Earth Core Seals

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October 2012 Meditation

Earth Core Seals

This meditation is purposed for activating and opening the Monadic earth chakra connections in personal lightbody and into the earth core. The Master Tone Keys are able to be “pinged” and then run through the appropriate personal energy centers. This meditation is the companion meditation to 3D SunStar Adjustment from January 2010. If you are guided please revisit that meditation as a companion to this evening’s meditation which when both are combined with a regular practice of 12D shield use, will activate new frequencies that completely change the configuration of the solar plexus or 3rd chakra. This is important for those persons who have mental body issues at the personality level, such as addictions, obsessions or mind racing problems. These two meditations change the configuration of the conscious mind matrix that exists within the 3rd chakra and will begin to bring forth powerful healing currents from the solar plexus. It is suggested that if possible to wear headphones with this meditation to amplify the tones used. Bringing attention to your Monad and earth chakra, that is 6 inches beneath your feet, you are working with a goldish light floating underneath your feet. This Gold light is your earth star and connects your lightbody and 1st chakra with the earth, through your monad, the eight dimensional level of your spiritual source light. This earth star holds all the dna strands imprints for all of the manifest in time identities and is a key point for re-patterning the entire core manifestation body patterns.

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