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During this period of time, our Krystal Star family would like to prepare us with additional tools to break spiritual bondage attachments and to provide deliverance to any offending negative spirits that we may be confronted during the next month this specific portal is open. This process is inherent in Spiritual Deliverance and is called Identity Challenge. Some of us will be confronted with these negative spirits and they will be inhabited in a human body. It is important to understand that the body is being used and to honor the human, but to see and recognize the real consciousness energy that is possessing and using the human body. Remember, every person has the right to live and exist without being terrorized by the intimidation and bullying tactics of the anti-human consortium of the NAA. To decree the Law in the presence of the Fallen Entity, you must state your full intent, consent and authority to be aligned to the will of God, power of Christ to enact and enforce the Universal Book of the Law ( through the Holy and True Father of God). These negative energies may surface into present view for observation in many ways, so pay attention. They exist in the NAA classification, Fallen Angelic Hierarchy or exist within lower classes of satanic spirit hierarchies that are controlled by these dark higher ups in the Galactic Plane. The absolute key for any Galactic Warrior is to be fearless and command your personal space with conviction and dedication to God in your heart, as a fierce and unwavering representative of love, freedom, sovereignty and all things that are the real virtues of the Spirits of Christ. You are in effect defending our space and defending your spiritual light from parasitism, intrusion and the forces of tyranny that exist as the anti-Christ and anti-human.

In the process of spiritual deliverance, it is more effective to demand the entity and spirit of servitude reveal its name to your person, when you challenge the identity in the power and authority of the Christ Spirit and in accordance to the Book of the Law of the Holy Father of God.

If this is necessary, be commanding and extremely firm. When confronted by one of the minions of one or more of these Fallen Angelics hierarchies, ask loudly and in commanding tone, “I challenge you in the power and name of the Christ, What is your NAME?” Sometimes, you will need to say this repeatedly, loudly, until you get a name. Do not listen to anything else that they say, and remember they are liars and deceivers, there is no space to allow them any room. When confronted or in the presence of a member of this Fallen Angelic hierarchy, under no uncertain circumstances, refuse its access to your body, mind, home, children and never allow it to have access to your energetic field. When involved in such spiritual procedures, you cannot back down, it is up to you to tell it exactly where it has to go. When you get its name, or other information that gives you the detail of its authority of origin, then IMMEDIATELY READ IT RIGHTS. For each entity you discover you must read it your rights and call it out by its name to be transited. This procedure of Spiritual Deliverance can be repeated often. When you read its rights you are delivering it from bondage in the Book of the Law, when you command and obey the Law of One and power of Christ as your 100% authority on this planet.


In group research during Planetary Emancipation Gridwork using HGS sessions in collaboration with Krystal Star, we have challenged the following identities of Fallen Angelic hierarchies and assortment of NAA reptoid families that have treaties or design to control the earth grid or human beings in certain demographic locations of the earth field, in multiple dimensions.


Amaymon,Amsyy, Behemoth, Beiula, Belmnato, Bethista, Bojoules, Brado, Breiden,Ceilmanfeu, Ceteri, Chizeweth, Ciowauel, Cinremuwo, Ciofalau, Circy, Cituzi,Craik, Crastighou, Crepliiru, Crestafire, Cuofekque, Cukcillium, Daimunai,Diuduhiu, Diumante, Diuniah, Eifiuna, Eiforada, Eimoth, Einnemann, Eneiol,Favere, Fintura, Fistra, Fornax, Frausteef, Gallafar, Getaque, Ginuma,Girleques, Gliloque, Hale, Halnas, Hausterman, Heulque, Housener, Imiphawta,Iorius, Ithaca, Kiusawa, Lamodi, Landas, Lorac, Magisterah, Mamdau, Masteport,Mensa, Naseem, Neparus, Nezeri, Nigestori, Ojaise, Olfatha, Phaal, Pistowa,Plantagenet, Pysy, Quillior, Riiotpiam, Rothteviwy, Rothschild, Sarasen,Staphifina, Styrck, Rothschild, Taphoth, Tayvadu, Teomanuy, Thimnon, Thiya,Togar, Tweinry, Umat, Waulther, Wauyahava, Waydilter, Weithmann, Xiron,Xocopra, Xutou, Yithia [1]

Fallen Angelic Hierarchies

Demons or Fallen Angelics are a part of the human and nonhuman collective consciousness on the earth and exist as energetic interplay between human beings that were designed to manifest the required polarities that are necessary for manifestation in the material realms. In this density of the earth counterbalance points were required for the evolutionary process of “synthesis of these main polarities” through the three main sets of forces. See Fallen Angelics for most lists of hierarchies that have been discovered thus far.

Demons, are a part of the Imposter Spirits, may have been either a human, or non-human, also comprise those separated from their souls, or discarnate spirits which have never inhabited a human body. Demons may be regarded as material corporeal beings, as they are lower spirit beings, which are not inspirited by the breath of God, nor exist in the higher celestial realms. Humans and nonhumans can conjure these spirits and then become possessed by them and their material or negative nature, especially if they are not mentally clear and emotionally balanced.[2]


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