Foundation for HGS Calibration

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January 2013 Meditation

Foundation for HGS Calibration

This audio meditation is purposed for preparing the foundation required for connection to the inner spiritual core and for learning the preparation procedure for HGS Calibration as required with the continual use of the HGS system. This can be used as an audio introduction to help support and assist with learning how to connect with the HGS Calibration. Learn a quick boundary test you’re your 12D shield with the GSF three fold flame. To entrain the Axiatonal Alignment code to neutralize polarity: refer to the Axiatonal Alignment Chart and place palm of hands on top of Left and Right Hand Graphic. Reconnect body parts through the Physical Matrix Reconnection checklist. Set Personal Space and protected session field in home or office, when opening an energy session or creating a protected and clear energetic container at home for your family to set the space for your consciousness intention.

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