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The Gravitron is a part of the Beast Machine that holds the tilt of planet Earth at its unnatural and artificially sustained 23.5 degree angle and is becoming aligned with the natural Earth’s Staff. Metatronic races created the Gravitron vortex networks to link portals in our Sun and Earth, twisting the planetary blueprint into unnatural configurations called Demon Seed. Metatronic Reversals are manifested into spirals that harness the gravitron to create unnatural artificial gravitational fields on this planet. The Gravitron is an electromagnetic harness field that is part of a larger electromagnetic harnessing structure called the NET. These are Black Hole technologies that were orchestrated on purpose, through which this planet has been imprisoned by these fallen forces of NAA.

Black Hole Systems

The main groups of Negative Aliens, the Annunaki, Drakonians and Necromitons that source out of the Phantom Matrix spaces in the parallel systems, formed alliances to take control over the earth, which are referred to as the NAA. These groups used technology to open Wormholes that were blended together to create the power required to attempt to pull the earth body into the Black Hole System leading into the phantom matrix where they exist, and could then gain total control over the planet and humanity. The parallel system which these entities came from is called the Wesa system. This is a universal time matrix and its parallel which many of the Anunnaki and their hybrids originate from, the Wesedak system, while the Drakonians species are coming from the antiparticle universe called the Wesedrak system. [1]

They joined together to run energetic reversals in the planet in order to realign the earth with their system through the wormholes and black hole system they created for that purpose.


This unnatural alien reversal black hole technology used by extradimensional entities, is not to be confused with the term Graviton. In physics, the graviton is a hypothetical elementary particle that mediates the force of gravitation in the framework of quantum field theory. If it exists, the graviton is expected to be massless (because the gravitational force appears to have unlimited range) and must be a spin-2 boson. String theory predicts the existence of gravitons and their well-defined interactions. A theory of quantum gravity is needed in order to reconcile these differences.[2]


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(Note: The first time LR saw the Gravitron in use and it was identified as a reversal black hole technology, was during Guardian gridwork projects after the Hurricane Katrina event in the Gulf region in August 2005.)

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