Changing of the Guard into Energetic Responsibility

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Themes: holding Silicate Matrix, redemptive vehicle contact, gift of neutral observer awareness, leaving guru modeling, Twilight Masters, changing of the guard mid-2008 into energetic responsibility.

Excerpt: The challenge we have at this particular time of course is very few human beings have any clue that we are going through a huge evolutionary cycle right now. And then of course there are mind controls and lots of psychotronics and manipulations that are also underway, where people are being either made sick or kept in the dark, not educated, there is disinformation. So it's a really interesting game were playing right now, but the challenge is nobody knows it's a game and that it's going to be critical in the vibrational choice of the future direction of the human race that's happening right now.

Ending Redemptive Vehicle Missions

So beings like your self with this particular configuration are just being able to be supported in this consciousness now. And to be quite honest with you, nobody knows what this is going look like we just know that it's time for us to turn the light on at an even deeper and larger level. And given your redemptive vehicle contract, because in many ways since you were born you have been like the sacrificial lamb or the redemptive vehicle and this has to stop now. It is now time for you to move into the embodiment of the revelation rather than the redemption, and this is a part of the shift of the consciousness agreement with the planet. It's also understanding that there were reasons for you choosing that having to do with needing to have a direct experience that helps you to see the deep underbelly of this hologram.

We had to have multiple levels of experience and very intense experience, because a part of what the Christ consciousness does as a polarity integrator is create alchemy. So it's like understanding when you came in with your monad avatar consciousness and you're the one prism of that light in the body, you were being dipped into the vibrational density. And your being your body, literally the function of your body was to transmute and shift that density field into a higher vibrational tone. So that's with the redemptive does it's like you take your consciousness and you dip it into the sea of gunk and you start path-cutting, you start alchemizing it. Because again the only way we can shift the energies and perform the transmutation through alchemy is through the embodiment and that's what the redemptive vehicle is.

So that was your choice and that was a part of what was agreed upon in the blueprint and what I'm feeling is that now, that has come to a level of conclusion and purpose with the way it's been employed. And it's important to understand that your particular configuration in who you are and what you are, is a feedback loop to a group consciousness which is a part of what I call our Avatar families, the Avatar of Ascension. These are the families of consciousness, which beings like your self and my self have been derived from in terms of what we're holding as a part of our galactic memory. Is non-dual consciousness it means it's beyond the time space polarity, it is a field of unity.

So understanding what happened in this hologram is all the way down to the particle level, is all the way down to the physics of creation. Understanding that the bodies and this hologram are electromagnetic, and we understand through the principles of creation everything is masculine feminine and then the fusion of that brings creation. So its male-female and then the creation is the Christ child. So at the particle level the electron is male or electric and is our right side of the body. In the holographic light body the right side is male and it is electric, the left side is female and it's magnetic. And then the electro-magnetic has a charge of opposites, the poles of opposites of the electro-magnetic create the polarity that we experience in this particular reality as a dualistic and separative system. Now Christ consciousness is a neutral field. So you take the electric and the magnetic and you shift the rotational axis of how those particles are interacting with each other.

Embodied Imprint Silicate Matrix

Holding the silicate matrix as you do, you are able to access the function of that intelligence of holding neutrality. And I don't know when you had the moment when you understood that that was different. Because when you have an experience of yourself that way you just assume everybody must feel that or have the capacity to do that. But you start to learn that that is not the case. So this is where we start to understand the interesting dynamic that genetic material and the quality of the genetic material, has a direct relationship to the quality of consciousness. So the interesting thing about someone like yourself with your code and your configuration and your agreements with the earth, is that when you were born you brought with you the potential of activating observer and witness consciousness.

And it became a natural part of who you are, it's not something that you were attempting to make happen it just was there. And that is part of understanding your genetic material. Because as easy as that is for you it is almost impossible for the majority of the other human beings that have damaged DNA and are not activated in that way. It doesn't mean they can't reach that, it doesn't mean that they can't participate and heal themselves. But again the operative word here is participate. If you don't participate in this then you don't understand what the quality of consciousness is or isn't. Because you're not having an experience of it, it is just an intellectual system of belief.

Very similar to why religion has been such a popular mode of control, because from the Founder perspective, which I find really fascinating and of course feel a great resonance and agreement to. Their position is the human body is extremely damaged. Now why? From their position it's damaged because in this density the human being walking around cannot experience it's consciousness, it doesn't know what it is. It doesn't know how to connect to it it doesn't know about it's soul or other levels of intelligence that it has. And because it can't experience itself as a consciousness, it then can become severely manipulated through the mind control of the intellect. Because if you can't feel God if you can't feel consciousness, then all you have left his belief. Like I guess this feels right? And as you and I know the dark energies that have used control down here to suppress consciousness have been rather brilliant, because they take a seed of the truth they take a seed of the light, and they distort it.

So the person is feeling the memory of oh my God, I can feel something that feels right here, like something here feels right. What happens unfortunately is because they have not been taught to understand their light body and their consciousness and that their empowerment is within them. They haven't learned how to cultivate the higher sensory perception which really is the language of the divinity. It's not a mental thought form it's a feeling sensory process it's a direct cognition or in your case observer. So if you don't know what observer consciousness is then you just don't know it until you know it. You don't know what you don't know, because you're only experiencing what you experience as yourself.

So just as a distinction to understand that that function in yourself that experience of consciousness that you are, is a function of the Christ consciousness. That is what that is it's able to observe and unify all without having a judgment or a value or anything. It's able to see all sides of things and synthesize into a higher truth and that is a part of the polarity integration process. So with you doing this, in some cases what's been happening is you have been of service where they send you out with spiritual facilitators or those that are responsible for our group consciousness.

Twilight Master and Ending of Gurus

Because one of the issues that happened in the last 20 years especially is the phenomena of guru disciple, and the phenomena of the Twilight Master. Which means that the person doesn't know what they don't know yet and they don't know how to hold the field they don't know how to hold the container and they don't realize the responsibility energetically to that container. And a lot of chaos and drama and whatever, can ensue from that. And so we're moving into a level where the wisdom is necessary in order to hold the space. And the lack of congruency and the lack of connection with your spirit at an internal level, it's not that it's not going to be tolerated as if it's a judgment, it's that the new energies wont support it.

In the last 20 years there were a lot of beings that may have had very good intentions to be of service, but didn't have the wisdom. They were in the love and light syndrome they were in the first pieces of it. This next cycle this galactic cycle is moving beyond the planetary consciousness light-working field and is going to require this new level of understanding. Which is about the energetic responsibility and accountability of holding a container understanding your impact in a group field and being disciplined in the direction and focus and attention of your consciousness period. If you're going to be holding the space this is required, whereas before there was a lot more leeway. Because again a lot of the healing and spiritual facilitation relationships are cathartic, it's like healer heal thyself. You have a lot of people out there doing modalities in healing and a lot of it is about healing themselves first.

Change of Guard to Empowerment Teachings

So the issue with you darling is that because of this level of consciousness that you have in moving into this next space, that a part of your role is helping to support the leadership if you get my meaning. We are moving into a changing of the guard. And what we're talking about is something that many of the beings that have been in this space are having a really hard time with. As an example if you have been one of these metaphysical New Age "gurus" whether you call yourself that or not. As you and I know even if you don't want to be one people don't want to be in their power and they subvert their power all the time and they put you on a pedestal. And this is the way it works it's a very difficult situation to be in because no one wants to accept their own power, from themselves. And so really almost everyone coming up right now we've got to shift to empowerment teaching, true empowerment teaching without codependence.

So what's happened is because a lot of these spiritual leaders and beings don't understand how to do that, they are being corrected right now and they don't understand why. The issue is not coming from your a bad person or a judgment thing, it's not about that at all. It's about these beings that have these multi-million-dollar foundations based upon spirituality and whatever has gotten out of whack is being seen. There's a level where the integrity and the congruency of the truth is now distorted. And it's not about money being bad it's about becoming a machine. Because we're all about resources and abundance, but this is about understanding the abundance is sourcing from God it is not sourcing from the machine that you're creating through this marketing madness. So what we are seeing now is this strange machine that's cropping up under the guise of spirituality and it's not bad. But in many cases I notice the people behind it aren't understanding what's being required or asked of them, it's like we are brainwashed.

I was looking at someone a spiritual teacher and looking at the marketing program like okay is this a toaster or an appliance? Like what are you selling, what is this? This doesn't feel in integrity to what the congruency of the energy is. And I know that it is not on purpose the person isn't doing this out of malicious spite or something. But the thing is that there is a third dimensional mental projection that is really off base with what the core congruency and the integrity of the light is. This is not easy by any stretch of the imagination and it's not for me to judge, it's not about this at all. But it's knowing we've got to change, we're being required to change and move into a higher level of understanding and wisdom and integrity and congruency. We've got to be really vigilant in keeping our own egos in check. And as long as we are embodied in the physical we are going to have a personality program that has an ego, so you cannot ever say you're beyond that. Because as long as your embodied it's there.

So at every level there's an opportunity to temper that level of your personality program, because as you and I know the higher you go up on the rungs of the ladder the greater the fall. So the issue is as you are going up the rungs to be really vigilant and aware of at least having the intention of holding a pristine level of that congruence to your spirit, and doing your own kind of homework and spiritual housework as you're moving through that process. What I notice is that many of the believe it or not, spiritual leaders and facilitators don't know the first thing about personal housecleaning. And it is baffling to me absolutely baffling.

So my darling I think that's your role and this is coming online. I want you to be clear about the timing of this and why. Even though a lot of what you've been doing may have been un-credited and un-acknowledged for what it is. Because the issue is you were there to keep them on track. You were there to learn and exchange but you were also changing the field. So understanding the function of you with this genetic configuration that you are, is something very similar to "what the bleep" and the quantum information about the double slit experiment. Did you ever see that? Okay, well it was where in science they were empirically able to prove that a light photon changed its mass or shape based upon whether it was observed or not. And this is exactly what your function is when you are somewhere wherever it is there's no accident you're there. And by observing and holding the space you are changing the timeline of events that would be possible or not possible, with you not being there.

Now this thing is hard to explain because to a certain degree everybody has that as a part of consciousness, but it's important to understand that not everybody interfaces with the consciousness fields like this group does, like your consciousness group does. And it's not about value difference again it's about the physics of the consciousness. It's like understanding a being in their spiritual body that hasn't gotten beyond the planetary forces of the materiality they are not interfacing with galactic energies, they are not interfacing with avatar energies. And it's not about judgment it's about physics and the neurological system. Their genetic material would blow up if they were actually plugged into it. So it's like understanding that you came from somewhere else and you brought this with you and it was in order to help this planet move through a very dark age by keeping this possibility and frequency and consciousness and its coding and its field alive here. Because if we didn't do that it would cease to remain a possibility.

Inner Sustainability vs. Vampirism

That's really what's happening with us it is beings like yourself and myself that are being groomed for this level of the changing of the guard and helping to support the emerging leadership into this change. Because these things that are somewhat obvious to us are not obvious to them, like the observer ability. And it now requires we walk our talk now. We can't show ourselves as one thing and then behind the scenes be something else, that's the incongruence. People have to learn how to be sustained from the inside and this is a concept for now because most people don't know what that means.

But the training is again just by starting to understand that the more dependent you are on the environment and the external the more vampiric you are. you become parasitic to the external. Because what your doing is you are requiring an outcome in order to serve some idea you think is the truth or right. Or I need to make X amount of money. All of these things are belief systems that are being fed on a requirement that the universe work in a certain way for you. And what we are really being designed to do is to be complete vessels of the clear light child of God and understand that this source is the intelligence of the natural harmonic arrangement of things. We don't need to do that we're not manifesting from our mind like we think we are.

The manifestation of consciousness is literally allowing that force of consciousness to be your embodiment and it's very different than the mental projection of something. Like saying I'm going to mastermind this manifestation and bring this into my life this. This is the beginning stages of enlightenment and that is what the beings in the planetary level are doing, with the law of attraction and "the secret. These are all third dimensional games of consciousness being played they're not about understanding the level of consciousness working through you, from an unattached view. And it appears that this piece that were discussing is the new cycle that we are just coming into now, and again according to them I mean this just began in mid-2008. So we're like brand spanking new in this one. And so this new cycle is just starting to shift and emerge and then that means for us this level of family, and this is our cue now. Were going to be stepping into that role but the interesting thing about it is that delineation between the old energy and the new energy. Which is very much in all of this spiritual or human improvement that whole thing that is emerging right now. (question...)

So I don't know what your thoughts are on that in terms of your own body of work but does that resonate, can you kind of feel that? Like the energetic influence of your own transmission that is going to make it your own flavor? But if we were to look at the broad strokes of it it is around such themes of energetic self-mastery, planetary stewardship or leadership, spiritual housecleaning. Learning how to be sustained in your own source and understanding the difference between inner sustenance and outer, and needing something on the outer to feed you. These are learning observer, how does one learn observing consciousness? How do you help people understand how to get there? By disciplining the mind.

So really its energetic self-mastery, because people don't know how to clear themselves, even just a basic tool of learning how to clear. (question...) Describing that every thought and emotion is a thing. It has a consequence to you. Now when you run out into the environment and you are absorbing mass consciousness goo are you letting it influence you? Are you able to understand where the impulses of your thought processes are sourcing from? Are you allowing your mind to be on autopilot and just accepting whatever impulses come to you? You know what it means to be an observer and this is a big piece of this, and most people can get there but they need a pathway, they need a roadmap. I think if you give them a roadmap.

And again one thing I've noticed is that what you and I are at a certain level has been unpopular up to this point. Because the New Age has been selling BS of whatever you want to hear. But what's happening now is that we now have an audience because people are starting to see it's not passing the sniff test and they're not getting the results. When they sit there and mastermind 'I'm going to make $1 million this year" because so-and-so told me I was going to. They're starting to see that there are some holes in the methodology of what they've been sold. And I'm seeing most people now are getting to a point of desperation where they want to know the truth. Because what's happened up to this point is everything was so glossy and marketed over, everyone just wanted to be fed BS.

So the issue with you and I honey is we are delivering the facts this is it. And you're either going to take it and use it in a positive way that empowers you or you are not. And I think what's happening is there are more people that are seeing the smoke and mirrors and saying just give it to me straight for God sakes. I just wanted it straight just give it to me straight. Honestly I think that we had to wait until this time for this because honestly a couple years ago even, people did not want to hear this. It's like people will pay you thousands of dollars to tell them your going to meet your soul-mate or your twin flame, and this is going to happen and bla bla. Just tell me what's going to happen, right.

But they don't want to be disciplined to know what it's going to take to be a balanced integrated and happy human being, and that it is their responsibility. So this is the core of getting to the energetic strokes of the body of work that you're here to do that's what it is. And honestly a lot of it my darling is going to be just sharing experiences that you know to be true it within yourself. Because what it is, and you'll notice a difference, there are those beings that recite by rote from an intellectual level or from a book or information that they have read, and they are like a talking head. And that's not who you are because you are a being that is embodying this at an experiential level. That's all you have to tap into and you're going to have a captivated audience, you're not going need all the other stuff. (question...)

Persecution Complex

This I think is where the pedals going to hit the metal, because the conflict with your own personal freedom and the commitment to responsibility is a part of this transition you are in right now. Because the redemptive vehicle experience is very much about the Persecution Complex, because we have been pounded down here with this. And this has not just been this particular lifetime, there's a memory that we have that is not pleasant. And it's almost like coming to an understanding that this was not something bad or a wrong turn that we did it was a sacrifice we did make to support this planets evolution and to give humanity a choice in the matter, at the end of the cycle. Which is happening now. And the energies that were supportive to us, honestly they weren't here. And they couldn't be here that's why we embodied. We had to try to keep it alive in here and reach the end of the cycle and pray we woke up to remember what the heck we're supposed to be doing, and not to fall asleep with everybody else.

I think a lot of us, and quite honestly I went through this too, have this conflict and struggle. Because one thing that is inherent in my nature and probably your nature too, is the value of personal freedom and expression. It was very difficult for me to speak publicly and I had to go through a lot to do this. But really what it came down to and also they asked me, do you want to do this or not and they gave me two weeks. And it was kind of like I have no choice as long as I'm here I'm going to give it all I got. But it really was understanding that you're not going to leave here until you do this, because to me this is what you were designed to do. And now you're just in a really weird transitional period of in between, because everything you've experienced the way it's been programmed is starting to change, and you're trying to grasp that. That it's different now.

And I remember not wanting to stand up and get sliced in two. But it is amazing how protected we are now. Because I've been going through this for 10 years now and it's only resent that this is moved into another level of awareness and it's because it supported. And for the longest time I couldn't figure out why am I being underutilized. It was like there was no actualization into who or what I was and I was seeing beings around me get actualized and it didn't make any sense. And honestly it's timing, because I can see we're being supported and protected.

They are not going to send us out there unless there is a demographic support of consciousness and a population that is ready to hear this frequency. So I was being held back a lot for that reason just like you were. There is a time for this and it is like they are building the demographic support of the people in the population that are going to connect to the frequency, once you are in a position to deliver it. (question...)

Stewardship Potential

It truly becomes then about developing the level of communication and clarity within yourself where you don't have to be worried about that at all, because your energy signature is not that. A lot of what is going to happen through this is understanding the containment of your field the ability to hold the space as an equal, and that you're not playing the archetypal game of guru disciple. So you just state it over and over again. I mean for me it's a very similar model you have your mission statement that crystallizes who and what you are and what you're serving. Your authority is this, your authority is God everybody's authority is God.

Your service is an informational context and support of stewardship and empowerment it's not about any of those things. Because a lot of what has happened too is that most people don't know how to do that. They're creating a body of work but they're not creating a container for it. All of these things that were talking about in being able to interact with energy and the intelligence of that energy nobody's doing it. So it's time for you to get this in a format of some kind because this is the basis of your work that will translate out there. And the only way you're going to know it is to do test runs on it. Doing test runs and again I'm telling you sweetie it's going to show up. I can't even tell you how much this is your piece it's just about stepping into it now. Because what's happening is our presence with this field is acting as an environmental harmonizer.

Closing: Using some broad strokes of what my experience and template is, is going to have a lot of relevance to understanding where you're going or what the possibility of those choices if you decide to act upon them will be. The ultimate heroic probability, that means the highest expression of your actualization and what you wanted to achieve here, as a part of that expression is what you and I are discussing right now. The game plan has changed a lot from when we first incarnated in but the embodiment of this is definitely coming online now and this is it. Being able to embody this and to walk into it and then see the magic happen. And so we complete our session and exchange today, thank you so much. Sending you much love and gratitude.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions 11-11-09]

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