Dead Influences

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Dead Influences relates to general issues that may be cleared due to the residue or imprints created from “dead energy” which is a static field, reversal field of blackened or blocked energy. In the HGS it is described that the living light current is moving and recirculating with the spiritual source light. Living light being restored and recircuited through the bodies energetic systems helps to remove “dead energy” and its dead influences (anti-life architecture) from deteriorating parts of the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies. At the core level, immense suffering always exists within the disconnection and/or interference between our body and our connection to our own spiritual energetic bodies and their source light. The state of disconnection and blockage to living source light generates a connection to lower energetic currents of “dead energy” which create dead influences in the bodies. When a living thing is blocked access to its source light, it gets sick, diseased, depressed and the DNA instruction set deteriorates rapidly which generates a “death code” or dead influences. The HGS may indicate a clearing of dead influences is required for the reconnection process to living light spiritual current.


HGS Manual, Page 88

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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 88