Embodying Solar Feminine, Sons of Fire and Sons of Clay

From Ascension Glossary


Themes: Embodying solar feminine, seeing lunar chains are mechanical dead light not animated by God, misunderstandings and wars over who gets animated by God, Sons of Fire and Sons of Clay, Luciferian Annunaki, Maldek, Earth as the Heart organ of the larger body circulating life giving blood God force, lunar and magnetic overlays being moved out.

Opening: We are memorializing our session today on the equinox. As we memorialize our session we ask beloved God beloved Mother our beloved families of light and of course our ever and omnipresent love Padmasambhava. Those that defend the truth sovereignty and liberation of Ascension our Guardian families that serve the One. Again as we consecrate and dedicate our space in our container today to the purposes of God, we ask for gatekeeping to extend and expand that which brings out the insight clarity and direction through God's spirit and action, our highest God purpose our individual and collective missions, and that which of course influences our families our communities and our service work.

Our intention is the crystal principle as an energy reality and we request our handshake hub to fortify our spiritual and communication links into the trinity of the God-head, the zero point. With deep the reverence for our Elemental Command through the Aurora families and God, we ask to breathe the living light of the Aurora re-encryption into all created forms. As we set our intention to be remembered to that which we are, we state our mutual purpose in oneness to be resurrected from any inorganic pattern, artificial pattern to be resurrected and transfigured into the organic living light now. And to that we say beloveds, thank you thank, you thank you.

It's interesting because certainly last time we connected there was a massive shift in awareness of understanding what not only the planet was going through but there seemed to be a specific emphasis on female configurations. More so like at metabolic levels, biochemistry levels, bio-resonance levels when we started to really understand the deeper implications of the lunar forces and that magnetic compressions caused by those lunar forces, as well as the mind control and frequency fences of that upon our bodies. And I'm feeling that today is another stage of that process, which I think is a mutual learning and consciousness process in being able to see or experience the change of the lunar nodes.

Solar Feminine

There is a sequence in its process which has a do with the ascension prototyping as well as understanding the solar Christ, that the Christ female is not lunar, it's solar. And our bodies are being returned into the energetic balance and alignment with the solar nodes and that seems to have different implications and Ascension Symptoms that we are undergoing at this time in the female gender. So in connecting with you today, I feel a 'solar sisterhood', as in the understanding that the solar feminine is currently being embodied, and that this particular part of the process has been something that has not been here on planet Earth. For a while, we have been receiving lots of hints and guidance that many of the things that we are having the opportunity to experience on the planet in the physical, at this level of density and the dimension of time, is that we are bringing in something new. I'm understanding that this is something that is incredibly new in terms of the solar return, in a literal sense, and that the lunar forces have been here a very long time.

So there have been stages in the precession with the Moon Chains and lunar forces, and how they have interacted with our world. So it's like saying that the Lunar Consciousness has been here for, dare I say it, but multiple millions of years. These lunar forces are not just interacting on our planet, because what I'm seeing when I look at the lunar force is similar to a construction of an architecture that connects directly to those lunar forces. When I look at planets, I see a web, instruction set of matrices. It would be almost like saying there's an instruction set and a morphogenetic field for planetary bodies. And when we think of the planet body and what the collective planetary blueprint is, we think of the planetary logos, which on this planet earth is a female principle. I'm seeing that the logo's from our planet Earth in this dimension has a complexity in how it connects through it's shared morphogenetic or instruction field, with other planetoid types of architecture. And I'm seeing the moons and the lunar forces have this also, like the moon's actual matrix has a completely different kind of architecture than a planetoid body, or solar body.

There is something about this moon body architecture and for whatever reason that architecture has been a part of something that you have personified through the individuation of that aspect. Meaning that in coming to the planet and incarnating, as we are here to embody certain principles and let's say that our representation is of universal principles. So it's like saying the body the physical self becomes the remote controller of the access to certain levels of being in the universe that we would not directly access on planet Earth. I'm understanding that through your presence and through your being there is, the best I could describe it, is like a remote control panel which allows an access into an architecture that is not accessible on planet Earth from the logos. Meaning if you're going into the planet logos level or you go into human experience, the human collective mind experience this particular principle is something that has manifested in the universal creation of fields. A part of what we have been doing as Starseeds, is we have been holding principles that are cosmic, galactic and solar and we bring them into physical reality to actualize them into matter.

Lunar Forces and Dead Energy

So we've understood the importance of this, how it's all about embodiment and bringing it here. So I'm understanding that this is a part of an actualization process which is part and parcel of your organic ascension growth, and that which you are as an essence and presence, connecting that into the physical space time of here and now. And this control panel in a sense, which is not really an adequate word, but it's an extensive instruction set field, which is working with or connecting to a matrix of Moon Chains. And these are moons that exist in different parallels, for now the best I could describe it is I'm looking at a universal connection, it's a matrix connection that is in our universe that works with or connects all of the moons, all of the lunar forces that connect to this panel. It's almost like looking at a panel of lunar forces and it extends to a much larger expansion than just the Earth's Moon.

So what we are understanding is it is a structure and it is a structure of operation. When I'm looking at it and I'm sensing that it's not living and breathing, it's mechanical and it has been placed as an overlay. And it has all of those things that feel like metal and inorganic and mechanistic. It's not alive. It feels like I'm looking at, honestly as weird as this sounds, the closest thing I could use to describe the energy of it is an old car junkyard. I was looking at something that is defunct, it's not operational it's obsolete, its old and rusted. Even though this is obviously something that is mind blowing in terms of its sophistication and the technical level. As I feel it energetically it feels old and decrepit. It's a very interesting experience. I'm looking at something that is beyond comprehension in its technology as a mechanistic structure and at the same time I'm perceiving it energetically as so outdated and old like in a junkyard.

Planetoid Moon Structures

So this structure is a link and with you as a satellite it opens up into a communication that allows, I want to say sound waves. I'm looking at something that is magnetic sound waves. It's almost like if that sound wave is accessed through a particular collector, which is looking to me like a satellite dish. Through you in the session today this is what I'm looking at, a collection of magnetic sound waves able to be directed into new formats. And these are the new formats that are being reprogrammed, which seems an inadequate description. But there is something that is changing within lunar relationships, the moon bodies, the chains of the actual satellites that these are.

It is literally understanding these are mechanistic craft, like shelled out bodies that have been created from multiple levels, but they're not organic planet bodies that were born as a star from the center of the Milky Way galaxy. They are structures that have been placed and it's weird I'm looking at it as an overlay in our universal structure. And I'm seeing that these planetoid moon structures have been a part of what creates these strange anomalies with the orbit and wobbles. I am looking at orbits, it's almost as if I am looking at the universal trajectories of planets within an orbital circle. Very much like I'm looking at the solar system and then I'm going into the universe and I'm moving out and I'm looking at concentric circles. And I'm seeing the shapes of those concentric circles, the movements through which planets have been rotating around the sun, the movement around the Milky Way galaxy. There's an elliptical shape or orbit and there is something that is changing within the orbital structures.

So I feel like what is being accessed, and trying to really ground it into an awareness, is that this has been a part of something that has been chosen in your architecture. Is what you are manifesting as a principal on the planet. So it's like saying that the moon architecture that is mechanistic, that has been placed there has created wobbles and strange movements in the interrelationships of planetary bodies. And this seems to be a principal that is coming into manifestation, into the physical world. Honestly it feels to me like when we're talking about God has something up her sleeve, this feels like that. This is a revelation of understanding that the various principles of the cosmos that have been seeded from the perfection of the Godhead have been manifested in various principles in the bodies of beings that have chosen to come back to this planet, specifically to connect those principles into the Earth. So through the embodiment of the physicalization of this cosmic principle, it is brought into the potential of activation on this planet, embodiment on this planet.

And there is something hugely important with that, because it's like saying the only possibility of manifesting certain timelines into actual reality structures and forms or form substance is by doing this. Meaning these cosmic principles of the blueprints and mathematics and sound waves in these various levels of configurations that actually really ultimately create very detailed DNA instruction sets. Like life instruction sets, genome instruction sets are created this way. So this principle coming through you is a principal that has been used beyond planet Earth as a part of a change within the orbital structures in the movements of these planetary bodies, and in these other bodies that are a part of this particular creation. So it's interesting because for whatever reason it's like I'm looking on the outside of our creation. It would be like saying you have all of these universes that have been birthed from the universal omniversal core of God, which is undifferentiated source light. It's so hard to explain it's like all of these creations, it's almost like we're looking at this universal creation and Earth is the heart of that creation, as a body.

That's what I'm trying to say it's a universal body, but it is one body of many. This particular body is intersecting with all of these different patterns that are flowing back into the heart or the core. So understanding the Earth is the pumping heart, it is a literal heart the planet is a heart that is pumping energy, pumping source pumping this frequency back into the core of creation. Which is actually, I don't want to say feeding that is not the right word, but exchanging. It's like saying if Earth is a heart and the energy is from the cosmic heart of God, and that energy is pumping like a circulatory system, it's like within our own bodies. It's pumping that heart of God that source light through a circulatory system that is impacting other universes through the core, and how we connect to the undifferentiated source.

It's like saying if we are in the undifferentiated source, it's like bizarre, but we're looking from that vantage point almost as a God Creator, looking outside at the universe in which the Earth is contained. Our earth is the heart and each of the planets has a principle that is similar to organ system structures. So it's like saying all of the planets in our solar system, and what we see within our current universe, (at least what's known by science at this point), each of those planets acts as an organ and gland structure to a larger body, just like our bodies. So it's like saying each of those planets rules certain organs and functions that make up a larger body. It would be like saying the universe is the body of a human, and we look at ourselves as human with two arms two legs and a head and all that. You've got a universal body like that and the planets make up the organs in that universal body, and the Earth that we're on is the heart. And that Earth is pumping energy, source, blood life force to a circulatory network that is feeding all of those organs. Without the Earth those organs die, they cannot stay alive.

Heart of Creation Animates All Life

So we're understanding a deeper process and the importance of Earth's role in the universe, and the importance of Earth's role not only in our universal body, but the other bodies to which this universe is related. It's interesting to me because as I'm feeling it, and this is something I've never consciously thought of before, but as I'm feeling the love of our universe and the heart of Earth, I feel a almost like a service or contribution that the Earth has given to consciously accept her role this way. Because it feels that her heart is expressing and sending a certain frequency, which would be like blood. So it would be like saying heart blood and life-blood and that which gives life to other planets. So it's like saying that our earth is animating life through her potential, meaning that potential heart the heart energy. The cosmic heart energy that was ultimately connected to be accessed into the heart of Mother herself.

If we think of God and the heart of creation and that which gives life and animates life, it's like saying that while the Earth's role has been to animate and breathe life into forms, there has been a war raging in the cosmos at other levels, where this is not being seen or understood as a part of its larger process. Because there are beings, there are levels of being that are known as the sons of fire or the sons of the solar. There are sons of the lunar also which are moving out of this universal pattern at this time. What that means is hard to really understand. What is the force animating the lunar control matrix? What is being given to us to understanding is that is ending, whatever control matrix has been used as a mechanistic structure to overlay on the planet's movements is changing. What that means is that the moon wobbles and the orbital problems are changing.

Sons of Fire and the Sons of Clay

Let's just say what I'm seeing is that the moon and the lunar chains, which is a very complex matrix is an overlay. Let's just say it's an insert, because that is the closest thing I could describe, this as a holographic insert of a body that is mechanistic and we are going to call that lunar chain. So it's like saying the planets are alive and they are living, and they are being animated into life through the heart, which is the earth. So the earth is pumping life into other planets, now from our perspective in this dimension we don't see that. Because when we look at Pluto or we look at Neptune, we are seeing a different dimensional perspective it's like saying the substance is the clay. Because what I'm seeing is that there has been a conflict or a war and a genetic discrimination let's say, over the Sons of Fire and the Sons of Clay, meaning that which is animated.

There are beings in the universal structure that have believed who we are down here in the physical matter is less than, because we are animated from substance like clay. And this has been described to us before that the elemental substance of our planet is the same elemental substance of these bodies we're in down here.

So when you have a vast being that is bigger in size than we are, meaning that they're not in a form like us. Their experience is very different, so I'm going to explain that as a way to understand it these are the Sons of Fire. They are beings that are formless as we know it and they do not intermingle with form substance like we do here, and there is a bizarre discrimination about that at that level of being. I think this is describing some of the Metatronic reversals and some of the extraterrestrial beings we could consider them, they are huge. I am six feet tall and many of these Annunaki beings are 12-20 feet high, they are big. So their bodies and forms and their structures operate without the elemental basis. What they would call us, is forms of clay and the Sons of Clay, we're made of ashes to ashes dust to dust. Our form is to them like clay and they are not in their minds bound to that.

So I'm seeing that what we are attempting to understand again is that there is just such a humongous beyond belief and beyond really human comprehension, about what the universal plan is about. And how so many of the beings that have existed within this universal body have been completely unaware of, meaning that they have had like all of us a very limited perspective from their consciousness vantage point, whatever that is about what's going on. And it's like even that level is being constantly revealed and surprised about the nature of the universe. Meaning that everyone whether you are an Annunaki, whether you are an Elohim, whether you are in an Archangel form, you are learning something right now. Because the principles that were set forth in the creational matrix are changing and it seems like it's blowing everybody away. Even the ones that have been existing for eons of time in these galactic dimensions as group entity bodies and in these huge bodies, are also undergoing growth and change and a humbling if you will, around what is happening.

So what we're understanding is that there is a collective holographic matrix that is specific to the lunar chains and these lunar chains are moons that interconnect with each other. And they have an effect, because they are not self animating like what the earth heart was originally designed to do. Meaning that the Earth has in a sense been captured. It's like saying beings that are unaware of this, or don't care I guess because in their minds they're going to genetically break the code and break out of here, have captured the heart of the body of this universe and that is the Earth. So it's like saying the heart of the entire universal body is covered with a sack and with a particular net that has been utilized to attempt to capture the resources of the heart. Like saying these beings don't understand I guess at that level what the purpose of the heart is. To look at it at this macrocosm view, the purpose of the Earth is as the lifeblood of the universal body and of other bodies.

What I'm seeing and I don't really have the words that I feel really comfortable using to explain it, the only thing I can really describe it as, is that this universe was a sacrifice and made a sacrifice. Meaning that the universal body of God was created to allow something to occur and to give something that was possible, an opportunity that would not be possible any other way. And a part of it is about the animation of forms into Godhood. So if we look at let's say the Sons of Fire who believe they are God's, they look at the Sons of Clay meaning the humans that are in raw substance forms, as less than in some way. The potential of seeing what that is, is not fully understood even at some of those levels. And we're talking about mostly beings that have not fully ascended or have agendas of their own. They're not necessarily anti-Christ beings that are fully disconnected or whatever. But there are levels of connection where you're still, as the Guardians have described like partially Ascended Masters, like what's happening now as the solar Christ is returning to the land of clay down here. Meaning that the physicality of our body in the human realm is being able to be accessed as a solar Christ, at a level that seems honestly new. Maybe when we we're star seeded and we were in other forms we were in types of humanoid forms that were in the future and higher dimensions and we were doing this. But what I'm understanding is that as you and I are in this moment of self, with the level of flesh we have here right now, what we're doing has never happened before.

The level of the solar Christ embodiment the level of the potential of orbing, the Transfiguration and the Resurrection that is a part of the Christ technology of God, has never been in this physical density, of let's say clay. And I'm using that word because we have had forms, as human beings divine humans, when we were in Orion and we were on other planets. Again humans have a vast history we travel around the universe we're universal travelers. There are human beings that have had this template and we've been in other planets and we have been in higher dimensions, where the forms we inhabited as humans were not these forms of clay, as it's being used to drive that home. Meaning that those forms were not as dense, whatever the vibrational mass and elemental mass is on this in this reality as we experience it right now, it was not like this. The forms were forms but they were much, much, much, less dense.

So what's happening here is something that is also magical and alchemical and just incredible beyond belief. Because what it feels like to me, even the Sons of Fire are surprised. Meaning that everybody is standing around with their jaw agape, because nobody knew this. It's like all these levels of existence, all these levels and planes of dimensions are just standing there going my God, what is happening. So it's really interesting to understand how big this is and how honestly secret it is, how mysterious it is, how deep this alchemy goes beyond any kind of record that has ever been readable in our universe. Meaning that if we are in the universe body apparently all we have is universal record. And we retrieve the consciousness intelligence and the memory that is there, to understand I guess universal principles of energy. And what's happening now is something beyond that even, meaning this is something completely different beyond the universal record of everything that is being created. And this is happening during this cycling and clearly is one of the reasons why a lot of us also volunteered to be here, even though it is very challenging to be here.

Heart of God hidden in the Heart of Planet Earth

So in this process and what we are viewing in the understanding of universal body, is that the heart of God is somehow hidden in the heart of planet Earth. And that has been a part I want to say of a universal plan or God's divine plan, to extend the life force. Because God is animating life, God is eternal life, it is eternal it is not immortal. It is not buying and stealing things in order to live for a million years, which is what a lot of these entities have done over the course of this expansion and growth within the universal body. So this force of love of light of source that is pumped through the heart of the Earth is designing itself to now extend beyond this universal body and into another universal body. And potentially the way I'm feeling it, into multiple bodies. So it's like saying our universal body is giving birth and animating life in other universes.

Let's say you've got some kind of creation, a universe but it's not animated. And this is similar to understanding the lunar matrix is a holographic mechanistic structure. Now what I'm understanding about the lunar matrix is that, this is going to sound really unusual, there is an anger that God did not animate the lunar matrix. So it's like saying, and this is very strange, but there are beings that exist, that are not understanding this universal plan or whatever. I don't know how to say it, but they believe or feel that God is playing favorites or something. It is like saying why do they get to be animated and we don't? It's a very strange thing. So I'm seeing that the lunar matrix was a result of this, it was an attempt to recreate something that the planets were. And it was like somehow someone is responsible for this and I can't really get to an understanding of who because it's like millions of years in the making.

Maldek and Refugee Races

But it's like saying that the planet and these organs were being animated, and these lunar bodies were not. And somehow there's a reason for that that is coming into some strange revelation right now at the end of the cycle. Just in little dribs and drabs of info about these lunar chains not being animated and a war over consciousness about that. This is what has also created let's say, the beings like the Luciferians that were on planets that exploded like Maldek. Again there is a lot of fear about comets and what are these Perseid showers and Ellenen showers and these asteroid showers. These are a result of pieces that have been exploded that were not reanimated and there is, I want to say an anger over that.

Okay so you have a creation, let's say you have a planet and that planet is Maldek and it was a part of a functioning universal body. That planet had life and it had beings on it. And for whatever reason there is something that happens where that planet is explodes. And the beings that were a part of that planet and were a part of that body, which is of the elemental basis just like we're a part of the earth. They don't have the planet anymore and they are extremely saddened by that. Meaning that the wound and the pain is horrifying, because it's like it's all you know it's all you are or something. And you don't have a planet anymore you are now homeless, you are planet-less. But you're still having a sense of self, a sense of some kind of existence. And that level of being is searching for where am I going to go, where am I going to live? And whatever evolves from that ends up being what's known as Luciferian Annunaki.

And these beings now enraged from their own sense of displacement and wound feel we don't have a planet, we don't have a place to live, we have got to find a place to live. Everything that is alive apparently has a directional movement wanting to live life wants to live. And so this is also a part of creating the tensions and the problems with what we know now as this whole conflict about the earth, and who colonizes it and who gets to be here. There has been a whole conflict about that. And beings that don't have a planet looking to the Sons of Clay down here are going why do they get a planet, why do they get to be animated? There's like a strange thing going on with that. And at the same time there is a lack of understanding that in the benevolence of creator, those bodies are being created for them and they don't even know it. So it's like saying that there is a process of development and a process of evolution that is a part of the overall structure that very few of us understand.

We never will understand I don't think, because it's just so vast. But this is like one of the examples that are being given in terms of the inherent conflicts of what is happening with the earth. And why those beings through the damage of that, when your planet, when your level of life, when your identity is completely massacred or exploded how much pain that creates. And that what has been little understood by the Sons of Fire is that the Sons of Clay are here to be created for them, not in the reverse. Meaning that there has been this, I'm Godlike and you are the little peon down there. But in actuality what's going on is this world is the heart of God manifested that is promising to bring the eternal life to all. Through the form that has been created to evolve at this substance level, all the way into I guess apparently what is the Godhead itself.

So I'm seeing that again from this understanding of the expansion of now. We are on planet Earth becoming something new in this physical density, in the heart of our universal body connecting to the solar Christ. It's like connecting to the eternal living light of source that animates and resurrects and transfigures all things. Which is connected to through the heart, so the planet Earth is the heart of God. So through that if you become in the one-meant with the God heart you're able to connect to the eternal Fire of God, and that is what allows life to be eternal and resurrected, and returned at every level. And that means that these beings that have been at war with us, they see the humans and don't know what their purpose is except that they look like little peons. In a sense too, it's kind of ridiculous in the overall picture because you understand it's that cutting off your nose off to spite your face. The very thing that is here to redeem you and save you and help you align into eternity, they are attempting to kill with every intention. It's such a strange situation.

Starseeds Embody Cosmic Principle

But what I'm understanding is that again in this point of awareness that is coming into the embodiment through us, meaning that those of us that are starseeded are now activating certain principles that we have held as a part of cosmic principles of God. So it's like saying the principle that you have held is the principle of the resurrection or the shift, from the lunar to the solar. So at another level from the inanimate to the animate, the mechanistic to the alive and that has been represented in a very complex way in your life. Since June we've understood that what lunar forces have represented is a part of the shadow is a part of the mechanistic, is a part of dead technology. Because it's resurrecting dead technology, it is unifying and bringing into the eternal breath that which is the animate light of God, the eternal nature of it. So the processes of alchemy, of transfiguration, of polarity integration are a part of what that starseed role is. I'm saying that because I'm understanding that this is personal, this is a part of you but I'm also understanding at another level that the Starseed role on planet Earth is to embody cosmic principle.

There are portions of record or cosmic principle of the universal body of God that are held in us, and it is through the starseed, through us that the presence of our body in this dimension allows a literal satellite connection, an intersection point, a communication point to occur between the universal body of God and the heart of God to animate life again. And this is what the process is that we are a part of at this time. Is the body of God the universal body of God through the heart center is being animated once again to pump the blood, to pump the life, which is the liquid light of Christ. But it is the eternal life as an animating force, to all of the body parts to all of the organ systems. It's not just about what's happening to humans on earth, it is about understanding we're animating the universal body of God. And there is something then up about the universal body of God, through its animation through its aliveness through its however we would describe this, that then breathes life into those things that have been trapped or dormant in spaces. Because I've seen what this does and it's something very hard to describe.

Beyond this universe there are also spaces where there are levels of being that are aware but not animated. I don't know how to describe it because it's like there is some level of self-awareness, but they are not eternal. It means this plan of eternal seems to be much more vast than we can understand, because a part of what I'm feeling and sensing is this in the universal body. I'm understanding the benevolence and love of creation that God has from that perspective. Which is hard to describe because I don't want to personify God, because that's not what it is either. But there is a caring there is a reverence, there is a love for life that is inherent somehow. And that return into the eternal life structure is being given to as many beings as possible that have not been able to exist in that way. It's like saying that that is a part of this divine plan I guess. To reanimate the life to the eternal living breathing being, that can also breathe life into other structures, which apparently extends beyond this universe.

And that this universal body like every universe has a theme and so is like understanding that this universal body we're in, this was a type of sacrifice. I don't like this word, but I can only use it because I don't have anything better. This being was conscious as a universal body and consciously did this, so that it would be able to manifest life eternally at the smallest quantum spark. So it's like saying that at the densest place through every level of form substance, this animation would occur. And this is a part of something that is apparently happening through the solar Christ being manifested at this density, and right now through understanding that the principles of creation are changing.

Which is interesting because I think someone recently shared a physical 3D manifestation of what we're talking about. The Hadron Collider or CERN has discovered particles that move faster than the speed of light. And some kind of discovery which then puts into question certain solid understandings of Einstein's theory, which are now up for debate. Which is a level of what we're discussing, is that the physics of our universe is changing the physics of our reality is changing. This is beyond our comprehension because there used to be in the universal body, the sense that 'this is how it is', like this is the physics of universal principles of creation.

The starseeds like your self have embodied certain universal principles. So what I'm understanding with you is that a process of your own development, a process of your own embodiment in the cosmic consciousness principle of this has manifested through the individual being that is you, and is the resurrection and the shift from the lunar matrix. Which is understanding mechanistic technology dead technology, into the animation of the living breathing eternal God technology. And that is a part of the principles. Because if we understand lunar principal female, solar principal male, the first part of your life would be solar, and the experiences you would have would be involving those distortions at an umpteenth degree. Because those principles are what you're here to reverse. It's like saying the masculine feminine principle have had certain fixed principal structures through the manifestation of what the physical earth was at the time, or what has been a part of the evolution of this planet, now that is changing. The principles are changing and the principles within you are changing. Which means the lunar and the nodes and the connection and the satellite and the magnetic waves, because there is something in that specific connection with you, as a part of the cosmic principle that is shifting. I don't want to say overridden, I do want to say shifted. I'm not sure how the process of alchemy could be described. It's an alchemical process where the principles are shifted, like the female ceases to be in the chain of command of the magnetic principles through that lunar technology. And something new is being extended throughout creation beyond the principles, as we know them into something else. And that something else is ultimately about the eternal living light structure, meaning the lunar structure cannot do that. It is the solar it is the fire, I don't know how else to say it.

I'm looking at the force that animates as something almost different than source, but it's not. I'm looking at an aspect of it for its definition to know what it is. It's like saying there is a particular something, a force of God, a force of the source that is specific to animating life. And this is something that is apparently in mythologies and through processes of being that many levels of being have attempted to duplicate or understand. I want to say it's like a type of technology that belongs to God it is something that can animate life at will or something. It is eternal life it's not temporary or immortal or whatever.

So whatever that is a force of nature, a force of God that is being animated through the clay, through the Aurora, through the elementals at a level that has never apparently happened before. And this is again a part of the resurrection and transfiguration of the flesh of these bodies. Because it is related to the elemental animation that is happening and of course has all of these beyond comprehension results within creation. It is so big it is beyond.

So what we're understanding and through your own internal process at this time what I'm feeling too is that through this revisiting also of family members that are female, is that there has been a part of that understanding through the genetic flesh that you carry, the re-imprinting. Whether it's an override or being alchemically shifted, because what this ultimately has to do with is changing the principle of the feminine. Meaning that what has been governed as principles of creation that were in the law down here. So this was a law, this was how it worked. There are governing laws that govern the principles of manifestation. And the governing law in this dimension was lunar solar. So it meant that if you were going to manifest here this is what happened it had to be this way. The masculine feminine principle again can only create, and the creation through that structure is what was manifesting.

Now all of that's over. This is part of understanding how that architecture has changed, where we had to use lunar to manifest anything down here. Which meant that a part of the control matrix was infiltrating everything. This lunar part of the feminine, because the male and the female have to merge in order to create, so this was one way it was being done. This is now a part of that matrix that is being systematically dismantled and removed.

Changing Axis of Magnetic Field

There are a lot of implications obviously about how that changes the axis of the magnetic field of the body of our planet. But at the same time there is absolutely, as I'm feeling this there is no fear about it. Because there is all kinds of science that would say look what you're talking about is ridiculous, because if the magnetic field changed that drastically we would all die. I don't feel that at all I don't feel any of that cataclysm. I don't feel any of that problem at all. Because most of the crap that is happening on the planet is a manipulation of the magnetic field, meaning that a lot of the winter weather cataclysms and problems we are having are not organic to the planet, because there's still the struggle down here with the control matrix.

So I guess that today we're being brought into this awareness and with your own personal process with this. There is a principal there is a cosmic principle cosmic law that is awakening in you and your physical presence and being, is a part of the animation of that principle. And there are levels of it that are still not revealed, meaning that they have to be lived. It's a part of the principal embodiment in the revelation of self that becomes blossomed through the process of life. Through this there is a principle that is birthing through you. And that ultimately is about the shifting of the female principle entirely from the magnetic control of what that was, into the new kind of physics and creation of the fire, the eternal solar flame of God. And how the merge of that the union of that occurs without the lunar influence. So it feels like again a part of the revisit with family members, is also a part of the revisit of the female distortion. Not only the distortions we are aware of that are apparent from that shadow energy and the polarity energy on the planet, again the bi-way of going to tri-wave.

So with that being said within your own personal processes, I would just like to ask our families and guardians for that assistance in all that is brought forward into the clarity within the physical substance of us in the here and now, to be revealed to be activated and to be assisted in the removal of any artifices or artificial intelligence devices, of either interference or disturbance which continue to want to use the lunar through this principle. And that is what we are bringing into our observation and witness in the moment of now, to fully dissolve and remove and terminate all lunar node influence or interference, which is resisting the expansion of the eternal light and fire of God.

Again it is the eternal force of light that is returning to animate the flesh, and through all that which is represented within the principle this being is holding to be fully consecrated to the purposes of God, fully and completely in releasing all artificial structures in the foundational base through any time and space within the monadic and universal body structure. This is a universal body structure for sure that I'm looking at I'm seeing the entire body. It is interesting it's like when I completed that I saw a gold man and a gold woman, like universal body gold like two gold bodies I guess solar bodies merge. I'm not quite sure what that is the two solar bodies, it was like a merging of solar bodies. I'm not sure what that was, hmmm. It's definitely a male and female solar body though, wow.

Really understanding even deeper what that lunar force was I guess, it's quite interesting. I'm feeling that through your physical being or for you there is like some solar fire. Whatever that animating principle is maybe that's the liquid light the liquid golden light, that thing that is running. Because I feel it as lifeblood now, like the blood that animates all is this force. And it's like a fountain of life it's that holy chalice energy that just literally spurts out this wellspring of this life force. It's interesting because when I look at that life force I see it as blood it is the life force blood of this solar fire, which is part of God. And then of course the embodiment of God is the Christ.

So that is the apparently what we are endeavoring to embody into the physical, goodness sakes. What this seems to be representative of is understanding that this is a part of this embodying of solar feminine. That this is in the principle of feminine and to bring that into embodiment now is something that we are grounding, physicalizing, bringing here. It is an embodiment process for sure.

Closing: Beloved God, thank you so much. Beloved Guardians thank you so much again for all of the assistance, insight and support with us here today. Again we ask to please anchor lock and seal through all timelines and space, at the universal body and that which we consecrate and dedicate our purposes to God. Thank you so much. As we seal our field and communication, we come into again the universal core of the living breathing heart, the eternal light of God. And to that we say to you thank you, thank you, thank you. As we are the cosmic Christ embodied now. In deep love and gratitude we seal and end our session today. Thank you.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Client Sessions 9-23-2011]

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