Clock Shield Template

From Ascension Glossary

Our bodies, were born with a 3rd dimensional clockshield template. A clockshield is literally like an alarm clock in our energy field template that has certain times, it’s almost like alarms that go off in our biology at age 12, age 22, age 33, age 44. These are cycles that are actually almost like alarm clocks, and they refer to this as a clockshield template. So when these clockshield templates go off in our physical biology, there are certain events and structures and things that happen in how we experience time. But also what our soul’s mandate was in terms of what we were here to experience. So, many of us can relate to this feeling, that an alarm clock has gone off in our body. We can feel that there’s something to do, but we don’t know what it is.


What is Ascension? Ascension Class 1 (2007) (Transcript)


… [controls] original blueprint and plans set for the body at birth … establishes the timeline of the souls’ experience. This is what keeps the consciousness and identity locked into the timeline so the soul can experience a linear progression of time … During this Ascension cycle this clock template will also be adjusted and the consciousness will experience re-spatialization to be reoriented into a new timeline of a higher frequency dimension. This moving through dimensions is synonymous to skipping into the future timelines.


July 2007 Newsletter

Term first found: Page 74, HGS Manual