Heart of the Solar King

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November 2012 Meditation

Heart of the Solar King

This meditation is purposed for activating and opening the Inner Solar Temple in our heart complex through the Double Diamond Body Amplifier and accessing the Crystal Heart Seed and its Permanent Atom within our 8D Chakra. Through the initiation into the Crown of the Magi via the Aurora Crown’s 144 point Merkaba star, we activate the Four Living Creatures of consciousness in our 10D Chakra, or Solar Star. Through the Four Living Creatures, we call upon the Guardians of the 12 Pillars to Surround and Protect the Earth. As we breathe and sense our Oneness with the entire Universe, we ask to visit the Solar Temple within the Sun’s body.(The Heart Of the Solar King) We participate with the Solar Template Initiation and pass through the Rite of Anubis to gain access to the holy of holies, the altar of the Solar King, which is the heart of the RA Complex. This is to reunite the Solar King with the Earth, by igniting the crystal heart and returning the Inner Sun temple and its Soul back into the hearts of humanity.

TAGS: Double diamond body, crystal heart seed, 10D Chakra, Solar Star, 12 pillars, 4 living creatures, RA complex, inner sun temple, soul healing

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