Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

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Overcoming Fear

The intended spreading of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt or FUD is a disinformation strategy used in sales, marketing, public relations, politics, cults and Propaganda. It is a strategy to control perception by disseminating negative, dubious or false information by an orchestration of tactics that appeal to fear. To exploit fear the troll uses a made-up fallacy or poses a false dilemma and then attempts to create support for that idea by increasing fear, uncertainty and doubt towards the alternative. Manipulators use veiled threats and uncertainties that attempt to illicit fear with the intention to place seeds of doubt that may lead to the person changing their mental position and going in another direction. To apply pressure, the manipulator offers a choice framing it as the only choice available. In which rejecting one item acts as a selection of the other choice, such as, you are either with me or against me. When instigating fear and pressure in others as a manipulation tactic, the person is distracted from the fact that many other alternative choices are available in that situation. The most basic form of fallacy is straight faced lying, where the speaker deliberately says something that is untrue, generally believing or hoping that the person will not notice.

Fearmongering with ambiguous language filled with FUD tactics are the basic tricks used by any corrupted person trying to sell a narrative, sell an idea or sell a product, in order to gain popular support for that position. Mainstream news headlines are filled with FUD tactics. Corporate adverting is filled with FUD tactics. The sales pitch could be politicians trying to sell the public on the necessity to go to war and this narrative will include associations made to dangerous outcomes or criminals, with exaggerated statistics to highlight the peril of not doing something, even when there is no peril present.

False Flag Event

When gaining clarity about the Controller motivations to maintain and advance power and control in the global scape, to dominate world economies and further the master-slave narrative, the concept of carrying out covert military operations or False Flag Events to serve these agendas becomes increasingly evident. False flag operations are designed to create a false narrative designed to deceive the masses, while disguising the actual source of responsibility, in order to hide the real organization behind the attack or operation. In warfare, false flags are generally considered acceptable to deceive the enemy and to gain strategic advantage. False Flag attacks are a method of psychological warfare in which the public reaction is led to follow the bread crumb trail, to be much more likely to support their own government and military forces, especially if the operation is blamed on outsiders.

Without full disclosure, however, most of the general public does not understand that a small band of power elite families coordinated a plan to declare war on the rest of the earth population many years ago, with the greater assistance of non-terrestrial entities exploiting their power and greed. Earth humans have been sold out by a small power elite group of Psychopaths. Currently, our world governments are embroiled in a hidden war between these cabal factions, that include off planet and on planet groups. They are using every strategy of Psychological Manipulation and emotional exploitation against the public, and they are using every media forum, in order to gain full spectrum dominance over the timelines in the future.

As we gain more understanding about the propaganda model and how it is used to manipulate and manufacture consent, we can avoid the pitfalls and open ourselves to promote open discussion and informed debate on many topics that are labeled as unapproved or conspiracy theory in the mainstream. Conspiracy is fact on planet earth, and there are many pieces of factual evidence that portray these conspiracies throughout history that are fully documented throughout governmental agencies in black and white. Many despot leaders and military strategists throughout history have acknowledged the use of False Flags as a psychological weapon against their own country. The easiest way to gain control of a population is to carry out acts of terror, and the NAA use these tactics well. To understand what we are actually looking at, we first have to decode the methods used in psychological warfare to see how deep down the rabbit hole the psychological manipulation and exploitation of humanity goes, and the main reasons behind it. [1]


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