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All actions have consequences, this is the Law of Cause and Effect or simply known as Karma. Everything we think and say and do has some level of consequences for ourselves and for others. Like ripples on a pond, our actions spread out and affect others as the consequence of our actions, because everything is interconnected.

We will not always foresee the consequences of our actions and trying to be 100% sure that we are doing the right thing 100% of the time will only lead to Mental Anxiety and chronic indecisiveness and self doubt. However, we can resolve to try to choose those actions that lead to true alignment with our inner core, and to avoid Service to Self actions and to intend to choose Service to Others actions that have more beneficial consequences for all. These are actions set upon with the intention to promote greater connection, unity and harmony for all involved.

Our intent, consent and authority is the key to align to our highest expression in the moment, and to act from the intention of Harmlessness.


When we decide, we can choose to act, and to accept the recommendations of others or otherwise in order to carry out some action. Whether or not to act is central to many decisions that we make in our lives. We have to consider how positive taking action really is given an accurate assessment of the circumstances. Non-action is a decision that we sometimes do not realize we are making, for example, this happens when we avoid making decisions or addressing a problem. When people ask us to do something, we may feel that we have to say yes from obligation, but in fact we can always create an appropriate boundary for ourselves and say no. Then we can consider the consequence of the agreement to carry out an action versus the consequence of the refusal.

Think about the action or decision you are being faced with, and think about what may happen and what will not happen as a result of your action.


When we take action, there are consequences. Things happen and ripple out to impact many seen and unseen events. These may be positive or negative results for us, and positive or negative results for other people. While we often focus on how things are impacting ourselves, the effects upon others can also be significant. Other people we usually consider in our decisions may include our family members and closer friends. We may also consider consequences for other people, even those we do not know directly.

Think about the consequences of the action or decision that you are being faced with. Think about the positive or negative effects that may be created as a result of the action you take. How will you or others benefit? How will you or others suffer harm or negativity?

Consequences of actions can have deliberate effects and they may be accidental, with short term impact or effects that happen later on. We often pay closer attention to consequences that happen in the shorter term, where there is clear cause and effect between the actions we make and what happens as a result of those actions. Consequences may also happen further out into the future, and perhaps it may be harder to track the causal relationship to the original action that set the consequence into motion to effect the future. When consequences are less clear and more distant then we may ignore or downplay them, which does not generate positive effects.[1][2]


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