DNA Messaging to Cells

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Thus, this tetrad of Lunar Eclipses alter the magnetic field and magnify the Galactic Zodiac influence, the alchemical principle of the current constellation transmission into the planetary grid. Consequently, this alters the life force current that human consciousness takes on in order to come into manifestation on the planet. The recent altered frequency shifts impact the core building blocks of life and are running deep throughout our cellular biology. This frequency transmission is what changes instruction sets in the DNA messaging made to the cell. Cells use DNA for their long-term information storage and this "long term" cellular record is being newly updated in the planet. Therefore, this stimulates the body, mind and emotions into expressing different patterns and perceptions. We are undergoing deep change in the Mitochondria of the cell, which also directly affect the body's metabolic and hormonal pathways.

Currently, our lower three energy centers are being rapidly reconfigured with the main focal point being at the perineum, which is the root of our foundation. This highlights Kundalini awakening, unresolved Root Chakra issues of survival, safety and security, as well as Father-Mother archetypes, bio-family issues, sex, identity, and the quality of thought-forms running in the hard-drive of the 3D mental body. This shifts sensations in our deep ego identity and its core programming, which may feel disorienting. The level of disorientation will be felt relative to our stages of ego detachment, as our foundation connects with the latest architecture that now runs in both vertical and horizontal lines into the planetary grid. This recent Lightbody upgrade comes with increased fire element intensity and a harried pace to meet the next phase of the bifurcation cycle. This may give a feeling of urgency, crisis or alarm going off in our cells. Krystal Star teams have recently built sections of architecture for the mental principle of the Holy Father's Universal Law, which is the structure that governs the mind. This mental principle is a Law of Consciousness from a higher source code being made available to the planetary body. This allows the consciousness manifestation of Gods Law through its mental principle to return to the Collective Consciousness and become manifest in this world of matter.[1]

DNA Frequency Receivers

Frequency receivers in your DNA that allow you to accrete,absorb and hold new levels of frequency. They turn on in the initial Ascension Stages of the initiation cycle into new frequency. Every energy field and identity has an intelligence and Blueprint that it functions through. All energy holds intelligence signatures, or consciousness, which means one can learn to communicate with that energy field in order to receive vast amounts of intelligence. This intelligence is being accessed through the DNA Frequency Receivers of the spiritual blueprint and is perceived through the neurological system and brain receivers in the physical body. We can attune to this awareness to become highly adept at reading energy signatures by empowering ourselves to recognize the energies to harmonize versus the energies that are discordant, harmful, inorganic or alien and should be cleared out. [2]

Mitochondrial DNA


Mitochondrial DNA is only a small portion of the DNA in a cell; most of the DNA can be found in the cell nucleus. In most species on earth, including human beings, Mitochondrial DNA is inherited solely from the mother. Mitochondria have their own genetic material, and the mechanism to manufacture their own RNAs and new proteins. This process is called protein biosynthesis. Protein biosynthesis refers to the process whereby biological cells generate new sets of proteins.


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