Five Breath Organ Cleanse

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February 2013 Meditation

Five Breath Organ Cleanse

This audio meditation is purposed for preparing the body to receive Krystala tones in the Double Diamond frequency light, recalibrate and recode base 12 into the 12 Tree grid spheres to reclaim all aspects of identities and selves existing within all 12 dimensional planes, request connection of all bodily matrices to be under the authority and direction of our original God Spirit, intend to unite threefold purpose between the trinity of internal energies (Three Treasures) and to return the body back to homeostasis, connect with the Five Main Bodily Organ Souls and prepare each with their cleansing breath tone to purify and clear toxins, fear and painful memories from the organ system. We call upon the Aurora elementals and the Krystal Tones in each of the elemental bodies – Krystal fire, Krystal Air, Krystal Water, Krystal Earth, Krystal Aether of Mother, We sanctify and bless our bodies and elements to be bathed ,purified and transmuted to embodied wholeness. Please cleanse our separation, cleanse our fears, cleanse our distortions, cleanse our miasms, cleanse all alien machinery. Return us through the Aurora Host, the Organic Matrix of wholeness. We claim our bodies and all elementals in the perfected image and peace of Aurora Earth.

TAGS: Aurora Elementals, Cleanse Fear, Organ Breath Cleanse, Reclaim aspects, purify toxins, connect to organ soul

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