Clearing Ancestral Miasma

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May 2013 Meditation

Clearing Ancestral Miasma

This meditation is intended to greatly support the strength of the core stabilization of the inner Tree of Life geometry as well as get to the base of long held ancestral patterns, ancestral miasma and clear its dead light imprints and residue from each of the 12 spheres of consciousness and their timelines. Calling upon the Celestine Fire and applying its sanitizing properties throughout each of the 12 spheres. Through each of the 12 activations we ask God Identify, Locate, Remove and Repair any Ancestral Identities and Ancestral Memories, including their dead light or miasma which need to be surfaced in our view to be completely dissolved and healed in the light of truth. The pineal gland is equal to the entrapped Father consciousness, so we ask the Cosmic Mother to return the Benevolent and Rightful Father to be in the seat of power within the Pineal Gland. Terminate all False King replication and its artificial architecture now – return the organic matrix of Father God through the Mothers command in heartfelt purest love and beauty. We claim divinity as in the truth of the Eternal Light by acknowledging your power, and release the Solar Cross from its burden in Orion. We are controlled by no other than the command of the highest one. The Revelation is at the Right hand of God, Our True Father.

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