Gallbladder/Meridian Clearing

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February 2010 Meditation

Gallbladder/Meridian Clearing

Miodic/Diodic grid attunement and Universal Harmonique Alignment Technique for gallbladder meridian clearing and crucifixion removal. Also, a petition to steward humanity into freedom from the false blue sword of tyranny and archangel Michael matrix. Terminate NRG reversals, vesica pisces, false male, and resignation from the war program.

TAGS: Miodic/Diodic Grid, Gallbladder Meridian, Archangel Michael Matrix, NRG Grid, Vesica Pisces, Jehovian Seal, Checkerboard Matrix, Crucifixion Implants, Universal Harmonique Alignment, Bi Veca, Tri Veca, Stewardship, Hara Line, Sushumna, False King, Blue Sword of Tyranny

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