any group setting, that is just the way that it is. Do not take it personally don't make yourself wrong because of your sensitivities. There is a neurological issue in terms of your sensitivity, but it is also understanding the energies and how they work. Learning how to protect yourself and create boundaries within your energetic field, so you understand how to insulate and hold the sustaining source of your own spiritual God source light within and for your purposes of nourishment. Nourishing your soul purpose nourishing your creative powers, which by the way are many.

I do want to briefly say that you are an artist and whether this has been cultivated or not, I want you to understand that you have a tremendous creative potential and artistry. And that that creative level of your artistic pursuits needs to be cultivated at some point, when you can because you are artistically gifted and can produce profound and inspiring expressions when you are allowed to let that express. So in assisting you I just wanted to give you that feedback that you have a massive creative and artistic expression that at some point in your life is going to want to be expressed. And even though in the first part of your life you have had some learning around finances and values and responsibility with money, as you come into a greater personal power with your experience this will even out. A lot of this is just experience you have got to live it. The things that you're here to do and be cannot be learned from a book because they are not intellectual mediums. What you are in the process of doing is you are gathering pieces of truth pieces of knowledge that gel into a cohesion that becomes an experience for you.

This is how we go through the process of evolution of embodying our truth, in coming into the truth of our experience. It must be experienced as a reality rather than intellectual knowledge. And again that's what you're doing you're going through the processes to learn how to experience physical matter to master the third dimensional realm. Which is about mastering the realm of ego so you can transcend this, and to again perform the inner alchemy of this polarity merging that you're doing, and to assist through the various levels that you're here to contribute to.

Physical Support Requirements

So the next thing I want to talk about a little bit is your physical body. Now there are some things in your physical body that I would really want to support you in strengthening. There are some patterns that are genetic inherited and a part of your childhood, that creates some health issues for you and some immune weaknesses. There is a tendency to have allergic reactions, now whether your body is congested or not I'm not sure, what I'm seeing with you is that your body has consistent allergic responses to some things in your diet. But there is something related to your lungs and what you breathe in, whether it's toxins or environmental things that you breathe in. You tend to have allergic responses or inhalant allergies. It's when you inhale something maybe pollen or something in the air and have an allergic response to that. Now this is what I'm seeing is you tend to have inhalant allergies and this affects your liver your eyes and your skin. Now these three areas I want to help you to learn how to protect these areas and the first thing I'm going to suggest is that we work on tonifying your blood.

Now what I'm feeling is that you are not getting enough oxygen in your bloodstream. And again toxins or antioxidants are in the blood or in the body and the lymphatic system, which tends to be our garbage disposal system. Our lymphatic system is made up of nodes that carry out microbes and toxic waste and things like that. So what I'm seeing is that due to the allergic responses your lymph system is never getting a rest. Because your lymphatic system is always congested and trying to work to heal to get out toxins or microbes which is directly related to your immune system.

So I want to hold focus for this here in supporting your immune system supporting your blood and supporting your brain and nerves. These are your big issues now in terms of the allergies and some of the toxins that I'm feeling in your body. My suggestion and what again I would like to share with you is I'm going to send you a quantum report just for a basic benchmark. Then you can make a decision about possibly getting assisted with a naturopathic homeopathic practitioner that can assist and help in clarifying and detoxing your system.

What I'm telling you, is that in following your own guidance I feel that you would benefit greatly from cleanses and detoxes, because your body is at a level of overload right now. And that doesn't help with everything else going on in your life. So supporting your body supporting your blood supporting your liver is about cleansing and about nourishing your blood. Now I'm going to give you some suggestions. I know that you are in the UK so these will be things to just give you a sample to start with. But you may want to actually look for a homeopathic or naturopathic person that can help counsel and guide you personally on a detoxification cleansing and a foundational wellness system of supplements that really support the nourishment of your body.

And again the highlight is supporting the immunity through your blood your liver your eyes your skin, your brain and your nerves these are the issues. The allergic response that you're having is the hypo adrenal thing, and the adrenal stress is coming from the stress of the allergies. So again what I'm feeling is that if we work to clear out the toxicity and we let the liver have more room. Because what happens with congestion and a way to understand this is that your body is overloaded and it's looking for ways to release this overload. So what happens is when the liver, which is our main detoxification organ cannot actually handle the toxicity load any longer what happens is it starts depositing toxins in the skin. And the eyes can become runny and teary and you have eye issues. So what I'm seeing again is that there is an allergic condition and in order to dissipate and support your body to alleviate those allergies at the physical first, is assisting in clearing the liver and clearing the blood. And a naturopath or homeopath can help you do that and possibly you can even explain to them you've had a quantum scan and let them know your objectives.

So I'm going to be the one giving you the spiritual homework and pointing you in the various directions and I'm very clear sweetheart that this is massive change in your lifestyle right now in understanding a lot of this. And again your goal is to hold the balance and integration between all of the components of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually now. I don't want to overwhelm you with a ton of information so take it at your own pace. I'm sure I will email you quite a bit of info. However where the first part of this starts is with a daily commitment to some kind of technique or exercise that is protecting your energy field. Because the first thing we need to do is to assist you in not being psychically sponged or psychically attacked, by energies that you haven't mastered or fully understand yet. And to learn how to hold your power in your body so that you are not parasitized like you have been, which has created energetic drain in your field.

One thing I do want to tell you though is that in the quantum scan your physical resources are fine. So again I'm feeling that we are having this session now because your guidance is giving you the information you need now, to begin to make subtle changes to help this accommodation of your lifestyle. And to support the foundation of your physical body so that you can handle more and more energy. It is important to know the physical body needs to be aligned to handle these higher vibrating energies of the physical body. It's almost like what's happening is it's time to build the spiritual foundation of the house in a very strong way, because you're going to be taken to another level and that's going to include the care of your physical body.

The physical body needs care right now and just as the spiritual body has been getting attention the physical body needs attention right now. So I am absolutely supportive of your fitness regime because anything that is keeping you sweating and moving is extremely important for you right now. So in integrating physical movement where your body sweats is extremely important in moving static energy and keeping the lymphatic system moving, because you have a tendency to have congestion in your lymphatic system, which again drains your immune system and makes you feel tired sometimes.

Highly Intellectual Mind Pitfalls

Also there is a process now that is possibly important for you to understand, because it may make it a little smoother if you understand this. And that is that you're holding an extremely developed mind that is coming from the Annunaki level of consciousness. And again like all human beings what that just means is that there is a binary mind that is part of the third dimensional system. The conscious brain and that conscious intelligence of what I call the Annunaki or the Nephilim consciousness is a binary process which is polarized. So the reptilian brain tends to think in black and white, either or, yes no. And that is a function we can see at work in most human beings because we've been educated out of our creativity. And of course not understanding creative resolutions and alternatives we tend to be robotic in our programming. And it's like black or white there are no grey areas we tend to think this way now.

Sometimes you have a little sneakiness and that mind comes in and I want you to be aware of that. Because it is time for you to be aware of your multidimensional nature, your multidimensional brain and intelligence and that means the creative potential of you being expressed. Which is not a thought process or function of mind. What this means is that you are learning to shift from 'doing' more into 'being'. Practice being, practice observing, practice the moment of now, this is critical for you right now because you are attempting to merge and to bring in more of that female energy that balances the male energy within you.

Again understanding all principles of creation are based on the masculine feminine principles. The physical body of the human being, whichever gender you are the right side is the masculine which is the electric or electron portion of the body, and the left side is the female magnetic or the proton structure of the body. Your body is attempting to balance more of its female energy it's proton structure, so what that means is that it is time for you to learn to practice less mind, less thought analysis and more being in the creative potential of that female energy. The female energy is the creative intelligence forces and it is inspired into being, from being-ness. So practicing observing and the being-ness, learning to not be addicted to thoughts addicted to needing to know. Allowing yourself some time to practice the power of presence in the moment of now, is highly critical for your success at this time in releasing some of the stress and anxiety that you may have felt over the last months.

Now the neck and the shoulders are all about the ascension doorway and the massive openings of the eighth and ninth chakras, which are all around the back of the head. So literally what's happening is that you are feeling those levels of the body. They tend to be the areas that are blocked in humans. And earlier actually when I was scanning you I was feeling as spinal adjustment, specifically in Atlas adjustment might be helpful. I'm feeling that an Atlas adjustment would really help move the energies that are attempting to come from the center of your Hara Line and out the top of your head. I will send you some information on Atlas adjustment. I know you are in the UK so will have to manifest whatever is needed.

But once you're aware and set the intention, again ask your guidance and spiritual support systems to bring in all of healers and support needed, and that which prepare to strengthen your body into the next level of your development and you are spiritual truth. So again at this time you are learning, you are gathering information and it is now time to add the next level of your awareness, to your stewardship and your energetic responsibility. And that is to apply the discipline of this awareness and knowledge into the practical application in your third dimensional life. And that is your task at hand now.

Closing: I hope that this has been clear and that you have received benefit and clarity through this. It is with deep love and gratitude, I thank you so much, for being here and for what you're doing. It's an amazing project and I've been honored to bear witness to that here today. I will be sending you lots of different information to help integrate this session, but again in love and blessings, I thank you so much for this opportunity. Thank you. [1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions 10-7-2008]

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