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N.A.A. Minaret vs. Krystal Star Spires

Guardian forces determined that the Anubian Black Heart systems were being fed by the larger networks of frequency reversals being powered by reversal Metatronic Cube alien technology. One such power plant cube is the Black Stone Cube or Kaaba that is located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Multiple millions of beings are hard wired into the black cube and their life force is used to power up this Negative Alien Agenda (NAA) network in the Middle East and the Golden Eagle Grid. Some of these beings are incarnated on earth and many others were trapped in the other dimensional planes through its soul binding on the Astral Plane. This on planet network was comprised of thousands of Mosque Minarets located primarily in Europe and in the Middle East. The Minarets are physical and etheric structures that were designed to be point holders of reversal frequency which reinforce and run the reversal net systems, such as the black heart systems designed to crush the permanent Seed Atom throughout multiple dimensions. A massive multidimensional battle in the Jerusalem area for the 2D stargate was waged with the dark power of the NAA being directed from this complex Minaret connected network that had extensive foothold in the 2D, and 4D that was rooted in the Earth Core. Many of the manipulation of earth’s timelines occurred in the 2D gate and earth core hijack, where genocide, holocaust and killing broadcasts are used repeatedly to manipulate the masses into violence. We have seen this warring in the Middle East repeatedly as a mirror to this alien manipulation of the NAA. Please note this information is not intended as any type of judgment towards Islamic faith, as the planets many religions have suffered from serious alien hijack. This is one example of many religions controlled by NAA. [1]

Krystal Cathedral

Once the City Four Square Krystal Cathedral or New Jerusalem was anchored in its foundation platform in Jerusalem, a massive call for Guardian grid-workers to topple the Minaret structure from its reversal net broadcast was made. Some of us were sent to the Atlantian and Underworld “causation” time fields to wait for the immediate action of Guardian assisted false timeline erasure, False Ascension Matrix programs removal and transiting of trapped Soul Matrix fragments. Many of us may have felt the underworld fields moving through our bodies as portals being used for mass transiting. This was a literal “cutting off” of the power plant and from other timelines being used that were sending directed life force energies into this massive NAA and abuse of the Fallen Angelic network. The cutting off of the actual power source (and soul bodies) being used this way rendered the NAA system in the Middle East inactive. During this critical window of opportunity, Guardian teams reclaimed and recoded these networks to architecture that would run Krystal Star frequency in multiple layers. The Metatronic Cube Minaret network stopped pulsing reversals into the planetary field and is systematically being replaced and recoded into replacement technology called Krystal Star Spires. These new networks are affectionately being called “kisses” by the Guardian Krystal family.

As these Guardian “kisses” are running corrected frequencies and life force patterns into the planetary grid network, there is a systematic process of rehabilitation happening in their coordinate locations on the planetary grid. These Krystal Star Spires (Kisses Network) are able to run living energy fields back into the earth from the City 4 Square Foundation Pillars. This strengthens the planetary body and is acting as a buffer field that is building to protect the entire planetary body and all of her inhabitants. This field is building new Ascension platforms that are acting as “Mother Arc Hubs” through various islands which are being anchored on the planet surface during this time. This has to do with stabilizing the Pacific Ring of Fire which is the geological area of great instability due to volcanic eruptions and seismic activity. Apparently these certain island chains were apart of land masses (colonies) in the Pacific Rim that have been long forgotten through the loss of our galactic history. These islands are specific to reclaiming histories and artifacts about our real human origins and other advanced civilizations.[2]

Portugal PEG II Lisbon

The gridwork that commenced on Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014 was intimately involved in the extensions of the Krystal Star Spire networks that were accessed in Portugal to support the building of a Crystal Heart network for the Krystal Star. It was reported in January 2014 that Lisbon was a major center for the Anubian Black Heart which was holding a Rosy Cross Formation of Crucifixion Implants in the planet body, which held many martyrs and children that had been used in previous timelines as a blood sacrifice. Many of these beings were deposited in the Astral Plane and corded into Addiction Webbing from the Crusade period of the Christ Templar and Essenes Holocaust.


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