Consent to Align with Cosmic Sovereign Law of One

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February 2017 Meditation

In this meditation we will intend to connect to the Universal laws and to affirm our intent, consent and authority to live in alignment to the Universal Laws, or the Cosmic Sovereign law of one. At any time agreements are made in the physical out of necessity, you can return to this meditation and dedicate to the purpose of aligning that interaction to the highest expression of Universal Laws, that exist beyond time. Now bring your focus to your higher heart center, the diamond seed of your inner permanent seed atom, intend to connect deeply with your higher heart center, and focus on the diamond seed within, feeling love, peace and harmony, within the crystal blue spark of light. Beloved God Self, and Holy spirit, please ignite in my deepest heart the word of God, I choose my divine right in the Law of consent to be a knower of the Universal Laws, through all my body, mind and spirit, I consecrate my life to be of Service to the One, in alignment with Universal Law. My intention is to be in full consent with the Word of God, the Universal Logos or Laws, and I request to dedicate all that I co-create in this realm to be guided in the authority of Gods divine will and the highest purpose for my life, in so that the will of God is made alive in all structures material or immaterial. (33:24 minutes)

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