Divine Right Order

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Abbreviation - DRO

Stating Divine Right Order essentially means the evocation of the true spiritual law to be made present in all that governs time and space, and through one's own personal intent and consent, one is choosing the authority of Gods Natural Laws to be made manifested within their consciousness and throughout their creations.

The delineation that is being made when invoking Divine Right Order is made through the statement, "not my will, but divine will", which is deferring to the highest expression that is possible in every moment. This also means the comprehension that the person that is asking for divine right order is acting upon their own Self-Determination, and the Law of Intent, to resolve the authority problem between the Negative Ego and the higher relationship they have with their inner spirit and God expression. It is a choice that is being made to relinquish ones personal control and will, releasing perceptions of needs and desires, with the consent to defer to the natural laws in Divine Right Order.

Church of The Creator

Divine right order is described as an instrument of affirmation which assists in co-creating in the image and similitude of The One Parent Creator Source. This vibrational harmonic, when spoken, resonates and sets into motion Cosmic Sovereign Law, Highest Truth and Justice for the whole of Creation; Unified Movement in at-one-ment to the Perfection of the Seed Atom of our Parent Creator; asking for Divine Wisdom in being the instrument that only the Highest Truth manifest in Love; shall allow only Truth to manifest, Justice reign supreme, and Love to bring forth Harmony, Liberty, Freedom and Peace, United in One.[1]

The above statement was adapted from churchofthecreator.com established in 1969, as a definition used for DRO in the June 2007 newsletter, The Trinitized Form. Divine Right Order is supplied by right of Universal Law, and has common applicability to all of humanity, in the heart based intentions and prayers said when evoking God's natural law to establish the highest spiritual expression for our being and life purpose.


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