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Every energy field and identity has an intelligence and blueprint that it functions through and from within. So all energy holds intelligence signatures, or consciousness, which means one can learn to communicate with that energy field in order to receive vast amounts of intelligence. This intelligence is being accessed through the energy receivers of the spiritual blueprint and perceived through the neurological system and brain receivers in the physical body. One can attune to this awareness to become highly adept at reading Energy Signatures by empowering themselves to recognize which energies to harmonize with or when to clear out discordant energies.

When we practice sensing energy in the environment, it begins to train us how to read energy signatures by running it by our higher self or heart complex. We start to be able to distinguish the different intelligent energy patterns and recognize them when they are exposed to you or when they enter your auric system.

Dead Light

These false realities are artificial Holographic Inserts that we have thought were real and then developed mental beliefs that held that specific version of reality in place. As these false realities are shattered into pieces for those maintaining energetic balance and neutrality in this explosive terrain, we can read the signature of those Dead Light pieces that reflect the nature of its miasmatic disease and its schism. Further we can read the Energetic Signature to reveal the truth of what really catalyzed certain world events in the Timelines, such as the Hiroshima Bombing or Jewish Holocaust. As an Ascending human that activates Higher Sensory Perception and is cleared of most Negative Ego filters, one can clearly read the energetic field memory as a manipulation of the Negative Alien Agenda NAA. We then start to realize how little humanity has actually been in control of any cataclysmic world events in the physical plane.[1]

Twilight Master

If a Spiritual Leader does forget that he/she has been employed by God Forces and has been entrusted with stewardship of Divine Will as a humble servant, they are then led down a karmic laden path. There is no root downfall worse for any Soul than the deliberate abuse or misuse of spiritual energies or consciousness technologies. When a Spiritual Leader/Organization has tread into this dark water of the pride and Negative Ego, the False Ascension Matrix is most easily inserted into the curriculum or into the nature of the spiritual work that has been propagated. And then it is like a viral infection. It spreads its corrupt Energy Signature throughout everything and the people become portals of the predator realm, the Houses of Ego.. It is matrix of complacency, deception, judgments and puffed up illusions about the nature of a fantasy reality.

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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 42