Deflecting 5G and Harmful EMF

From Ascension Glossary
Emerald Gold Templar (art by Sequoia)[1]

This is intended as an invocation to deflect energy weapons of 5G and higher devices and all harmful electromagnetic frequency.

Beloved Holy Mother and Holy Father, Beloved Christos-Sophia and all Guardians serving the Interdimensional Free World Councils, I place my statement to be recorded as evidence to the tribunals of the existence of genocidal agendas that include biological weapons directed to planet earth and Angelic Humanity.

I do not consent to the use of artificial technology frequency fences, and black box quantum super computing devices in the space fence transmitting beam steering technology that is directing harmful technologies such as 5G and higher millimeter microwaves to the people of this earth.

I do not consent to the destructive technological abuses that are being directed in assorted EMF spectrum of artificial frequencies targeting to the human race, to animals and nature, my family, and to myself. I command my right to co-exist in Natural Laws, and the right to own bodily integrity.

I call forth the Paliadorian family to place deflection devices on my Christos shielding, deflecting all 5G and higher millimeter microwaves, or any other artificial technologies, such as cell phone radiation use to damage my energetic field or any of my multi-dimensional consciousness bodies. Beloveds I pray and ask you to monitor my energetic field 24/7 and amplify these deflection devices when it is needed and necessary.

I ask for full intervention of the Guardian Krystal Star Host in Cosmic Sovereign Law to neutralize and prevent these harmful artificial technologies and their assortment of destructive frequencies from damaging my DNA-RNA, chromosomes, mitochondria and my consciousness and spiritual bodies.

We call upon our beloved Aurora Guardians, as well as the New Elemental Command and specific Devas of healing from the Crystalline ascended worlds to help us support electromagnetic-field balancing, to recalibrate, heal and align our consciousness and spiritual bodies, as well as all spectrums of electromagnetic frequencies in all of the layers, to be in attunement with the Divine Vibration and core essence of my authentic spiritual being at both individual levels and within the collective consciousness. Please remove and unplug any collective-consciousness programming, which interferes with my electromagnetic-field calibration, to align directly with my Avatar Christ.

Identify, locate, remove and repair, clearing and neutralizing any and all artificial frequencies that are harmful to my spiritual being, and designed to disconnect or split my consciousness layers from my physical body.

We ask to clear and remove any amplifiers and transducers for artificial-radio frequencies, Metatronic Reversals and related artificial-intelligence-frequency systems that are running black-box quantum, supercomputer networks for transmitting multiple input/multiple output beam-steering technology.

Beloveds, please remove and clear harmful effects of Radio Waves or radio-frequency (RF) energy that transmits and receives any voice or data streams connecting within our community, our homes, and our personal spaces. I terminate all artificial-frequency exposures of my bodies, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually that is assaulted by frequency bandwidths, such as 5G and higher frequency, and all 5G-advanced-signal-processing algorithms in this identity, for all dimensions of time, and space, and that extends to the home, residence, office and all of my personal spaces. I submit all 5G-frequency bands within the internet, Synthetic Telepathy, silent-sound technology, and related mind control and biological warfare frequencies to be immediately and effectively eliminated, terminated and neutralized from their harmful effects and impacts upon my body, my consciousness.

I ask my Personal Christ to run harmonizing, organic, crystalline frequencies throughout my Christos Shield and Lightbody that restore health and well-being, spiritual strength and communication links with my highest divinity in the authority in the name of God and Christ.

Beloveds, I consecrate all of my technological devices as consecrated and dedicated to my highest spiritual expression. Please run Krystal-Star algorithms through all of my personal computers, phones and devices that are required as a result of my interaction with the earth plane in this timeline, to be freed of harmful effects and freed of harmful artificial frequencies, now. I consecrate my devices as God, Sovereign, Free to be used as an extension of my highest-spiritual consciousness and personal mission, of service to others, terminated from covert and hidden attempts of infiltration and black magic, now. Beloved Holy Father, Simple-Triad-Sweep my computers, phones and electronic devices, now.

Beloveds, please correct my single DNA and double-stranded braids. Please correct oxidative damage, any tissue deterioration and premature aging. Please correct any disruption of my cellular metabolism. Please correct and strengthen my blood to brain barrier. Please correct melatonin production. Please correct brain glucose metabolism. Please correct any stress proteins that generate a disease state in my cells. STS sweep.

Beloved Holy Father, please remove all artificial frequencies and technologies designed to harm my body and Diamond Sun DNA from the impact of harmonic-resonance function of my bone matrix, my entire skeletal structure, and skull.

Beloved Holy Christos Sophia, please remove all artificial frequencies and technologies designed to harm my body and Diamond Sun DNA from the impacts of harmonic resonance in my skin and tissues, my entire skin, fascia and tissue matrix.

Beloved Holy Mother, please remove my body from any harmful impacts of these frequency nets meshed, originated inversion of my inherited biological-chromosomal functions designed to harm my body and Diamond Sun DNA from the impacts of harmonic resonance function and DNA-frequency receivers in my genetic record. Please clear all artificial frequencies, blocking or exposing within my complete DNA Diamond Sun body structure.

I am now fully protected. I am now fully supported. I am now fully aligned to my highest spiritual divinity in Christos Sophia, unified with my Holy Mother and Father throughout all identities, throughout all realities, now and always through infinite and eternal time. I Am that I Am.

Thank you God. Thank you God. Thank you God. And so it is.

(Thank you Laurie A. for the initial compilation)[2]


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