Christ Archetype Healing

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Cosmic Christos

April 2011 Meditation

Christ Archetype Healing

This treatment is designed to bring to the human collective unconscious polarity archetypes in the planetary body to the surface of your personal conscious awareness in order to witness them neutrally and release them from impacting your unconscious mental body. This is designed to release collective human miasmatic imprints influencing your body, as well as 7D Violet Flame recoding in order to clear crucifixion patterns in the human belief systems. Polarity integration and healing between the Cosmic Christ intelligences ( Living Light) archetypal patterns and the Judas/Betrayer ( Dead Light) archetypal patterns that are lodged in the mind control pattern of organized religions that propagate savior-martyr and crucifixion-salvation models. These religious doctrines are models that are complete on our planet and are still used to control the masses into the belief of old energy collective thought patterns of the sinner and savior. Intend to clear old beliefs of archetypes involving the pain and suffering of the Christ Intelligence, to a state of Unity, Freedom and Atonement with God Spirit.

TAGS: triple goddess, 7D violet flame, cosmic Christ, judas the betrayer, mind control, savior/martyr programs, crucifixion/salvation models

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