Breaking Bondage Loops

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July 2013 Meditation

Breaking Bondage Loops

This introduction meditation is intended to greatly support the reintegration and wholeness for the inner core spiritual being through breaking personal and ancestral hidden spiritual bondage loops. Through accepting Gods love for us, which is accepting love in ourselves, and asking the right questions, this exercise is to help identify hidden personalities in the unconscious, or split personalities (alters) that have resulted from personal trauma and abuse. Alters may split from the mental body in order to protect the body or spirit when forced into survival mechanisms brought on through trauma and abuse. Alters may have demonic spirit attachments from their painful wounds. This exercise is suggested for repeated use to discover and explore hidden parts of the psyche in order to reclaim memory that has been hidden through “amnesiac barriers”. Amnesiac barriers are created by personalities to “wall up” and contain certain spaces in the body to protect the person from pain. This exercise is designed to identify and cast out any deceiving spirit or demonic essence that may have been trapped or bound to parts of wounding that has occurred in the physical, mental or spiritual being. This is designed for repeated use as necessary to open dialogues with aspects/alters and focus on deeper and deeper healing issues safely. It is suggested to listen to the July talk on Spiritual Bondage as a primer to this exercise.

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