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In the context of direct Consciousness Transport experiences, which many Starseeds, as well as Awakening people perceive as other realities of time and space that are co-existing alongside of our earth reality, we use the term Interdimensional to define consciousness traveling to other dimensions, or being aware of Sentient Beings that are sourcing from another dimension of reality, and are thus, interdimensional beings. These are common experiences during remote viewing, Dreamwalking or other forms of consciousness transport. Mainstream science still considers interdimensional realities a hypothesis and as unproven.

Consciousness Transport

As the quantum field impacts the organization of space and time, those of us on the Ascension path may be more easily entering altered consciousness states for Consciousness Transport that could be defined as Dreamwalking. Dreamwalking is to walk or transport one’s consciousness to observe and heal the patterns and events transpiring in many alternate realities or timelines, and to see the nature of the structure of what created them, and to partner with God to find and remove reality boxes or dark portals that are used as Consciousness Traps. Dreamwalking is an altered state of heightened consciousness while in the pure observer state, it can occur while in another timeline, reality or existing outside of time. While in this altered state, we can bring that which was unconscious into our conscious awareness, so we can directly participate with that content while in our higher consciousness. The path of Awakening is to bring that which is unconscious into consciousness, in order to heal the darkness or reveal the deception in order to see the greater truth. This is the state of bringing the eternal light to illuminate the shadows of darkness, thereby alchemically transforming its nature to reflect the higher truth, as the light shines upon it.


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