Clearing Descending Serpent Fire

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Ascension Meditation - December 2014

Clearing Descending Serpent Fire

In this meditation we will address clearing of the negative development of the descending serpent Fire, or the Negative Fire of Luciferian Force that blocks organic tri-wave kundalini activation. The Negative Sexual Fire force is triggered from the coccyx downwards and is the negative fire which gave birth and gives energy to the predator mind of the negative ego. It is important to understand this construct as a false organ implanted into the human body tailbone that is energized and made strong through the abuse of Negative Fire. This false organ is also called Reptilian Tail, Satan Tail or Kundabuffer Organ. Its function is to feed energy to the construct of the predator mind and to synthesize lunar vibrations as a machined automaton body. It is the Predator mind construct or Kundabuffer organ that turns a human being into a little machine who captures and transforms cosmic energies, that his/her Unconscious Mind and Pain Body adapts these negative energies to be directed into the interior layers of the earth. This builds the chain of command in the lower hierarchies to flourish, such as Baphomet, Asmoday. and other satanic forces. The most common abuse of Negative Fire is to abuse ones sexual energies to feed the sexual misery slave and addiction programming. Abuse of sexual energy builds and strengthens the machine of the predator mind or the Houses of Negative ego to feed the flames of the Negative fire which in turn feed the Moon Chain Lunar Houses and Satanic Hierarchies.

If you have been severely sexually traumatized it is not suggested to use this meditation without having already been deeply committed to emotional clearing and sexual healing when recovering from Post-traumatic stress of sexual abuse. This is an advanced clearing so please proceed with caution and deep love and respect for your body. To proceed with this mediation it is suggested to ask your higher self if you are ready to continue with this sexual energy clearing in the form of asking Yes or NO. Beloved God and Christ Self, Is this the time and space for me to proceed with this mediation to clear my sexual energies for my highest good to unify with the Spirits’ of Christ? Yes or No? Register your Answer to Inquiry Now. Those that received NO, turn this meditation off immediately. Those that received yes, continue. Take A Deep Breath and Relax. Prepare for Meditation.

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