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Conservation - Being able to discern the right use of action harnesses precious time and life force so that we can all be more effective and impactful in our lives. Cultivate the wisdom of knowing when to engage and when not to engage with others in conflicting circumstances or dramas. No person needs to justify their existence or choices to another person or really needs to care what other people think of them. Attempt to stay clear of emotional drama or emotional tantrums by not engaging with them. It means that you do not feed the drama to escalate into chaos or further disruption. Dark energies and dark forces use emotional drama to instigate schisms and chaos between yourself and others. Making all of us especially in this spiritual family less effective by scattering our energies and generating more confusion. When we learn to conserve our energy, it means we have a stronger focus and one becomes more effective and productive in their lives. When we learn conservation skills, we actually gain more resources and a deeper connection with our spiritual source. If we waste time and we waste energy, we reach an energy threshold that cannot be increased or circulated. This potentially drains us and therefore dissipates the positive influence and positive frequencies we intended to circulate back into the environment. When we are scattered with our personal energies, this makes us less effective and impactful in the world.

Consequence of Choice

All human beings are responsible for their thoughts, deeds, actions and behaviors, all of these are direct choices made by each person in the moment and will have direct Energetic Consequences. Whatever quality of energies we generate, take from others and distribute into the environment we are directly accountable for. The energetic consequence of our choices prepare our body to be resonant with or hold the same Vibration as a spiritual conduit, whether it is positive forces or negative forces. What we embody is what we allow ourselves to be in Consent with. Whatever kind of consciousness force we are in consent with (whether we know this or not), is the Frequency that our body and Consciousness is subjected to in the Natural Laws. The quality of spiritual force will have corresponding dimensional laws which govern the actions of that quality of that spirit.

Thus, it is in our highest expression to align only with those energies that are in alignment with our spiritual growth and help to develop and support Lightbody building.

Relationship Mastery Guideline

Relationship Mastery Guidelines is has nine basic steps and is a Service to Others method based in the Law of One and cultivating GSF Behavior, while reaping the mutual energetic benefits of experiencing more spiritual connection, and increased love and appreciation returning back from others to you. Without attachment or expectation this happens naturally when you follow some basic guidelines. In certain areas where we have asked for “spiritual growth” beyond anything else, we may have periods where we are undergoing deep testing to our personal truth and personal beliefs. Eventually we all are able to be in this world, yet not of it, and have fulfilling, loving and appreciative bonds shared with others, whether in groups or personal relationships.

Improving our Compassionate communication with others, improving our relating skills, personally and in group dynamics, is a skill set that will go a long way to serve your mission. With that in mind we set forth a few guidelines to remember when communicating with others or relating with others. The second step is Conservation of your internal energies and Consciousness as one learns to improve inner sustainability through consistently Expanding Consciousness.

Spirit of Conservation

The Spirit of Discipline is the same as the Spirit of Conservation and is what moves one from confusion to clarity in making accurate assessments in life circumstances in the effective direction and focus of one's personal time and energy. Personal discernment is a skill that is the result of the Spirit of Discipline. The behavioral imbalances, the Negative Ego mental disease, the broken systems, the disconnected automaton “machine” mentality are apparent in the 3D environment. Without a rudder, without direction, many people feel utter confusion in the midst of accelerating chaotic energies. Finding clarity from within this massive confusion requires awareness of negative patterns and their attachments and then the focused discipline of one's Ego/Personality to clear them from controlling one's behavior into impulsive and destructive actions. The Spirit of Conservation is the antidote to Gluttony and Waste. [1]

Conservation Ethics

Because of the challenging nature to penetrate the incredible obstacles, frequency fences and Mind Control that is placed to prevent this overall body of spiritual ascension information from being easily available to the masses, Conservation ethics and relationship mastery skills are critical to the success of protecting Ascension material to remain freely available from the clutches of infectious Negative Ego behaviors. Conservation ethic is a STO relationship mastery skill that anyone will benefit from learning how to apply in absolutely every area of personal lifestyle, all inter-relationships as well as the successful management of any type of energetic currency or resource. Ascension knowledge is an energetic resource that must be managed correctly, and as we step onto the pathway of spiritual development, we will be required to overcome dark resistance, at multiple levels. We cannot overcome that dark resistance unless we learn to conserve our life force and precious time and energy to direct our focus with clarity and purpose. We have to overcome our own fears of moving into unchartered and unknown territory as well as navigate the fears and judgments projected upon us by others in the environment. This can be some of the most painful emotional material to sift through, the incredible psychological, emotional and spiritual aggression one undergoes when progressing their consciousness and spiritual light embodiment. [2]

Living Harmlessly

As this planet is ending the waste of Consumptive Modeling and energetic vampirism architecture as directed by Dark Forces, to adapt to the shift, we will be required to develop energetic Conservation skills as well as learning the art of living harmlessly. Cultivate the wisdom in learning when to engage (or apply action) and when not to engage with others (allow) especially within conflicting circumstances. When neutralizing conflicts we can apply win-win scenarios of Compassionate Communication to which both parties are treated with respect, and the intention is harm to none. [3]