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The Irish Sea[a] separates the islands of Ireland and Great Britain; linked to the Celtic Sea in the south by St George's Channel, and to the Inner Seas off the West Coast of Scotland in the north by the North Channel, also known as the Straits of Moyle.


The Irish Sea joins the North Atlantic at both its northern and southern ends. To the north, the connection is through the North Channel between Scotland and Northern Ireland and the Malin Sea. The southern end is linked to the Atlantic through the St George's Channel between Ireland and Pembrokeshire, and the Celtic Sea. It is composed of a deeper channel about 300 km (190 mi) long and 30–50 km (20–30 mi) wide on its western side and shallower bays to the east. The depth of the western channel ranges from 80 metres (260 ft) to 275 m (900 ft).


The Irish Sea was formed in the Neogene era. Notable crossings include several invasions from Britain. The Norman invasion of Ireland took place in stages during the late 12th century from Porthclais near St. Davids, Wales, in Hulks, Snekkars, Keels and Cogs to Wexford Harbour, Leinster. The Tudors crossed the Irish Sea to invade in 1529 in caravels and carracks. In 1690 the English fleet set sail for the Williamite War in Ireland from Hoylake, Wirral, the departure becoming permanently known as King's Gap as a result.[1]


The Irish Sea has been described by Greenpeace as the most radioactively contaminated sea in the world with some "eight million litres of nuclear waste" discharged into it each day from Sellafield reprocessing plants, contaminating seawater, sediments and marine life.

Stargate and Humanity Tribe Eleven

Week Eleven Planet Emancipation Gridwork: Inner Gate and Island of Ireland’s Eye in the Irish Sea and its underground linkup into the binary structure of St. Ives Bay, Cornwall, UK and Amesbury, Wiltshire, UK (near Stonehenge) for the period of Seven days. It is suggested to work with the meditation for seven days before moving on to the next project. Week Eleven Intention: Set up Session space that is dedicated to the Purposes of the Krystal Star Host communication networks for Inner Gate 11 in Irish Eye Island (Irish Sea near Dublin) and its underground linkup into the Cornwall and Wiltshire, UK. Building the architecture required for Krystal Hosting for Planetary Soul and Humanity Tribe 11.[2]


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