Brain Social Memory Complex

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September 2012 Meditation

Brain Social Memory Complex

This meditation is purposed for clearing the collective human social memory complex from its leakages and influences that reinforce of damaged circuitry located in the 4th Brain circuit and complex. The fourth brain circuits are the collective race circuit, connected to the astral layer influences. The rebuilding of foundation as a society is imminent and the circuitry that supports that foundation is within the social complex of the brain and neurological circuitry that relays that level of intelligence of the human social complex to the perceiver of consciousness. If this circuit is negatively orientated or traumatized, traumatic experiences will continue to be involved in the damaging or abusive relationship, mating or sexual circuit and feed into the various systems in the planetary architecture that have been used to collect this energy form the collective race circuitry, those systems are called NRG grid and Victim Victimizer software. If this circuit is positively orientated or has been cleared or moved from repeated emotional and other ancestral and collective human race clearing, one is able to experience the sensation of nurturing, caring for children or maternal related instincts which are balanced in accordance to the laws of natural forms, therefore the natural laws of God. Social networks and the ability to be concerned with ethical and spiritual values intrinsic to the nature of the human being, start to become of value and priority as a way of life. Integrated brain function is empathy and kindness towards others. Integration time may be necessary as this is an ongoing sleep state program.

TAGS: Clear Collective Pain, Correct damaged circuitry, 4th Brain healing, Astral clearing, trauma and pain clearing, Victimizer archetype clearing

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