Gnostic Mass with Christos Sophia

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February 2014 Meditation

Gnostic Mass with Christos Sophia

The Emanation of the Divine Sophia born from the Wisdom of the Mother of God is the state of spiritual awakening. The awakening of the inmost divine essence , the Inner Christos is effected by direct experience of this knowledge, and is called Gnosis. Many Messengers of light have been sent by the unity field of Oneness for the advancement of Gnosis awakening in humans. The greatest of these messengers in our historical and geographical matrix was Christ. Christ was a teacher, imparting instruction concerning the way of Gnosis, and he was a hierophant, imparting mysteries of God. These mysteries (sacraments) are mighty aids toward Gnosis entrusted by Christ to his apostles and to their many successors in the Order of Christ. By way of the spiritual practice of the mysteries (sacraments) and a relentless and uncompromising striving for direct Gnosis, humans can steadily advance toward freedom and liberation. The ultimate objective of this process of liberation is the achievement of gnostic knowledge and with it freedom from embodied existence and return to the ultimate unity with God. It is with the intention of freedom, liberation and unity with God, we enter into the mysteries of the GNOSTIC MASS on behalf of Reclamation of Divine Christos Sophia, Beloved Holy Mother of Sophia, we consecrate and dedicate this to you.

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