From Ascension Glossary

Fixed star Capella, Alpha Aurigae, is a 0.1 magnitude white star marking the goat carried the Charioteer, Auriga Constellation. The traditional name Capella is derived from the diminutive of the Latin word capra which means Female Goat, thus Small Female Goat, or Little Goat. Fixed star Capella is of the nature of Mars and Mercury. It gives honor, wealth, eminence, renown, a public position of trust and eminent friends, and makes its natives careful, timorous, inquisitive, very fond of knowledge and particularly of novelties. The name means Little She-Goat. Sometimes called Amalthea in honor of the nurse who reared Jupiter upon the milk of the goat.

Capella is one of the 15 Behenian Fixed Stars. Its image is a man playing musical instruments. It makes the wearer honored and exalted before nobility and cures toothache. Rules sapphire, horehound, mint, mugwort and mandrake. Capella rules the 7th Vertebra from the top of the spine (Seventh Cervical) in the human body.

Capella is the main star in constellation Auriga (the charioteer), Alpha Aurigae means “little goat” or “goat star” called so because “the goat” carries “the charioteer” on her left shoulder. Capella also has a Mercury-Mars nature. The Mercury properties are more evident, and show in love of learning, studiousness and interest in research. These properties are accentuated if Capella is connected Moon, Mercury or the Ascendant.[1]