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The most common form of Emotional Manipulation comes packaged in the form of False Flattery and it can be the most dangerous. Most forms of hidden manipulation and agendas are cloaked in flattery. The underhanded nature of False Flattery is that it becomes most powerful when it is served to those people who have a great need for getting approval from others. Leaders who place their need for adoration and compliments above serving the needs of others are high value targets for those who would abuse the misplaced trust given to them. False Flattery is listed in the HGS Manual under the Victim-Victimizer 2 clearing under Addictions/Phobias. [1]


Flattery (also called adulation or blandishment) is the act of giving excessive compliments, generally for the purpose of ingratiating oneself with the subject. Flattery is also used in pick-up lines when attempting to initiate romantic courtship.[2]

False Friends

As the Victimizer Archetypes and related programs that are embedded in the cellular matrix are very enhanced now, especially in adjunct to Life Review patterns for many of us now on the ascension path.This is explosive for some of us now, and I am observing traps for ensnarement, and Addiction, like jaws attempting to latch on to our vulnerability. People around us, including family members may play into these Victim Software archetypes and being aware of the False Friend will help you to stay clear of energetic drain and emotional dramas.

False Friend (i.e. Surface : I am so Proud of you! I want to be your friend on my terms of self entitlement. Hidden: Let me drain your light now!)

The False Friend may be a dark portal that uses False Flattery and is unusually "lovey-dovey", yet will become aggressive when they do not get what they want from you, whatever that hidden motivation or desire actually is. When they do not get what they want, they explode in anger, blame, finger pointing and making their issue your fault. They may think you are a "bad person" because you did not give them whatever they wanted. Many control freaks act out this way. This may be to derail or distract you from paying attention to what you need to be at that time.

Consider whether some friends are only complimentary when they have something to gain. Whether they need a favor, a party date, a ride, or an introduction to someone you know, be wary of individuals who view you as an instrument or an intermediary instead of a friend.


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Victim-Victimizer 2 in HGS Manual: Page 109