Diamond Heart and Diagonals

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White Diamond Sun Shield ( art by Elizabeth)

Like a cross hatch pattern, there are vertical, horizontal and diagonal intersections of the planetary grid network. In some of the larger networks such as in the main Dragon Lines and Stargates there are massive spinning vortex fields that are directed by a crystal diamond heart. The diamond heart is a crystalline network in the earth crust that gives the instruction set to direct the energetic frequencies running through the planet’s energetic circulatory system. This works exactly like a human heart by pumping blood into the veins and arterial system of the physical body. To receive Sophia into the earth, the diamond heart diagonal lines need to be turned back on and able to hold the high frequencies running in the Sophianic plasma shield.

In order to rebuild the crystal heart diamond network, the ley lines, dimensional bodies and their related structures have to be shifted to make way for the new sound bodies and sonic pillars, and to run the spark of 144 harmonics throughout the energetic currents in order to activate the diamond grids. That is what is transpiring now, a demolition of blockages and artificial grid structures that hold distortions in the personality layers, clearing out damage and waste products generated by miasma that had blocked the 45-degree angle position of the diamond grids. The debris and contents are being broken down into smaller consciousness units that are re-assimilated or transmuted out from these damaged grid areas on the earth. The result is collapsing false timelines and dissolving chakra membranes which greatly deteriorate the functioning of the 3D personality matrix. This phenomenon can be observed in public personalities or celebrities that may appear to be losing mental body coherence at a rapid rate, or other forms of sudden and apparent onset of physical deterioration.

The Diamond Heart or the crystal cluster networks of Crystal Hearts in the earth grid have been either artificially programmed, dormant or cut off since the negative alien invasion. The planetary circulatory system has accumulated massive amounts of dead energy and miasma that has been built up in its network and this eventually kills the crystal heart and the crystal seed existing within. This dead energy structure damages or crushes the permanent seed atom, it creates metatronic reversals when the heart is filled with dead energy. This is the blackened heart that exists in the planetary body and in some of the human bodies carrying the Black Sun template, this is called the Anubian Black Heart.

During the Ascension Cycle, the Guardian Host mission is to gradually support rehabilitation of the planetary grid network to conduct and transmit tri-wave fields, and as a result these central Diamond Heart hubs are systematically becoming more active or brought online. The planetary Diamond Hearts are systematically being reprogrammed with Krystallah coding and Sophianic sonic pillars that are able to transmit Cosmic Divine Mother frequencies back into the earth core, and circulate the Sophianic plasma grid on the surface grid for supporting the human lightbody.

Krystallah Sophianic Sonic Pillars

Since the beginning of this year, the Guardian host has been directing teams in the installation of Sophianic Sonic Pillars into many areas of the earth grid to run the Mother Stream into the earth. The Mother Stream comes from planetary Krystallah activation which opens a liquid crystal light stream of tiny crystal sparks that appear like mini pearlescent snowflakes floating into the hair line of the forehead and crown which circulates throughout the entire head.

This serves many purposes, most importantly it announces to the hierarchies in the earth and surrounding matrices that Cosmic Mother has returned and there is no stopping her from fulfilling the divine plan for creation. This architecture has allowed many of us to go underground into the phantom spaces safely and recollect our Cathar body parts, reassembling our Sophianic template through corrected sound wave patterns. This has largely contributed to Michael-Mary healing by finding trapped aspects in order to clear out negative forms and machined body parts that were used to capture their solar image into lunar reversals, that leads back to the histories of the Taran explosion event and collapse of multiple Stargates.

The evolution of the embodiment of the Krystallah female principle architecture has been producing “Mother Plasma Rings” around the diamond sun lightbody which link directly into the Universal Creatrix field and have a function of installing sonic pillars in the planetary grid for the purpose of correcting the inverted sound wave formations, collapsing AI timelines and anchoring Sophianic codes. The Cosmic Trinity connects directly through these plasma rings forming into sonic pillars that are creating new structures in time, adjusting the Cosmic Clock through the upgraded sound tones.[1]


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