Hebrew Tribe was holding the DNA codes for Soul Restoration

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Themes : person doing ancestral clearing, hitting new levels of consciousness merge with Avatar, embodiment and integration assistance, holder of Indigo portal, part of Sirian team participating in Jesus Christ or Jesus project, seeing this was sourced off planet, the pain at how the crucifixion distorted the unity field of Christ, the pain of how it was turned against humanity, connected to pain from last life in German holocaust, seeing the pattern of killing the Christ a Hebrew as the same as killing the Hebrews, the Hebrew tribe was holding the DNA codes needed for restoration. etheric session repair of 6th axiatonal line and portal of Indigo into the body, collecting and releasing trapped Sirian team members stuck in grids, releasing the guilt as team leader, allowing Forgiveness.

Opening: As we open our session here today what I feel is that a part of our connection and what I'm feeling from the mutual guidance as we open the field. In setting the intention fully through the sovereignty and freedom of our being and the highest expression of that source. We're opening our field to the cosmic intelligences and that, which is in service to the one self. As we open the field feeling what I refer to as the energetic architecture, which is the influence of our blueprint in what we are to express, what our aspirations and goals are as God consciousness. We are all a part of the infinite source and the oneness and yet there are very specific roles and expressions, which we've chosen as that consciousness to contribute to the planetary evolution and the human species evolution, and then that which simultaneously fulfills our own being in terms of our highest aspiration.

Ascension Host Mission

Generally through the course of our life we always have choice between the highest expression of our being and anything in between into the lowest expression of our being. What I feel with you is that clearly you came here as a host to this planet. There are a lot of variations of consciousness experiencing itself in form down here. One of the ways to try to simplify an understanding is that some of us as a consciousness have agreed to hold more space, to be a host of the Ascension. Meaning we are the ones that agreed to be the pioneers of shifting the paradigm, of going through the ascension and light body process. And to do that through our own being and our own experience is how we open the door of critical mass, to the balance of humanity in terms of the vast populations that are still really unaware that anything is happening on the planet at this time.

So it's like you're here to keep the promise of liberation and Ascension from this reality as an opportunity for the balance of the Consciousness that's been down here in the cycle for a very long time. Primarily what I'm feeling is you are a star seeded being, meaning you are an adult Indigo. A being that came in early in order to hold a percentage of consciousness that more beings would be able to hold later. So in a sense some of us that came in a little earlier, we all have our different challenges, but the challenge being that there wasn't as much frequency or vibrational alignment to support us. And therefore we felt at times very disoriented or disconnected or not supported, as the planet didn't quite have those frequencies that were familiar to us yet. So in a sense you brought in energy frequency and code that was not yet anchored in the planetary consciousness. So because your body is like a human acupuncture point, meaning that your conduit and transference of this particular energy happens through your physical vehicle, it created a lot of unique challenges for you.

And the words around this are very hard to express, because this does not denote any kind of value difference at all. But it's hugely important to understand one's role and orientation on the planet in terms of what we are here to express. You're being you chose some different setups let's say, as influence in your energetic architecture. And when I say energetic architecture I'm referring to the layers of your light body that I am experiencing when I connect to you. Each of those layers creates a story or expression of what you're here to express through you, what you're here to fulfill through you and what the source position of that is.

When I feel you I feel that you came in early and actually didn't have very much rest in between planes. I feel like today even though there is a big kind of expansion that I can feel in your history, I can feel that the guides are asking me to focus on the most recent or prevalent lifetime that is coming to conclusion and healing within you now. But what I'm seeing is that the first level of the context of understanding this framework is important for you, to ultimately fully shift this from your cells. And that's actually what's happening right now this whole year of 2008 is a completion cycle for you. There is a deep ancestral connection, when I say ancestral what I'm seeing is literally like a line that comes off of you into your family of origin and into the spiritual layers.

Service to Earth

Which shows me a level of responsibility that you accepted because of your service to this planet. And it's directly related to your experience as a consciousness in the lifetime you had before this one. And that's kind of rare I don't normally see that where I'm dealing with literally the lifetime before. Because all of our stations of identity all of our what is referred to as our past self is actually in simultaneous time. So even though we have many types of experiences in what we call our reincarnation or other lifetimes, what I'm feeling is the crème de la crème and very important in what you were here to express.

There's a relationship to a landmass on the planet into a tribe of beings that were traumatized and harmed during their particular experience here. In a sense you're like the watcher and being watched at the same time. So it's really important that you don't personalize this, because this was something that you agreed to hold as a part of your service. And sometimes that gets confused with "I did something". You didn't do anything. In fact what it is when were looking at this forgiveness piece, the forgiveness is actually very impersonal to you. What you did is you chose to assist one of the tribes on this planet that was specifically here to assist in human ascension. If we understand through the cycles of human evolution and species evolution of the human being, a part of that movement of consciousness and acceleration of consciousness was directly related to the building of DNA patterning in the physical biology. Okay.

Hebrew DNA or Hibiru Tribes

Now one of the tribes was holding a specific DNA genetic, that we could say was multidimensional. This particular tribe is one of many, but is one of the more well known tribes for persecution. That tribe is known to me as the Hibiru or the Hebrew, so the Hebrew was one of the 12 Tribes.

Even though we're all human and there is a divine template that creates the potential of the human biology who we are as form. Because as consciousness we have had experiences in all kinds of forms, some of them extraterrestrial that would be thought of as extraterrestrial to us, some of it as cosmic origin. But this is closer, it's interesting because you are a starseeded being but you chose to assist in a certain level of evolution. And this is like your specialty over many eons of time. You are here in this cycle to assist in the seeding process of rehabilitating DNA. And this is the understanding that the DNA is damaged or it is not functioning at its optimum, or it has been manipulated or unplugged or whatever the myriad of sources could have been. The level of the purity of consciousness having the experience through the form is limited to the structural integrity of the form, in which the consciousness is having its experience.

Now somewhere your higher self knew this, somewhere your Avatar being the part of you that is God consciousness and is aware multidimensionally, knew this and was aware of this. And this is the big I want to say purpose of your relationship to the Earth. There is something in this and honestly I have not expressed it or seen it like this before, so this is very unique and particular to you, in terms of your expression as a being your expression as a God consciousness.

So your Avatar self your God consciousness your Rishic self came here. And in your cycles of contributing to human evolution your primary objective, which seems to be your expertise of what you chose while you were here, working with the earth experiment and the human experiment, was to heal genetics. Was to heal and work with a particular tribe of genetics and to be able to hold the space for that. When you did this you incurred tremendous amounts of pain and suffering as a part of your cellular consciousness, because you adopted the tribe as a collective consciousness and you absorbed that into your cellular being.

Synthesizing Opposing Forces to Heal

Now why did you do this? You did this because you wanted to be able to synthesize and heal the opposing forces of that trauma. So a lot of what happened, a way to understand this, is when consciousness is having an experience and it is traumatized by something that it has experienced in form. It does not understand why this trauma has happening or what purpose is. A good example is when a being who is not connected to their source, not connected to their soul or their God consciousness. They're not connected and they don't know how to connect. They end up being killed in their physical body not knowing they are eternal beings. That trauma remains frozen in that level of the time matrix and many times those souls become stuck in patterns of belief, of fear and of limitation even when they are disembodied. Some of them get stuck in the astral planes and at various levels connected to grids on the earth.

Now what I'm feeling is this thing in your shoulder is this. What I'm getting to is the framework to understand how we're getting there. So this trauma that is experienced through the consciousness it generally fragments the soul. Meaning the consciousness of the being breaks down even when it's disembodied. So we tend to think when we leave the body, most of us don't really know what happens, but also maybe we believe we would become omniscient or connected. Most of us don't realize that we take our consciousness with us. Whatever we've experienced at every level means that's who we are going to be on the other side, when were not in our body anymore.

Holocaust Timeline in Germany

What happened over a series of different timelines, meaning certain events in human history many of which have been long forgotten, because they haven't been written of. They are connected to what happened in the genocide and the Holocaust that happen in Germany. Now when I feel your connection to Germany I'm feeling a couple of different things. This was your previous lifetime before this one, if we were looking at linear time space. Because in a sense even though all time is simultaneous there still is what we would call grid-work. That grid-work is the linear sequence of how these experiences create cause and effect in our consciousness. In a sense even though it's all simultaneous what happened when you were in that lifetime directly impacts and effects the linear sequence of who you would be and what you would become in this life. Who you were in the past timeline actually contributes and impacts you, in a linear type of sequence, in who you are in this moment of self. And this is how interesting it is, is this make any sense to you? (question...)

Yes, it's challenging to express because it is so a part of you, like you as a consciousness being were holding that esoteric knowledge and wisdom. So when I am talking about the Hebrews I'm talking about all of the mystic Gnosis of the Kabbalah. I'm talking about all of this you're a holder of all of that information. And as the holder of that information as a part of your consciousness there was a lot of human pain from this. What I'm actually seeing is that whatever happened in your experience in the prior lifetime that is directly connected to the landmass of Germany. And what happened there is also intersecting with several other timelines that are related.

What I feel like is once we get to the core of what this is, it spans like several lifetimes several experiences of the same exact patterning. But they are multiple layers of the holographic reality in terms of different time and space, where the exact same dynamic happened over and over and over again. But in different scenarios, different players different timelines, so this is interesting because in our most recent history we are aware of the Holocaust in Germany. But actually what I'm getting is that there were many, of the exact same thing playing out many other times. (question...).

Yes and it's all connecting it's almost like what we're looking at is healing archetype, healing the pattern and clearing it once and for all. By understanding the holographic architecture that holds up this archetypal pattern. Because what this basically is, when we understand that consciousness is influenced meaning our experience as humans our consciousness is influenced by the holographic architecture of the reality of this planet. So when we understand we're holographic our body is holographic the planet's holographic. What was going on is that at some point there was a direct shift where we could say the last level of evolution, the last cycle of human evolution has been a very dark one. Meaning that the consciousness down here and the biology, the physical self that was having this experience as a consciousness, was very damaged. Relative to its potential in terms of becoming a God being a multidimensional God being that was sovereign and free. What went on down here was a lot of different conflicts and a lot of different dramas where the human being is kind of like in an incubator. This is an experiment in consciousness and humanity in this time and space as we are experiencing it in the third dimension are babies. This is the baby consciousness it's very young and unaware of its impact in the world.

There are energies that have taken advantage of this and have used their understanding of holographic architecture to literally create and influence these patterns, to repeat over and over again until we actually get in there and understand that we're being manipulated. So what I'm actually feeling is this is why this is such a pet project for you. You took on a tremendous energetic burden and I'm going to use this word. But understand when I say energetic burden it means that in your compassion and love for this planet, you took on a difficult and challenging project. And that meant that your life would be sacrificed a little bit at a human level. What you're here to do is not what the average human being is here to do. It doesn't mean that you're better it's not about being better or less than.

When More is Given, More is Asked

It's all about literally the spiritual lineage. I think you understand that those of us that have been given more, there's more asked of us. Because we came into form and we agreed to hold this level of the spiritual truth it meant that we had a higher standard, because we knew better. Even though we had to grow into and wake up into our role. Because we didn't get our instruction manual and we really didn't understand that when we were born here.

So immediately as soon as you popped out you had issues with power struggles with people around you, because they were feeling this but not knowing how to relate to it. And I'm sure you didn't know how to handle your own power and it exacerbated the power struggles. Generally a being like yourself with this kind of imprint and with all of the other stuff that you hold, with the Hebrew and the Jewish mysticism. Because what you're holding is that the tree of life Kabbalah, is the core manifestation template of all form down here. So it's like you are holding a key to the hologram. And there are energies and entities that do not want you to understand this. Because if you understand the hologram you will get the keys to the kingdom and you will know how to open it up. And you are going to be doing this for humanity not for your own self-service.

Because it's like opening a hologram and literally understanding how to clear enslavement, debt and all of the enslavement devices that have been down here that have manipulated humanity as a consciousness from understanding its own free will and choice as a sovereign God being. What has gone on down here is a manipulation of those that have forgotten that they are source. There's a little bit of a disadvantage with the human being, because the human is not aware that there are all kinds of other interactions and other beings with us. We still all have no idea that we are a part of the stars, the stars are part of us, and that there's all kinds of influences going on that impact our consciousness. But we haven't taken any responsibility for that or had awareness of that.

Now what I'm feeling is this next cycle of time, what you've been prepared for now in this whole year has been a closure and a completion, to a level of everything you've been doing in the past. Because what I'm feeling is this information that we are sharing is going to be expanded upon in a much larger way. It's almost like this is the big burrito in terms of what you've been waiting for your whole life. This is that it's show time. This means that a level of your guardianship and a level of your stewardship to this Earth is going to be presented to you in terms of, are you ready and willing to accept that role by understanding who you are as a God consciousness. That to assume the guardianship and stewardship role of this planet is to understand the holographic architecture behind the form.

Now you have all the code for it, you have all the code for it in your consciousness. Now what it feels like is that you're getting prepared to hold this, you're going through a type of galactic activation or spiritual initiation to hold this consciousness. Because as we know this type of information has frequency and light code and the body has to be prepared to handle it. So I feel that's why this is going on. You've been taken out of the client situation because in a sense you're being reconfigured and retooled into this understanding. First of all you needed to be in your own energy, more so. I'm not sure whether you have felt kind of sequestered and isolated. Because I felt like you had to go into, it's like your molting. You had to go into the cave right now and you're getting baked, and your body is going through the changes cellularly and molecularly that are going to allow is off planet energy, because this is more Galactic.

It's like you're leaving in a sense the planetary consciousness down here and you're starting to connect into cosmic intelligence, meaning that which is connected to the divine plan, the understanding of the logos or the law of the divine plan. And this becomes something that just comes as a part of your knowingness you just start to sense a knowingness of the direction of where things are going. And your role now in a sense you're not in the same level of mental focus as everyone else.

There is a level where a lot of the light workers are still working on The Secret, the Law of Attraction. In a sense the wisdom of understanding what the law of attraction is, is that at a certain level of your spiritual development it's relative and at a certain level of your spiritual development it's not. What I'm feeling is for you it's turning into it's not. Because you as a being and as a consciousness have said I am here to serve God. So the level of creation, the manifestation of the level of your life is really in God's hands in a different way.

I mean I hope this is making sense I'm trying to explain this. It's like the only thing you need to do is to get yourself out of the way as much as possible. Everything is already created it's already done. The issue is timing and is the change in the inner part of you, because you're leaving the level of the third dimensional humanness. I mean you did a long time ago, but it's like you're leaving that hologram. And you're going to be in a form and you are going to look human still, but your energy is not going to be the standard human fair. You are here to literally bring in this level of cosmic intelligence, and we could call this the crystal consciousness of unification, meaning you are here to integrate you are here to synthesize you are here to unify and your body has been doing that work for some time now.

Physical Body is the Alchemist in Matter

So it's literally like understanding your physical self has been an alchemist. You have been synthesizing opposing forces inside your body your whole life as you got here. And now there is a level where that consciousness, that the cosmic consciousness is now attempting to embody within you physically. Where as before it was kind of like when you meditated and you go I am going to connect to my higher self, let me connect to God consciousness. lt's now in you, you know what I mean? Your experience of yourself is going to be changing and has been changing, but I feel like you're at the crux of that shift right now. And in the next three months is like an anchoring in and a movement forward into the next level of what you're here to do and be. But this year has been about closing, ending and completing literally. It probably was really hard and not much fun either, I can see the responsibility that you have been caring with that. You were getting reminded all the time don't forget me don't forget me.

You had to complete and do these clearings and healings and get through all the stuff like chop wood carry water during this time right now. It feels like all of this has to be out of there before this level of galactic activation can really start to come in. And which by the way starts anchoring around the sacrum area about an inch and a half beneath the navel. This is where you may start to feel some kind of different sensation in that area and within the back of your neck. So what I'm feeling is as that comes in, any of the addiction tendencies that are laid in the second chakra are going to be amplified. Because when that energy starts coming in like that anything that's been a remnant pattern in the second chakra, is going to be brought to the surface. So if you were feeling more of that smoking addiction I'm really feeling that was why. That area down there which is a part of the second chakra, but also there are some other constructs of the Light-body technology that are going on in that area. Our instinctual desire body is starting to merge with our higher emotional self, our second chakra is starting to merge with our fourth. And it's starting to heal in that way and as these energies start coming in, a lot of the times is like a purging. Very similar to when you do a detox of yourself and it gets worse before it gets better. (question...)

Phantom Death Energy

What I've noticed on this, is what I call the dropping density. Is that the new beings that came in the 80s, the Indigo and crystal consciousness that are here they have the plug-in. They are able to handle the energies a little bit easier than some of us old-timers. Not that we are old, but meaning we came in a little early to do it. So what I notice is that pre 1987 and especially like pre 60s, I notice that the transmutation process on the physical body is pretty harsh. And to share with you, there were times I wasn't sure if this was my time to leave. It feels very much like death energy when it's going on. And your asking, okay am I going through the dropping density or is this my ticket out of here. Sometimes it's so severe you're not sure about that.

What I've come to find out is that for those of us on this consciousness path with these particular agreements, the physical body is the Holy Grail. It's all happening in the physical body and it's really important to be in the physical body. Because for a while I thought are we going to drop the body, what's going on with this? So feel what feels right for you, but in my conversations with the guardians and the guidance on this, they are very firm about the fact that this is all about embodiment, biological embodiment of these codes. And there are some of us that are doing this of course a little bit earlier than the masses or the rest. It's all about getting that embodied into the physical, and in order to do that we are changing the carbon-based biology into less dense states.

So everything that you said, the throwing up, however the body is going to drop density it's been doing it. Like extremely aggressively in the past few years especially. It appears that we have a queue or a time cycle to meet and that time cycle is now. Because as far as I'm aware at this time this is the first wave of galactic consciousness coming in. Meaning that we are accessing outside of the planetary planes and coming into the cosmic intelligences, which is the merging of the nonhuman intelligence with human intelligence. Or we can say the anti-life force with the life force. My understanding has been that the physical body we were born into as a consciousness when we came into the physical body, the physical body was comprised of anti-Lifeforce. Meaning that force deteriorates and eventually dies but our consciousness never does. Yet we are here to bring our eternal consciousness with a finite part of our body to merge this. And it seems that this is the next level of our embodiment and our experience of our self. Which again seems pretty intense and amazing and I think very hard to really fathom what were going to be experiencing. But it seems like there is a group of us doing that now.

As soon as you mentioned (City in Australia), I really felt that you're going to be going there shortly. It feels like it's the next step, and it's interesting because I don't know Australia, but I can feel it. If I look at the global map and I feel into Australia, I feel the coast on west side of the island. In the landmass over there and I can feel that something is going on and on the seaboard. Like at a planetary grid level something is happening on the eastern seaboard over there. I can see the entire landmass and I see a line on the seaboard, and it feels like you're either stabilizing the grid or you're doing some work in there. But in a sense when I say doing work there honestly I really feel that you're moving into more of a level of pure presence. It's understanding that your body is becoming its own technology of God. Just literally you holding the energy of who you are and being somewhere logistically, has an impact.

What I feel is you're doing your integration work in (City in Australia) and then when you anchor or complete this, then you go there. I feel like you're in (City in Australia) to finish what were talking about. It's like your baking and you're not done yet. There is something but it's bodily, it's physical, it's like you're being baked. And that is a part of the spiritual initiation I'm talking about. Your body is being prepared to hold a different level of frequency and of consciousness and you're doing that in (City in Australia). And I feel you're not leaving there until that's done. I don't know why it's got to be done there, but I can feel that's why you're there.

I mean that's why you're kind of in limbo. I can almost feel like the energies are holding you there, like you have got to do it there. But it does feel like you are very close though, like you're coming to a level of completion of whatever that is that is integrating into your body consciousness. And I can feel literally when it is anchored in and it integrates, it's almost like you're in process right now. Like you're in the middle of processing and when this is complete, at whatever level this is. Because we are eternally processing for God sakes, but there's a level of download, process and integrate.

Avatar Collective

We have a cycle with how that comes into our bodies and I feel like this is a very big integration this is a very big download. Because it's more than just an informational download this is a consciousness download this is a galactic activation this is an intelligence. Even though the process is kind of the same it's a little bigger and it's a little different. Because what I'm feeling is we're used to frequency downloads, we're used to processing stuff for the planet and ourselves. This is more about integration of an aspect of your higher self-identity, a level of your divinity. This next level, the best I can describe it is intergalactic consciousness. I refer to the collective consciousness as an Avatar. So it's an Avatar consciousness and however that is going to be embodied that seems to be happening with you now. Honestly it feels like everything that's happened in your life, especially this year, has been directly designed for this because your body has to be at a certain vibrational match for this to happen. It almost feels like clockwork, and alarm went off about 2 and half to 3 years ago and you just started a program. The program was get as much of a density out of the body as you possibly can, so that you could meet this timeline where your Avatar and Galactic self would start to connect into the body.

It isn't often spoken of but a lot of people on the spiritual path have a fallacy that when you connect into really high frequencies of light or light energy, that you're going to feel vitalized and great. And what most people don't understand is beings like you, and the family of consciousness that does the polarity integration work, we're laying the groundwork for that. And when we do it a lot of the times we're sick because our physical body has got to alchemically transfer that light coding and frequency into the physical body. So in a sense it's like a spiritual detox. This incredible frequency light force higher refined vibration comes into the body and the body is still carrying the density from the snapshot in which it was created. So when you understand that when you were born, you came in and took a snapshot of the planetary magnetic field from the 1950's. That means when you came in 1956 you're holding the planetary field frequency, whatever that average was when you came in, that's what you've got to transform. That's a lot of work! So that's why in 1987 when the Indigos really started to come in, the young adult and baby indigos, they at least had a fourth dimensional energy down here to work with.

There was much more frequency on the planet at that time that would support that level of consciousness. When you came in that wasn't there. And you designed it that way. It's understanding that's why the physical body has had so much more, extreme physical work. And really taking out of it that your body is not sick in a third dimensional understanding of being sick, your body has an intelligence and a technology and it is attempting to drop all vibrational waste, all vibrational density that is not in alignment to this level of your galactic or cosmic consciousness. It is dropping that out. So you had to go through all kinds of machinations in order for that to happen. And for many of us it is sometimes so intense it has a phantom death quality to it. And do know as well that virus and microorganisms play a part in that. So many times we're trying to figure out how to moderate the balance of all of that, because the virus is being used to burn out patterns in the DNA and bacteria is being used to really heal miasmas and ancestral miasma that are held genetically in the form.

So when we're at that level sometimes were filled with bacteria and virus and it's a little scary, like my God I'm just one big infection. And the body is trying to move that through. So as long as we become aware that this is a part of our ascension and we don't go into fear, because that is the challenge for a lot of us is we don't have a context. When your body is quote unquote sick, you don't know if you're supposed to go to the doctor. It is, it's pretty challenging. So it's very clear for us in this family of consciousness to remember that the physics of our body going through these vibrational changes and shifts just is what it is. And as we experience this to make sure that we don't go into fear around it, because it's the fear that creates the real problem. Somebody may drop the body if they are unable to really understand what's going on there, because that's really the challenge we're going to be having in the coming years here.

The frequencies and energies coming on to this planet now are so intense and have not been on this planet, according to guardians like this, it's never happened. So we're supposed to be in completely new and uncharted territory. Meaning that as a consciousness in a form as dense as we are in the third dimension. What we're attempting to do with accessing the level of consciousness that we have available now, has never happened before in the history of the human being. So that's pretty amazing when you understand what were doing right now. But in the same token, what will happen is because these frequencies and energies and light are being introduced and bombarded into the planet, on the surface now the human beings that are not prepared for this are having trouble. And one or two things will happen. The light will either break down the genetic integrity of the form if the being is not open to the shift of expanding his consciousness into the new way. Because again as you know, you can't control this process you can't be in ego. This is all about surrender adaptability and flexibility in the now moment. And we have to master that, there's no choice if we are going to stay here and do this work that's what we have, that's it. So most of the beings on this planet do not have that tool of understanding, so the more you resist and constrict and have fear the worse it's going to be for you in that experience.

Clearly our family of consciousness has our work cut out for us. I think this is one of the reasons why we're moving to the next level and we are endeavoring to hold stewardship space. Because there's going to be a whole new level of awakenings coming and people are going to be looking for support and help. And just to share that with you because that is you. You are going to be in another level of service, but of course that's your fulfillment and joy as well. And I think it's more about actualizing yourself in ways that you haven't had the experience in form yet. (question...) I have got to say it has something to do with the holographic architecture. I don't know how it's being applied but what I'm understanding is this. This new level of consciousness that's coming in, this God consciousness is the technology of God. It's almost like you're becoming the eyes, ears, nose of God, and that God consciousness working through you is zero point energy, it's neutral energy.

Electric Male and Magnetic Female

Our body is moving from polarity of electromagnetism, the electric male and the magnetic female and the merge of those particles and the sacred intermarriage of the masculine and feminine. Shifts the body consciousness out of the charge of the positive negative pole and into a neutral field, into the zero point field. And in the zero point field that consciousness once it is supposedly embodied, however were doing this, dissolves or clears anything that is an illusion or out of integrity with itself. So what I'm feeling is that a part of this is going to be being-ness, like pure presence of what you're holding. And you are going to understand that what you are being asked to do is bear witness, that's it. You're being asked to bear witness to the memory programming, or the experiential trauma that is hidden in the cells of the human being that maybe a part of your practice or client or body of work. And that by witnessing this what I'm feeling is that you're going to be doing the witnessing work, but also there is some kind of format you are going to be empowering people to do their own spiritual work. It's kind of like the difference of the guru is within you and giving the self-empowering tools.

In a sense what's gone on is in this last cycle of evolution, which when we look at 1987 the last 20 years of evolution of this consciousness, it's really been about sugarcoating. It's been a lot of love and light syndrome and nobody wants to deal with her shadow stuff. What we are coming into the wisdom of understanding is that our accountability and responsibility to our consciousness development includes a perfect neutral association and an understanding of what polarity actually is. And the new age has kind of done a disservice, even though I think it was a necessary part of instigating the evolutionary journey for the human being. I mean you can only give somebody as much as they are ready to handle at the time they can receive it. And I think the last 20 years has been, let's bring in the concepts of we're all one.

First Stage Awakening is Psychism

It's more like planetary consciousness and you can see there's been a lot of material such as angels and paranormal and the beginning of UFOs stuff. You see the movies on television and the movies getting made and there are so many more paranormal things being introduced to the masses. And I think that was really the first level of human enlightenment is psychism, is understanding well gee maybe there is another dimension. Because what happened with the human being is there is so much fear around unknown fear around death fear around what happens to me on the other side. Why is it people are so terrified of this?

In a sense all of this over the last 20 years has been about getting people over their fear desensitizing bringing in quantum mechanics and talking about all this. I think that's reached its level of cycle where it's coming to an end. The next cycle is beginning and is really what were talking about, which is the embodiment of understanding the opposing forces that are necessary in creation, without judging them. Helping people understand the difference between judgment and discernment. Energetic discernment is different than applying judgment, which is an ego function. (question...) And so the body of work that I'm feeling with you, involves what I'm speaking of. It's been unpopular in the last 20 years as a facilitator or a quote unquote healer, because a healer is not really the term that we are. We hold the space and we allow God consciousness to do whatever it's going to do basically. But we call ourselves healers because in the third dimension nobody really understands the other part of it. But that has become misconstrued in a sense where people are not taking responsibility for their own personal power. They're saying you heal me I'm coming to you for you to heal me. And this this is ending now this type of thing is ending now.

I feel like you're getting your feet wet, right now you're riding a new bike. It's kind of like this is a part of the integration that's happening to you right now. Because what I'm absolutely feeling is your body of work and your spirit embodiment happen exactly at the same time. It's almost like this new part of you is birthing a new consciousness right now. And it's happening in a very physical way. It's kind of like saying we know the drill we've been doing this a long time and we know what it is to go through spiritual initiation. But what's interesting about this is that much of the consciousness work that we have been doing has been working with the higher subtle energy bodies of our spirit, contacting and creating the links that connect us into our spiritual forces into the spiritual layers of our intelligence.

Now what I'm feeling is that we are somehow bringing that into the physicality in a way that is very hard to describe. Because it's like instead of accessing it we are it now. It's like it's going to be a part of us at a cellular level, where as before we had to meditate, we had to connect to it. Because the human part of us that was in 3D, still wasn't able to actually become part and parcel with the God consciousness we are, or with this level of divinity we are. I feel like this part of us is embodying in a new way that we have not experienced before. And the consciousness embodiment is directly related to our new spiritual purpose. It is literally like our contract and our agreements that we came in with at third dimensional level, as you and I, I am going to work on my ancestral clearing and I'm going to do the family of origin stuff. This feels like this is ending like that tour of duty is over.

Now the issue is presence and the embodiment. The work is actually getting this in the body, because it wasn't in the body physically. Like however that process is actually happening, the cellular shift, that is literally when you don't have to create anything anymore. This is what I'm feeling. We've been so confused over our level of how we co-create our reality. Because what happens is these things go on where we are in limbo for such a long time because we're not quite understanding the planetary impact that we are subject to. Like at this point we are completely subject to the planetary timeline. I mean if you think that you and I are going to do anything just because we said we're going to do it, that doesn't work for us anymore.

If you start to apply your personal will in ways you get corrected don't you? Don't you get corrected? The second you try to say okay I'm sick of this limbo I need to make a decision. You notice you get a correction energetically something happens to prevent you from doing it. What's going on is because of the development of our light body, at the levels we have agreed to carry. Because the people that are successful with The Secret in applying their personal will, are at a certain level of development in mastery of their energetic selves. In a sense what's going on in the third dimension if you understand what 3D is, we can use our chakras as a model, it's just the first three layers of our chakras. That's where most beings are processing their consciousness is those three chakras. And so someone who is working at that level can utilize the Law of Attraction and through their personal will pretty easily. Once they learn how to do that because that's the energetic mastery when you're at that level of consciousness, that is what they're working with.

So you're not subject to that anymore you're basically subject to the evolution of planetary consciousness. Which means your personal will is not really a part of it anymore. And so you're learning how to be the divine will, and I think right now you've been in a very uncomfortable growth phase that transition from personal will to divine will. Because it's a whole new set of instructions the way we manifested in the past doesn't work for us anymore. (question...)

Necessity of Beingness

I totally agree, I couldn't emphasize that more about how on schedule you are. I agree with you, we go through the phase of development where we are a little confused. Because it feels like were in a void of nothingness. Where you feel like you are in the void, like am I being underutilized, should I be doing something action oriented to make a decision or to shift the circumstance I'm in? But when you keep coming back to checking in through your own internal mechanism, you can feel that you're only thing right now is to be. It's all about being-ness. We've been going through a learning process with that. And when we were born obviously it was appropriate for us to be action oriented, to put our selves in the world and to project our energies in the world and we were trained to do that. In a patriarchal system we were trained to activate our masculine principle and to be an active energy force all the time. Which then created all the belief systems of doing-ness. I need to do in order to be productive and successful and achieve my goals. I need to apply and do.

Now we're in that whole different level of learning where the consciousness is saying okay that's enough, you've done that. Now it's time for you to deprogram everything that you have done up to that point, because now your job is to just find the being-ness. And in the being-ness you become the pure presence and the pure presence is the power. And then the power of God within you is what manifests everything without you even having to do anything. It just is. And I think this is where we're going. But it's directly related to our embodiment.

Dropping Density and Integrating

So what I'm feeling with you in terms of your process right now is that you have been dropping density on an extremely accelerated program. All of that was about dropping density. You had to drop vibrational density and get through the miasmas, those ancestral and family of origin things. I mean you have been working it pretty hard. And it was because you were meeting yourself at a particular time and space. So it's like you had to get that done before you could get to this point where your physicality was able to handle the frequency and the intelligence of this divinity that is seeking expression through you in this new way.

And that's really where you are at right now. You are in what feels to me to be the final baking process. And it's a process and this is going to anchor for you, I can't tell you exactly when but it's not far off. And when this happens it's literally like an anchoring, it anchors and drops into your body and it's like kerplunk, it's in there it's stable. And once it's stable it becomes part and parcel with your expression in the world, like your mission. How that is going to be expressed is directly related to this divinity coming in. And my feeling around it is there are the broad strokes, the similarity of what you already know. You know yourself to be a facilitator of consciousness, a quote unquote healer, but now this archetype is being transformed into an integrator into a unifier and into an empowerment. Into someone who is an example of empowerment and is supporting that empowerment, through the application of however this happens. Honestly more than individual this feels more group oriented to me.

So it feels like you're learning and understanding your own hologram, meaning the layers of your light body and how this consciousness is coming in. And then you're going to somehow bear witness to that and understand that you are becoming the observer. And through the observing consciousness is where the miracles happen. In a sense your body is a vessel of God consciousness, your body is becoming a vessel of God technology and it is literally the consciousness of that vibration that dissolves the illusion. It's like the illusion cannot hold in that frequency, and that also means in others.

Observer Being Observed

So meaning that when you are observing, the observer being the observed, and you are observing the being that is refracting a projection of a consciousness back to you. There's something within that being that as you hold that consciousness of observer and you witness the events that you need to witness. Because the events what I'm feeling is the events, like say the consciousness that has trauma and that is embedded in the bodies. Because it's really like the physical bodies have been traumatized down here from the experience of being disconnected from its own source, and out of harmony with its source. And being out of harmony has created all this breakdown in the genetic material of the physical body. So as the source energy is returning through you as a facilitator, because the interesting thing is the bodies have to be prepared vibrationally. It's like a stairstep if you plug someone into 5000 Volts they are going to spontaneously combust. So it's literally done in a stairstep process.

But I feel somehow that you are going to be involved more directly even though you've been doing this already, in genetically rehabilitating the body. I don't know how that's going to translate exactly. But I feel like the core manifestation template of the light body, somewhere this higher consciousness of you, this being that it is you understands how that works and is going to holographically repattern the matrix, of the manifestation template of the form. And of course to those that have said yes because it's all about choice. But the beings that are attracted to you, literally the core of it is genetic rehabilitation. And it's through the genetic rehabilitation that the being can connect to its source. The issue is, what I'm seeing actually is that there are many beings that have been genetically damaged to the extent, that it's very difficult for them to connect to their soul matrix.

What I'm feeling is that you're going to help with that reconnection. Because the issue is the being cannot experience its soul. It may understand the concept of it, but the intellectual concept of the soul is much different than experiencing it. How do you actualize the soul in the body? People understand soul but what they are connecting to is intellectual it is not experiential. Do you understand what I mean by that, about the difference? So there's something happening in many beings and even those that call themselves light workers. They are not understanding the difference between the intellectual concept of spirit, and the experiential reality of it. Like it cannot be separate anymore.

You know how people, there's like a level of spirituality that can almost be a trend or a fad. And the person that is experiencing it from that level, they don't realize that they're treating it that way. Because they only know what they know, at the level they can experience it. So it's kind of like doing yoga. You go do yoga and yoga is a major spiritual technology, but all dressed up with all this other stuff. And it becomes something else rather then really about anchoring the soul consciousness in the body. What I'm feeling is that you're going to be supporting, however the genetic rehabilitation is working here, through the holographic template of which you understand this. However this is going to be extrapolated. The being is going to experience it's soul it's consciousness of heart.

Astral Bliss Drunkenness

Because basically what has happened, is when we understand the heart is the first level of the spiritual awakening of many human beings. What's happened, okay I'm getting some guidance on this, thank you so much. What they are showing me is that the astral body of the human being has been completely screwed with and has been completely damaged. And what's happened to the light workers the beings that are here to be the light bearers, what's happened is they opened their heart consciousness and they got trapped in there. And they didn't understand that the astral plane is the plane of illusion.

So in a sense what goes on is that when you get stuck, because let's face it when you start feeling some of the blissed out stuff you don't want to leave there. So what happens is they get drunk on that and they are not able to move forward. Because they are cycling in the drunkenness of the illusion of the astral plane not realizing that the astral is not an enlightened plane. There are higher levels of experience in the astral but the astral body was designed to be the emotive sense. It's the synthesizer of the material force of the body the higher chakra lower chakras merge in the heart.

But what I'm seeing is that most beings that are light workers, they got to their heart initiation and got stuck there. And they weren't realizing how to open the higher heart centers, to open into the next gateway in the cosmic consciousness. It's literally like they are cycling in the astral and they're getting caught up in the illusion of that. It prevents them from implementing that consciousness in an actualized way. They're not actualizing that consciousness because they are stuck in a loop in it. They're talking about it and they're conceiving it but it's still coming from mind it's not coming from being. And the being is literally the divine will access of the light body happens more in the throat, and in the higher centers.

So there's a confusion where beings are not understanding the discernment between personal will and divine will. There is nothing outside of God, God consciousness period. We can call ourselves and that's where there's a fine line of confusion, when we say I am God we are. We absolutely are there is no separation between us and God, we are God. Yet, the ego can misconstrue this. So there is something in that delicate balance of discernment, which is going to be your specialty or a particular level of the foundation of your body of work. Like who you are and how it's expressed and it's all about empowering the individual into the experience of their own God consciousness. But there seems to be a reeducation or rehabilitation that's going to be going on. Honestly, what it feels like to me is that you're going to be a healer's healer, more so. This feels like light workers that are coming to you, like beings that are needing to go to the next level and don't know how. (question...)

Polarity Integrator

I have a language for that and I call that the polarity integrator. It's understanding the alchemy inherent in that is the transformation that occurs. That's exactly it, this is you, you understand the alchemy. The higher self of you is an alchemist you are an alchemist. And that is understanding that through the purity of God consciousness these opposing forces create the illusion of polarity. Hence, we need to understand it because all of creation is hinging on polarity. Meaning that form can only take place as we know it in the carbon-based biology down here, form has taken place through the process of alchemy between opposing forces. And when we understand these opposing forces without judgment we bring neutrality into it. Hence, the merge can occur the unification can occur. And that is a part of the completion of the divine human and I think we're here to be a prototype and an example and to assist in that completion of the human, meaning moving from polarity and into true unification. And I feel even though we understand the principles of unity from a mental level, because of how this system is in a third dimensional reality experiencing this as a consciousness. I don't think we can actually experience true unity consciousness until we are transcended of the polarity within our own form. Because our holographic light body is polarized in electromagnetic charge, that charge creates duality period.

As long as we are in bodies that are polarized we really can only experience unity from a mental understanding of that. Not really an experiential level. And even though I think we're on the cusp of this, I think that's where we're going, our body consciousness. And then as facilitators that is going to be a source piece of our facilitation work, is going to be that. Understanding the alchemy and that the physical body and it's various levels of preparation to assist it in that change. (question...) And so let's ends the first part of our session, and open a field.

Etheric Session

Beloveds thank you. Again we opened in the cosmic crystal consciousness from the intention, I am God I am Sovereign I am Free. As we call upon those that serve the light and Law of One, the Guardian races and our beloved teams, the infinite God source of our creation and those of our star families, all those master teachers and guidance of this being and myself. Beloveds we ask to work together in the highest capacity of exchange of God's infinite light, infinite love and infinite power. Beloveds thank you so much.

As we open the field, again in your personal field just take a moment to bring your focus of consciousness within your third eye. And we are igniting a platinum field this is the energy of the Aurora and cosmic Christ consciousness. As we put a protective fiel, igniting your own body and your own pillar of light, and through our third eye we're connecting. Then in your own minds eye feel yourself stepping into our sacred container and circle, again it's of the cosmic crystal consciousness. Allowing our selves to fully open and acknowledge the infinite source of one love, one light. Beloveds thank you. In the highest capacity of exchange of the God's infinite light source, we ask all that is in service and in order of priority for this being at this time, in the personal and cosmic source fulfillment of her being. We ask that all that is revealed at the deep source causation, as we are ready to move beyond all fear in order to fulfill God's plan on Earth and beyond.

We personally pledge to open into the infinite source and commit to the declaration of our intention of service to the God source, one source one self. Beloveds, thank you. Okay directly what I'm looking at is both sides of your shoulders actually representing the Indigo energy on the right side and the seventh dimensional violet flame on the left side of the female. What I'm seeing is that there is a recoding necessary first, of the Indigo energy coming in on your right side. Now for a moment look at your ring finger on your right hand, this is the sixth dimensional Axiatonal line that is of the Indigo light. This Axiatonal line is like a coaxial cable of sixth dimensional Indigo frequency that comes up vertically from that finger on your right side, on your right-hand side masculine. As well as the same toe on your right-hand side and it comes up into the area right on your right shoulder, literally like where your shoulder indentation comes into your chest is an opening of Indigo frequency. This is the first layer of the sixth dimensional Indigo light as it comes in.

What's happening, what I'm seeing is that when you came in to incarnation into I mean this is eons ago, you came in through a sixth dimensional portal or you are working with the sixth dimensional portal. It's really interesting to see this because I see you were a part of the instrumental builders of that wormhole. It's almost like saying how the crystal consciousness of the Indigo beings, were able to actually embody into a third dimensional consciousness form. Because again understanding that our role down here was to improve the quality of the biology so that higher frequencies of consciousness could actually embody itself in the human form. So what I'm seeing is that you have history or memory as a part of the sixth dimensional portal opening. And that you were sort of like a Council, you were holding a Council as an emissary through the Syrian races, that was allowing consciousness that was coming through the sixth dimensional portal.

In a sense I'm feeling you like the cosmic mother of the Indigos. You are holding the consciousness of that, allowing a portal access that allowed the new Indigos to come in through the sixth dimensional portal. You've been like a protector and a holder of the sixth dimensional frequency code. What I'm seeing there is something here that just needs to be witnessed, acknowledged and released through the understanding of your exponential history. And that record of memory that has been held within your consciousness and being and has now been manifested as a part of the soreness and the pain that actually is felt there. So again please take us into the deeper levels of causation, it's time to release and we bear witness and acknowledge all that is in service to this divine being. In deep love and gratitude, we thank you so much.

So please release and remove any conflict or trauma or experience from this. Okay, something about levels of consciousness or fragments stuck there, okay. Please only take in what feels right for you honey, because what I'm getting is the forgiveness issue. There is something about this is an identity, this is a level of experience that you have had that is a nonhuman intelligence. What that means is that as a human being, there is an aspect of you that was Sirian and that was a part of the[[ Sirian Council consciousness. And was a part of the Galactic emissary work that opened and assisted the sixth dimensional portal opening, so that levels of consciousness could actually embody in form. Something happened that was I would say created some guilt. What I want to say is, and what I'm dealing with is the extraterrestrial part of you, this is your Sirian self that we are healing.

Your Sirian self is the source the origination of that memory. So literally what we're accessing is we wouldn't call this a past life, this would be a future life. This is a future aspect of your self that is existing on the sixth dimensional level. It's an aspect of identity and this aspect of identity has been merging with you for a long time and is a part of the information that is come through you. And yet it is now time, it's almost like as we move up the music of the spheres into the higher octave vibrations, what you've been doing is healing the various levels of your identity from a human level. You had many lifetimes as a human being in this last cycle, not as many as most of the people that have been stuck here.

What I'm seeing is that you were, like from the future. Your consciousness was from the future, meaning that you had an experience in a memory and a genetic that you retained from the future. You brought it back into the past and brought it back with you. This part of you is needing to be acknowledged and healed right now, because there was some trauma or some events that happen at that level of consciousness, from agreeing to come back into a place. I want to say this, for some reason the best way I can describe this is, your Sirian self and the beings who agreed. Because you were a leader there and you said okay this is what's going on, this is what we're going to do this is our plan so to speak.

And what happened is consciousness that you had worked with, they trusted you and you brought them with you and they got trapped here. Meaning that they didn't know they were going to come into physical form and that they would be trapped on the astral planes of reincarnation for a long time. And the pain of being stuck in the wheel of karma down here, you felt a responsibility for that. It really was something that weighed very heavy on your heart, as it was because of their trust in you that they agreed to actually come back and be a part of this experiment. And so something happened along the way, to your team of Sirian consciousness and we would also equate them to be Indigos as well.

So sixth dimensional level of consciousness, at that level of consciousness experience it was a nonhuman form. And that project was given to them, you were the head of a project you brought a bunch of beings down here with you. Some of them got lost in the reincarnational wheel and you somehow lost touch with them. Something happened and it created a lot of trauma for you and for them. Because at that time it was not understood that we would be able to return home. So that consciousness is down here thinking that it's not going to return home, and it's holding the suffering of that pain of feeling separation.

Which is interesting because this is a little bit different than being separated from the source consciousness. It's an energy and a consciousness that is homesick for its Sirian memories, or its Sirian family. So we're going to bring in our Sirian family we are going to bring in the Indigo consciousness, we are going to bring in all of those beloved beings to be reclaimed and returned into the source. Okay so this is a reclamation.

What we're doing is we're opening a field and were putting in and assisting a clarion call to all Indigo consciousness Sirian consciousness, that which has been fragmented or has suffered through the wheels of karma down here. Because in a sense what went on is the Sirian consciousness did not understand karma, did not understand that what was going on down here in the human form was that the body was subject, vibrationally to the cycle. If you couldn't reach the vibrational consciousness, like say they couldn't reach their Sirian consciousness vibration, the body then would drop and their consciousness would be stuck on the astral plane. And they thought they were returning home, they didn't know that they were going to have to go through the cycle that many times.

So something went awry or something was not as it was expected and there was a responsibility that you held as a part of that trauma. Because you were like a group leader or you were project manager and a part of this. So again in calling back all aspects of the being, I'm going to address... Oh my God, okay these were the councils of Jesus. Okay, the being that was a consciousness that was involved with coming into the earth, had made these agreements to bring the covenants through the sixth dimensional consciousness. So what I'm seeing here is that there were these specific councils that were offshoots, and the offshoot of this Sirian Counsils, I want to say the Azures, they were related to the Essenes and they were related to the Cathar lineages. They came in here and it's funny because Jesus is a Hebrew. Because what I'm getting is that the Hebrew lineage, that Jesus chose that body on purpose. Because that consciousness was bringing in the Hebrew lineages and changing something in the timeline, when he actually embodied in that consciousness. He brought with him a team this was a group project this wasn't just about a man named Jesus walking around the earth.

He had a team of beings. What I'm seeing is that you were involved in this project. And there was a something about viewing what happened and how it got construed that broke your heart. The original highest expression or desire of the covenant of the Christ energy was to understand Christ wasn't just one being. It was the potential of the entire human race the human species was designed as a unification principle of all levels of consciousness. And that is what defined the word Christ the Christ was the unification of all levels of consciousness. What happened down here was the antithesis to unification. And there was pain from realizing what happened through the covenant of the Christ. How the Christ principle became construed and how the crucifixion was fabricated. And that crucifixion of the Christ, when the Christ principal came down what happened is the opposing forces that were suppressing humanity from actually reaching its potential of consciousness as a Christ, came in here and took the Christ principal and used it as a tool to literally enslave the masses, into the religious programming that became the fundamental Christian movements.

So what I'm seeing is that there is suffering and pain from witnessing this and having been a part of that experience, as the memory within yourself and with the family of consciousness. You share the burden of that, which is something that you carried. So again were going to ask that all ancestral burden be released through the consciousness of the unification of the source. Again in the infinite benevolence and grace of God itself, in deep love and gratitude, we thank you for this opportunity and for this experience. We ask that all beings that have suffered or have had an experience of trauma or fragmentation from this experience, to be returned into the arms of the cosmic Mother and of the Godhead it self.

We call upon the Aurora races and those that assist in the passageway of those releases through their proper time and space continuum, to assist in the passage of those beings. Okay for whatever reason I need to open a portal to collect to them. So what I'm doing is I'm sending out an aqua this is like a turquoise vortex. What's happening is the Indigo beings are being recoded from their Indigo color into their turquois. There's something about the turquoise ray is the opening into the galactic core, which is the opening in and out of this universe. So again in your mind's eye for a moment if you connect to the aqua color, we're opening a vortex to the zero point field, again 0.144 space alignment. As we open the field beloveds please anchor lockdown and seal through the time matrix. We ask to collect all of our Sirian brothers and sisters, all of those through the project management of this being through all time and space. We send out the clarion call to re-collect and reclaim our beloved family of light our beloved Indigo consciousness family. All of those that had been in service to that time and space, all of those that are related through this dispensation of the covenant of the Christ, through that timeline, to now be returned into the source light and merged with the source Creator. Please return all in alignment to the highest expression of their being, fully merged, complete whole and returned.

This this is so interesting. There were levels of consciousness here that thought they were going to be forgotten, like left here. And that's what we're making sure we're not forgetting anybody. We know you're here, were not leaving you here. We know what happened we are witnessing what happened, we love you and we're definitely not leaving you here. So we are collecting all of those beings and again this is through the memories of what you're holding, within your own consciousness light body. Again so all that is connected ancestrally multidimensionally through all time and space, we open the space now through the blessings of the infinite grace here fully reclaimed renewed and sustained in the eternal perpetually sustained renewed light in the infinite source, fully completely and totally here and embodied now. We open the gateway and the portal of that consciousness into completion and wholeness. Beloveds, okay they're still collecting. I'm seeing some Seraphim helping us, thank you so much.

Beloved's the Seraph consciousness, again this is the winged ones the angelics, I'm seeing the Seraphim races. Because I guess some of them are collected, I don't know I'm seeing that relationship to the Gold Seraphim returning the Seraphim consciousness into the wholeness from that particular time and space. Please collapse any obsolete holographic memory, holographic identity and every timeline that can be collapsed return the consciousness back into the source. Remove and release and correct all sacrifice, belief, experience. Through all time and space, through the parallels through all time and space. Okay, this is a big one. It's going through several different timelines and collapsing them. So what happens is that as we return the consciousness that had been trapped in these various timeline spaces, these levels of memory, there is nothing to sustain them anymore if there is no memory there holding it in place. We are returning it through the neutron window, which for me is riding on a turquoise or aqua wave. We are sending all of that through the Sirian portal and out into the Galactic Core. Beloveds thank you so much.

I am seeing many levels of beings through spinning fields being released back into their merge, back into the source light. Having been separated for a very long time. Thank you so much beloveds.

Again we apply the infinite unconditional love, unconditional compassion, and unconditional forgiveness. Okay, that forgiveness being instituted again on the physical layers of the body. The physical layers of the body being a portal holding that level of consciousness and that was on the right shoulder. In a sense the shoulder was like a burden that you held. There is a saying; holding the burden of the world on your shoulders. Interesting that that burden was being held right where the Indigo light comes into the body.

So in a sense it's understanding your body is like a gateway, a Stargate if you will. And that our chakras and where certain levels of our rainbow light, our light code comes into our own light body and then animate our physical body. The Indigo the first level of particle of the sixth dimensional wave spectrum that is Indigo, when it comes into our light field, the location in our body is literally the right shoulder. So when the right shoulder opens that level of frequency and consciousness, then it goes to these Axiatonal lines and it's all on the right side. It's interesting too because this is masculine principle force as it's held within the body. So what I'm feeling is that this is a level of completion. I feel this source, this is like absolutely amazing to me. This is the source of the event that happened in the Holocaust in Germany. It's like seeing that the crucifixion of the Christ is the killing of humans. You know what I'm saying? So the Holocaust and what happened there, in a sense is the same thing as the crucifixion of Christ. Those beings were crucified and sacrificed in the name of something, in the name of God.

Because actually what was going on there even though it was sick and twisted, is the beings that were doing that believed they were doing this in service. As sick and that is they felt that was the whole thing about the Aryan races. They were manipulated to kill the Hebrews when the Hebrews were the ones that held the resurrection code of the Christ. So what was going on there is that negative forces were manipulating humans to kill each other. It's literally the divide and conquer, if we kill each other our power is dissipated because we are here to unify. The Christ consciousness has nothing to do with Christ in the way it's been construed. Christ means unified, unifying everybody across the board there is no separation.

So that Christ consciousness was a code that the Hebrews were holding. And whatever that timeline in history is, what I'm seeing is that the Holocaust was actually sourced from the Christ's crucifixion. You would not have equated the two to be the same pattern. But what I'm seeing is that whatever galactic history we're hitting in the memory of your consciousness, one of the memories. It's interesting that what I'm seeing is that the Holocaust energy in that event happening in the drama of humanity, was actually sourcing from another dimension. So it's like seeing as above so below, as the refraction of the hologram is being fractionally duplicated through all of the dimensions. That the Christ crucifixion was literally something that began as an off planet thing.

Meaning that the covenant of bringing that unification principle began at the higher realms, and that was to anchor that level of consciousness into this realm. But what I'm feeling is that feeling you're being had, of the forgiveness of self, was actually not about the Holocaust. It was about the Christ covenant that was a project. This consciousness, cosmic consciousness of Christ came in as a principal through a form. And that form is what is known as the allegory of the Jesus Christ stories, and that Jesus Christ was not who he has been convoluted to be. But was actually a project where several beings of off planet intelligence were attempting to bring in frequency, light code and information.

Somehow this was connected to the Hebrews. The Hebrews were going to be one of the tribes that held the wisdom's of this information in secret. So this information was going to be brought onto the planet, because the planet had to hold that vibration in order to meet the end of the cycle in 2012. I am seeing that the information came in and it was here vibrationally, but it had to be hidden. And several things transpired that were pretty painful apparently, because it wasn't what was wished to happen. What I'm getting from connecting to this is that the aspect that planned this as a Sirian consciousness, as an extraterrestrial consciousness that came here as a part of the Indigo family races, to bring the covenant of the unification of Christ principles back into humanity, was heartbroken to actually see what happened to it.

Because we were stuck in the illusion and we didn't understand the final play of this, the pain of that was held through this lineage that I feel stuck on your right shoulder. So again I hope that is making some sense, because it's seeing that was a causal level and then it was played out in the human drama in form. Because I can see as above so below it was there and then the way that played out in the human drama was these Holocausts. But all of it is about the crucifixion of Christ, meaning the crucifixion of the human being. And that was unbearable for some of the races to witness. They were not expecting that even in their own level of experience with it. So thank you, thank you, thank you beloveds.

Again as we assist in keeping the portal open, what we have done is we've just assigned guardian races of support. I call these beings the Aurora. The Aurora are a part of the luminaries of the next universe. They are through the opening from Andromeda and they assist in the rehabilitation and transport of traumatized consciousness or experiences from other holographic timelines and things like that. (question...)

The Andromedans in a sense are very much connected to the Sirian consciousness, because they have the same role. A way to understand this is that the core of our universe, when we understand that the everything sprung forth from the infinite source of the God matrix, and that core of the God source is in the Orion constellation and goes in through the Milky Way. When we talk about alignment to the galactic core that's what that is. Now as a part of the Ascension process what's happening in the evolution, this is with the 2012 timeline is. We are aligning back into the galactic core and when the core opens it creates like a Stargate, and that Stargate connects all the cores of the neighboring universes, and that next core is Andromeda.

So the core that leads from this universe into the next is Orion to Andromeda. Andromeda is the opening into the next universe and is where many of us have come from. Many of us that are star seeded were not originally a part of the human experiment in this form as we know it down here. We came in here to attempt to rehabilitate a creation quite frankly. It's kind of like understanding there are all kinds and millions of creations. It's kind of like saying, okay God has cancer in his finger what are we going to do about it? It could be closed down and destroyed as it was twice before. Or we could come in here and rehabilitate it and attempt to have it integrate itself into its highest expression. Which is what the human being was designed to be as a unification principle of all the consciousness in this universe. So that's why the human has such diverse genetic material, we're holding all of the genetic of the entire universal spectrum.

So the whole unification of the Christ consciousness is in the human form and there are those that are in agreement with that. And there are those that are not, and that has been the conflict if you will that has gone on in the human species development. So very interesting wow. Okay, so what I'm seeing with this though, is that there is an orbit that has been connected to you to this turquoise ray now. And what I'm seeing is that there are some guides that work on evolution support and what I'm seeing is some of your Sirian guides are working on your right side. There is something about the reconfiguration of where that Indigo light comes in on the right shoulder. It's the entire scapular area from front to back, where the shoulder indentation is on the front and then it goes out the back.

And what I'm seeing is that there is a bunch of wiring looking stuff in there. It's like saying there are dormant etheric Nadial Structures that need to be re-plugged or are getting re-matrixed in. And I am seeing there's a bit of a process with that. But I feel that for whatever reason, before that step could occur on the masculine side of your body, to help you reintegrate the masculine principles from all your indigo identity. The indigo identity is six dimensional and so this part of you is what is being healed now. It's interesting because it's almost like we're not healing the human part were healing your Indigo part. It's like your Indigo part as well had trauma with becoming human. You are a part of another consciousness family and you decided to come and volunteer and contribute yourself to the human family experiment down here. And there was a lot of different experiences in that. So it's interesting that you've been involved with healing ancestral and your human stuff, and now I feel like this is healing this Indigo part of you, your Starseed part of you. Kind of fascinating. (question...)

These were levels that are not in the physical they're not embodied right now in this timeline. This is like levels of Indigo family of consciousness that got sprinkled in between. They came down here and they got lost in the karma. It's a feeling like they felt like they had been lost and forgotten here. And I don't know where, it feels like it's partly astral and in some other spaces I can't define. But these are all levels that are not embodied right now, they are somewhere between the astral planes and somewhere else. And that feels to be for whatever reason, your responsibility, it was like your piece or your family. It's interesting because each one of us has that, a particular lineage connection to a level of identity that we have had as a consciousness.

So again I want to thank the beloved Aurora and Guardian races, please establish all spiritual links of communication as need be for this being and for all that is in full completion of this. Again in full completion we ask the Core Soul Protection to be administered to each and every collective and individual consciousness requested or needing this healing and rehabilitation, to merge into the God source light. Thank you.

Remove all barriers of belief or limitation or fear return all into the infinite source of the creator. Thank you so much. Beloveds in deep love and gratitude, thank you to the Sirian Council, to the Christ councils both planetary and cosmic and to our families of light, the infinite source of the One. We uphold the truth vibration we ask for the courage the bravery to stand in the truth, full and complete through the one Spirit and One source, the unification that is the cosmic Christ principle here recognized, witnessed and embodied. We thank our beloved families of light, thank you so much.

Closing: Our deepest heartfelt gratitude for this opportunity and experience, as we seal our field. We ask to close down our communication and fully phase align and stabilize the bodies, fully renewed and revitalized, assist in the physical alignment and stabilization. In deep love and gratitude, we close our vortex down. Our infinite stream of love is with you and always. And so it is. We seal and end our session, thank you.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions December 2008]

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