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An Experiencer is a term used in the Ascension and Disclosure movement to define an individual that has had direct consciousness communication or related paranormal experiences which are out of the scope of the current accepted mainstream narrative, as well as beyond the scope of general scientific consensus, thus these experiences are considered by researchers as scientifically unproven and therefore impossible.

As an example, an Experiencer can be a 'woke' person who claims to have had direct experiences that are considered outside the scope of the general 3D human experience, such as ongoing communication and awareness of non-terrestrials, spirits, interdimensional humans, or have experienced other types of multidimensional and extradimensional activity, such as telepathic downloads, frequency activation and other spiritual Ascension Symptoms.

The traditional 3D person that has not had spiritual awakening or consciousness experiences, may be referred to as a non-experiencer, normie or muggle. These terms may be used to describe the general masses of 3D people that remain asleep to the larger agenda of Mind Control and the scope of non-human interaction with the earth. For an awakened person that is experiencing a variety of spiritual phenomena, attempting to communicate and open dialogue with a non-experiencer or a 3D person that is conditioned only to believe in the credibility of the controlled narrative, can be very challenging and frustrating. Experiencers realize that when the controlled narrative is being challenged or threatened, those non-experiencer groups and organizations have no genuine interest in exploring the truth, only to immediately eliminate the sense of threat to their belief system, and as a result, can react in extremely hostile and threatening ways to protect their sense of reality.


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