Disease Booby Traps

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When you reach any level of expansion or liberation, there may be a Mind Control programming that is accessing the body's belief that it must grow the tumor or get the candida going, or whatever the physical issue is. This is a false and erroneous programming that you can terminate by using the HGS Template Physical Matrix Reconnection (See: Page 137 HGS Manual).

Disease Miasma

Miasma is a psycho-spiritual inherited distortion created by trauma, abuse, fear based belief systems and Soul Fragmentation which, over time, was genetically encoded in human DNA, and resulted in various forms of dis-ease or imbalance. These dis-ease patterns were then encoded and passed down in Negative Ego behaviors or DNA code from generation to generation from the genetic alteration made from the NAA influence. Levels of the passed down distorted or flawed DNA would result in a dissipation of the original form of the disease. The manifested diseased energy and its physical body pattern would sometimes skip generations. The dissipated energetic pattern (cellular memories from the Ancestry or Family of Origin) of the original disease would then manifest in future generations in lesser or hybridized forms.[1]


HGS Manual, Page 152

Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 135

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