Genetic Discrimination

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Through recent changes that anchor Universal Laws of the Holy Father into the earth, attention has been given to those bloodlines that historically have evoked the “Divine Right of Kings” in order to commit crimes against humanity and spread forms of Genetic Discrimination throughout the global population. Some of the Nephilim lines in the Power Elite have been especially prolific at spreading genetic discrimination mind control, as they share mutual beliefs with the Draconians that their blood line and genetics are superior. They push this thought form into the mind of their human hybrids today. Thought forms of genetic superiority and eugenics originally stemmed from the holocaust agendas of the Orion Group. A variety of Mind Control technologies are used on earth to influence thought forms of racial and genetic discrimination in the human race orchestrated by the Controllers. This is the Archontic Deception Strategy used for divide and conquer of the entire global population, which is the first strategy of war when invading forces want to take over the planetary resources and enslave the natives.

Recently, when Krystal Star challenged the agenda of many of these entities, they projected their STS agenda through Doublespeak and deception made through controlled manipulation of racial bias claiming their superiority. Some of the Annunaki and Nephilim factions are working agendas, claiming that they are being discriminated against by Guardian groups and are channeling this information through their planetary representatives. The majority are unscrupulous entities that will do and say anything to take power and control over others on the planet and demonstrate they have absolutely no interest in living peacefully or equally with any part of the human race. They believe they are rulers of Earth and everyone else is their personal slave. If they are prevented from carrying out their domination agenda, they spread disinformation that they are being discriminated against. It is true that when an entity carries out agendas of intentional harm and violation of the rights of others, they forfeit their personal rights under the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One. The Natural Laws are returning to restore energetic balance on this earth. In retaliation, there is a current manipulation of Nephilim hybrids used for channeling that is spreading disinformation that they are being discriminated against and that the Guardians are white supremacists. This is a deception technique to deflect attention from their own personal elitist belief of “Divine Right to Rule” others. They are being removed and extracted from certain positions of power, and their power sources, and many of them are very angry.

These extra dimensional forces are aware that to destroy unity and strength between humans on our planet, it is imperative that they instigate war and division in all of the planetary tribes. If they generate schisms between perception of race or other forms of discrimination, they know humans will enforce their own enslavement. War, killing and tyranny are kept active through keeping the population mind controlled, poverty stricken, promoting discrimination and persecution of groups of people, ignorant of the truth. If humans are mind controlled to believe that some people in another country are the source of all of our problems of tyranny and poverty, we erroneously blame other groups of people for things that they are not responsible for. Humans are manipulated to give support in billions of dollars to fund military killing machines (ultimately hiding the NAA presence) in order to keep us safe from these enemies. The true psychopathic architects of tyrannical control remain hidden from view, while they publically persecute and victimize people that fall out of favor, or are not playing into their game of world domination and control. This is the hide and seek game of “don’t look here, look over there”. The mass media of mind control is excellent at spin doctoring the problems of humanity being blamed on some other country, culture, race or world leader that most people are totally ignorant of. Rather than focus on human strength and the potential made through unifying common beliefs, the goal is to focus blame on some faceless enemy in another country that people know very little about, and only what the media has partially fabricated.

This is the mind control technique used to create victims and victimizers, when people feel oppressed by tyranny, they are easily manipulated to quickly blame the victimizer that the media spin has created as the face of the convenient enemy. If humans kill each other over the sheer ignorance of believing that other cultures, languages or colors make us different from one another, the NAA has a lot less work or resources needed to enslave the entire population. We do the work for them and play right into their Archontic Deception. This game of division is played through sophisticated levels of Mind Control. Humanity enforces its own enslavement by believing the lies they are being told by the media and those who parrot what they heard without researching the facts.

Genetic Discrimination and other forms of racial discrimination originated from off planet entities who want to take over the planet and get humans to kill each other, which serves their agenda of ultimate takeover. It is important to know that genetic discrimination has no seed in the original human race collective mind, it was seeded here by the NAA when they invaded the planetary logos. Genetic discrimination and the illusions that create race discrimination are a fabrication of the NAA for divide and conquer purposes. The NAA have superiority complexes and belief systems to maintain what they think is their pure blood from the DNA template they engineered for themselves. [1]