Clear Seed Fears, Slavery and Poverty Mind Control

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January 2017 Meditation

In this meditation we will address the causal timeline and the seed fears of slavery and poverty consciousness, as we clear these mutations and effects made upon our consciousness and human body. Prepare the Avatar of Ascension Shield activation to connect with the Krystal Star server and Aurora Re-encryption lattice. Beloved, we access the causal seed fear event in the timeline to terminate the reversal seed fear connected to genetic mutation of mind control slavery to poverty consciousness programming in first triad bodies and all of their interconnected matrices, continue to perform clearing on all higher mind matrices as god would have it be. Beloved holy presence Mother, reintroduced into our planet in the form of her Mother Arc, the first ray of causation in our Universe, the Cosmic Triad that represents the seed, the womb, the God seed of our creation which is the holiest presence of our Divine Holy Mother. Please align us directly into your heart, to your Sophianic body, to your Sophianic wisdom, which has been in the process of returning to this planet, to this Earth, to this consciousness which we again hold open our minds, our flesh, our body, our heart to be a sacred and divine vessel for the love of the Holy Mother presence as divine presence of God would have it be. Eviction of demonic spirits, clearing of seed fears, implants, artificial intelligence and alien constructs designed for brain takeover and mind control. (49:55 minutes)

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