Jehovian Grid Dismantling

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There are intruder networks designed specifically as alien architecture that run inverted systems or reversal current into the grid systems and are maintained by the NAA groups. One such grid network is referred to as the Jehovian Grid or the Dove Grid that has been known to be primarily managed and maintained by entities in the Galactic Federation.

This particular network is primarily about reversing the 7D current in a reverse spiral formation which acts like a spike or impaling rod in the planet, to hold down the Crucifixion Implants and Crown of Thorns that were inserted into the planetary body to crucify the inner Christos Spirit. This NAA network links into the Phoenix Grid which is another intruder NAA network. This network holds the 7D Violet Ray reversals for primary control of the Planetary Logos, therefore having control over the ultraviolet magnetosphere. A part of this architecture uses the macrocosm version of Crucifixion Implants in the planetary body, which are impaled into primarily seven impaling rods, in the eastern seaboard of the United States. This is what makes the Jehovian Grid synonymous with planetary crucifixion implants, the Crown of Thorns and their related anti-Christ architecture that holds them in place. The main control of this network is orchestrated from the 5D earth AI timelines of Tara and into this current timeline on planet earth.

The Jehovian Grid runs off parallel earth ley lines and operates on reversal 7D, 9D and 11D current, creating a reverse spin to the planet. It can send subsonic pulses to precise targets and be used as an energetic weapon. The Jehovian Dove Grid has, additionally, seven Crucifixion Implants or Jehovian seals which are huge pylon selenite rods seeded into the earth's grids at selected points down the east coast of America, corresponding to seven of the twelve stargate seals. These crucifixion implants are referred to as hyperdimensional cones, which are standing wave conical scalar wave clusters, manifesting in the rods. The Jehovian Grid uses trumpet pulse technology and connects to the earth via these hyperdimensional rods connecting back into the phantom matrix. This was not fully operational until the creation of the Phoenix Grid wormhole in 10,500 BC. The effects of these pylons are to create cracks and tears in the time wall between earth and phantom areas, producing seven siphoning channels. These can also be used as ultra-low-frequency transmitters, which can transmit whole objects and even people through a hyperdimensional field into the phantom areas. As the Paliadorians rise and the true Christos Guardians return to the earth, such as the Amethyst Order, these alien networks have a limited shelf life. [1]


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