Condensing Mental Belief Systems

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As the combined polarities merge with the forces of chaos on the earth, it can either radically expand one's consciousness or radically digress one's consciousness. Digression is defined without judging one's personal choice, yet noting the consequence of choosing spiritually abusive behavior, which completely eliminates the expansion of one's consciousness. When the quality of the Lightbody severely degrades along with consciousness, finally it decays upon itself with a lack of love and a lack of care. Like a house that becomes filled with termites over time from the lack of maintenance, attention and care, it starts to rot from the inside and the structure decays and collapse.

Thus, we will observe patterns in the Collective Consciousness condensing mental beliefs, which form into a variety of exclusive group consciousness reality bubbles. These many Reality Bubbles can be based upon philosophies of ego, religion, government, nations, science, medical, cultural and business, anything that shapes internal motivation into belief systems that are generated in the public. Generally it is collective belief systems, which slant the group's perception into shared Confirmation Bias to rally a cause or continue to enforce belief systems. In our ascension and spiritual communities this is an area to be hyper vigilant in, to avoid generating negative ego confirmation bias. Confirmation Bias is the way the NAA promotes media to influence beliefs in the public so they can generate chaos and mass hysteria around half-truths or deception. The Negative Ego confirmation bias in group reality bubbles, are quick to say what is right and what is wrong and to claim themselves as the rightful authority over others. These extremely rigid beliefs easily erupt into destructive power conflicts and volcanic emotional fury, which fuel all the Houses of Ego. Forgiveness, acceptance and compassionate understanding of how others feel are key. Through the Ascending or Descending realities all of these polarities must coalesce into a Group Consciousness, based on the group choice point, which further condenses into a measurable and narrowing broadband of fundamental frequency. Either the group consciousness reality bubble resonates with higher heart based motivations and beliefs of love, peace and unity or project the negative ego thought-forms of hatred, war and separation.[1]


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